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Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number

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Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number – On-Call Support For Your Fire Stick Device

Amazon provides a device to its customers for their entertainment using a smart approach. The device is called Fire Stick. The Fire Stick helps you to control and use your local device in a smart way. You can stream online videos, TV shows, gaming, movies, and much more with no boundaries. But, there are certain areas where the users have to take the advice of an expert. So you can go for the troubleshooting your questions at Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number, without getting much onto it. The Amazon staff will handle all your queries and fix them on call hassle-free. The toll-free Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Number is

  • Call: 888-280-4331; 24 hours a day, seven days per week

Amazon Efforts to Manage Fire Stick Support For Customers

Amazon, being customer-centric, follows a fresh approach to handle the problems of their customers. Various issues relate to Fire Stick, and the Amazon knowledgeable executive solves it precisely. These are:

  • Process of Applying Amazon Fire Stick TV platform
  • Compatibility of the Fire Stick TV with the App
  • Amazon Fire Stick testing for developers
  • Question about sideloading the application on Amazon Fire Stick
  • Features supporting the Fire Stick at the user’s end
  • Implementing Pause behaviour
  • Using Amazon In-App Purchases in Fire TV
  • Using Maps API into the Fire Stick TV
  • Linking to detailing Page
  • The process to consider for the setting up of the Fire Stick
  • What is the limitation for using the Fire Stick
  • How to convert the on-screen keyboard to a numeric keyboard
  • Troubleshooting of network connection for Fire TV
  • The procedure of taking screenshots in Fire Stick TV

Amazon always perches with their users with widened services and helps them with their problems. Fire Stick is gaining popularity amongst all the devices as it is relevant to convert our sophisticated TV into an online media streaming Smart TV at a low cost. So, Amazon is openly handling all its queries, and they want users’ cooperation to guide them over the Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number. Amazon checks out and fixes all the doubts and problems of the users to satisfy and make them enjoy their product to the fullest.

Organizing and Unifying the Customer Queries with Expert Advisors over the Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Number

Amazon has a broad way to brace its customers and users using Fire Stick. As people from all over the globe use this product so, various queries are corresponding to it. The company is always ready with its Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number throughout the year.

  1. Resolving the Set-up Issues for Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Fire Stick is easy and portable to use with your sophisticated television. You can watch thousands of shows from different applications in one place. You can continue with the ‘set-up of the Device with the knowledgeable guidance of an expert by calling at Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number. Steps to set up are:

  • Plugin the cable at one end to the power source and the other end to the Fire Stick TV.
  • Put the batteries in the Remote. If you are facing any problem using the Fire Stick then, firstly check its remote batteries.
  • Turn the TV On. Pair your Fire Stick with the TV. Perform the pairing steps under the proper guidance of Amazon Expert on call.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for the process to finish.
  • Trouble Pairing with the Fire Stick Remote? Call Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Number.

It is a must to pair your remote for the best experience of Fire Stick. Pairing helps you to access the Fire Stick from a distance away with full control over the Device.

For pairing, you have to first check the batteries in the remote. If it is not working then you must use new batteries for a better experience. Before following up your query with the Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number, follow the steps for pairing:

  • Pairing is an automatic process with the Fire Stick Amazon. If no pairing is there, after the set-up is complete then Press the ‘Home’ button for some time until there appears a start button on the screen.
  • Now, maintain a minimum distance of three meters between your remote and Fire Stick Device.
  • Now, check by removing the batteries from the remote or changing the batteries of the remote.
  • Now, again press and hold the “Home” button for some time.
  • Reset the remote and check it.
  • Amazon Fire Stick Audio Not Working Properly

You can get fest up with the audio quality sometimes using the Amazon Fire Stick. There are some troubleshooting steps to manage to audio. You can get its proper guidance with the Amazon Expert at Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number. You must go through some steps priory.

  • Check the volume of your television: Control the volume buttons and check the volume of the TV must be high enough to reach you.
  • Proper Cable Connections: Due to loose or torn cable connections also, you can encounter unclear audio. Check proper plugin of HDMI or audio connectors. Also, check that the cable should not have a breakage. Reversing the cable’s endpoints can also clear the audio.
  • Checking Audio Settings: Perform this step with the proper guidance of the Amazon Expert by calling at Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Number.
    • Go to ‘Settings’ and then navigate to ‘Display and Sounds’.
    • It will display you the Fire Stick TV Menu list. Select the ‘Audio’ button.
    • Set the Dolby Digital Plus in OFF mode.
  • Amazon Account on Fire Stick TV:

To manage your account for the Amazon Fire Stick, you have to get expert advice. You can take it directly by calling Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number, and no need to gain yourself stuck in the online process by yourself. The expert will always be there 24X7 to advise you with your account. If you to follow some initial steps before calling a specialist, then you can follow the steps below:

  • Connect the Fire Stick TV and go to ‘settings’
  • Navigate to the ‘My Account section. Amazon has already done the registration of your Fire TV with your account while you were purchasing the device.
  • Go to ‘Amazon Account’.
  • If you want to register with a different account, you can also do it by clicking on ‘Deregister’. It will then ask you for confirmation of your choice. Select ‘Deregister’ again.
  • Now, with the new account, click on ‘Register’.
  • Enter your email address corresponding to your account.
  • Click on the ‘Next button.
  • Now, enter the password as per your choice. Click on the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • Registration of your Fire Stick with a new account is complete. You can use this account from now onwards to access and use your Fire Stick device.

Process For Contacting Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number

There is a procedure for calling for Amazon Service. Amazon has the authority to record all the chats for training and security purposes. You cannot access the call service without an account. So you have to first make an account on the Amazon site online or application to contact or call its customer care executive. To make the account, visit the official website. Add your Name and Password following your email Id, phone number, and some other details.

Then you are eligible to contact Amazon the toll-free Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number (866) 216-1075. An expert Amazon executive will then ask you a set of questions that are under your query. Then, they will be sending you a text message containing the following link. If you are unable to contact them directly through Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of Amazon, namely Amazon.com
  • Scroll Down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Contact Us’.
  • Now, it will show you a list of queries for your concern. Select the one that satisfies your choice.
  • Choose the Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Number.
  • Now scroll down a little and tap on ‘Talk to someone’
  • Tap on ‘Phone’.
  • The system will direct you to the expert person who will solve your issue directly.

Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Phone Number – Contact Details

Amazon Kindle Support Phone Number888-280-4331
Call-back availableYes
Call attended by a genuine personYes
DepartmentCustomer Service
Call center hours24 hours, seven days
Best time to call2:30 pm
Rank (among phone numbers)1
Rank (overall)1
Alternate methods       Phone, Email, Web, Facebook, Twitter
Quality of communication82%
Quality of help92%
Email contactcis@amazon.com
Twitter Helphttps://twitter.com/amazonhelp?lang=en
Facebook contacthttps://www.facebook.com/Amazon

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