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Hola, Now Speak With Your Alexa in Spanish| Alexa Spanish Support

Amazon is switching to the multilingual model of Alexa, which lets users communicate with Alexa devices in various languages including Spanish in the USA. Alexa will respond to users’ requests in Either Spanish or English, based on the language in which it was asked. 

After the company announced the language mode at its Echo event in October 2019, now Alexa is able to take command from multiple languages such as English and Spanish in the US, Indian English and Hindi in India, and Canadian English and French in Canada.

This useful mode is meant to allow users to switch between languages easily and instantly as bilingual speakers use to do at home with their families. The language feature is very successful in the United States, where Spanish is the second-most widely spoken language in the country. If you are also want to try this feature or facing any issue, you can contact Alexa Spanish Support for assistance.

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How to change the language of Alexa

The soothing female voice of Alexa is really great but after some time you will get bored by it. It would be good if Alexa can communicate in other voices replicating different accents, speaking styles, and genders. Unluckily, Amazon hasn’t selected to make that a choice yet.

But, it’s better than nothing, finally, the company took a step towards this process as you can able to communicate in multiple languages and accents. However, there are a few things that you should know about the Alexa Spanish Support. 

Things you need to know about Alexa Spanish Support

  • If you want to change the language or accent of Alexa, you need to speak the same language or accent to do it. For example, if you choose to have it speak in say US Spanish accent then you need to speak in the same accent.
  • Understand which country or area supports that particular language, for say Alexa Spanish Support is available in the USA along with English support.

Steps to Change Language of Alexa

  • Go to the main menu and click on the “Devices” icon located at the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Search the device whose language you wish to change wither by choosing “Echo & Alexa,” “All Devices,” or the group that the device is in.
  • Choose the device. (Make sure that your device is connected to the internet and working properly.)
  • Go on the bottom of the screen and tap on the category of “Language”.
  • Now a list of languages, accents, and the countries with which they’re related will be open. Select the language you want to switch to.
  • If you have selected a language in the section of another country, you will get a pop-up warning stating that some capabilities of Alexa will no longer work. Select “OK.”
  • After a pop-up message will appear that the switch of language will take some minutes. Tap OK to complete the switch of the language of Alexa. Contact Alexa Spanish Support, if you face any issue.

Active Multilingual feature of Alexa

To active multiple language features of Alexa or change the default language follows these simple steps. If you face any issues, contact Alexa Spanish Support.

Before starting set the default language of the device to English before using the following phrases:

  • “Speak Spanish.”- Change the default language of the device. 
  • “Speak English and Spanish.”- Now communicate with Alexa in Spanish or English and she will respond in that language. On-device text appears in English.
  • “Speak Spanish and English.”- Now communicate with Alexa in Spanish or English and she will respond in that language. On-device text appears in Spanish.
  • “Stop speaking Spanish.”- The language will change back to English.

After these steps, the device should take your command in both languages but if the device doesn’t take command in Spanish contact Alexa Spanish Support for assistance. 

What to do if Alexa does not respond to your request 

If you change your language and the device is still not working, try this simple hack or contact Alexa Spanish Support.

Remember: Alexa doesn’t say or respond she is unable to understand you.

  • Make sure that you are using the power adapter that came with the device.
  • Make sure your device is connected with an internet conception. 
  • Make sure that the device is not muted. The red light indicator is the single that your device is muted.
  • For devices without a display screen: press the Action button to see if the Echo device responds.
  • Change the location of the device away from other speakers, walls, or background noise to make sure that Alexa hears you.
  • Speak clearly and naturally.
  • Try saying, “Did you hear me?”
  • Unplug the device and then plug it back in.

If nothing happens, contact Alexa Spanish Support for assistance.

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