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Amazon fire stick is a device that allows streaming of media, including videos, applications, music, etc over a large screen. You can stream the entire online media over to your TV and make your TV behave like a Smart TV. It has built-in support for Android, which helps you to access all the android based applications. You can download it and access it on your TV. For any related support, Amazon always welcomes you on its toll-free Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number 24×7. To use Amazon Fire Stick, your TV must have an HDMI port as it is an HDMI Stick. The toll-free numbers are

  • Call: 1800 300 09009; 24 hours a day, seven days per week

Amazon always stands up with their customer with open arms and helps them with their problems. Fire Stick, as we all know, is a device above our imagination that is so relevant to convert our sophisticated TV into an online media-supportive smart TV. But, on the other side, people are experiencing some issues regarding the Amazon Fire Stick. And they want cooperation and guidance over the Amazon Fire Stick Support Phone Number. Amazon looks out and solves all the queries to satisfy their client and make them enjoy their product to the fullest.

Fast Forward with Fire Stick Customer Support 24X7

Amazon is always present to support its customers and users using Fire Stick. You can use this product worldwide, so various queries come up with its usage. The company is always ready with its Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number throughout the year. The major problem that the user’s faces are:

  • Fire Stick Frozen: As this is a small device, so it does not possess more space. Due to this reason, the fire stick can show a black screen at certain times. It is not an error, that is why you can solve it quickly. Restarting the device and unplugging the fire stick, and plugging it back again will solve your black screen issue. Contact Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number if you are not able to deal with it.
  • App Not Responding: You can configure that your Netflix app is not working properly with fire stick. Amazon provides you with full guidance on how to deal with this situation. =First, try to check your internet connection. Your connection must be working accurately. Keep in mind that online streaming requires high-speed internet. Now delete the cache files and try again. You can call anytime on Amazon Fire Stick Support Phone Number for any advice to manage your internet connection and to fix the issues.
  • Problem with Third-Party App Installation: Amazon Firestick does not work well with other applications. A call on the Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number provides a solution to this issue to its clients. It says that you have to change the setting of the fire stick. Open settings and click on ‘My Fire TV’. Navigate to developer options and choose the ‘apps from unknown services. This way the Amazon resolve the issue through its continuous customer care support service.
  • Audio Issues: There is a rare chance that you can face the fire stick sound issues. But calling on the Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number can resolve your issue within minutes. But before calling, check that your system is not in a mute state. Also, check you’re A/V receiver, it should be ON. If then also you are facing the issue you can call anytime on the customer care service number.

How to Get Advice on Amazon Fire Stick Support Phone Number?

Besides providing the products online, Amazon also provides full customer support for all of its products. Amazon Fire Stick is one such product that is under the full control of Amazon globally. Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number is a toll-free number that is open to all, and the customers can get full support over this number. Users can enjoy the full-fledged support with the help of:

  • Toll-Free Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number: To fix any issue, it is the most efficient and fastest way to deal with your problem. Call the Amazon Fire Stick toll free number 1-877-943-5444. The phone number depends upon the location as Amazon deals worldwide. The toll-free number is corresponding to the country within. If you are calling outside the country, then you have to pay the international calling charges.
  • Community Support: Amazon always welcomes you for its full fledged community support. The support service sorts all your issues. There is a device forum that you have to fill in specifying your concern. And, solutions will be there corresponding to these forums.
  • Online Help and Support:  You can also get the solutions online corresponding to your problems. There are online articles that provide the solutions to almost all your problems. Amazon writes the problems of the users that they experience the most and give the solution to those problems so that if another user faces the same issue, it can get the help directly online.

How to Contact Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number

You have to follow proper while calling for Amazon Service. Amazon records all the chats for training and special purposes. You have to make an account before ordering a service. To make the account, visit the official website and add your credentials to sign up.

Then contact using their toll-free Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number (866) 216-1075. Amazon expertise will then ask you a set of questions. Then, they will be sending you a text message containing the following link. If you are not able to contact me directly through this number, then follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Amazon official website
  • Scroll Down and click on ‘Contact Us’.
  • Now select a category that satisfies your query.
  • Choose the Amazon Fire Stick Support Phone Number.
  • Now scroll down and click on ‘Talk to Someone’
  • Click on Phone.
  • They will direct you to the expert person who will solve your issue directly.

Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Support Over Social Media Networks

To reach Amazon customer service, you can also contact the special Amazon technicians over various social media platforms. The platforms include:

  • @Amazonhelp on Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Page

The company provides their customer with accurate and quick solutions over these social media platforms. You can either post your query or can message directly with the representative. On these platforms, you can also ask for the support over Customer care Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number. The representative will guide you to follow the correct policy of how to call on the customer care number and will guide you towards your solution.

Fire Stick also supports third-party devices. Amazon Fire Stick supports Antennas, AV receivers, and soundbars. The process is:

  • Switch on your TV.
  • Go to Settings, and then select ‘Equipment Control’.
  • Now click on ‘Manage Equipment’.
  • Now click on the “Add Equipment” option
  • Choose the third party equipment you want to add.

Reliability of Amazon Customer Service:

Amazon proves itself over customer-centric-e-commerce platforms, and complaints relate to:

  • TV Profiles
  • Audio Issues including home theatre audio is out of sync on Fire TV,
  • Settings and features, manage app permission
  • Network Issues, updating software, troubleshooting connection of network with Fire Stick Television, restarting home network connectivity devices.
  • Remote Issues including pair of Fire TV Remote, using a mobile device like a fire television remote.
  • Device Issues
  • Content issues including the Application are crashing and are not loading on the Fire TV device, clearing application data and cache to Amazon Fire Stick TV, uninstalling games and applications on your Fire Television device.
  • Data tracking
  • Bluetooth not connecting, managing permission for different applications, updating software on fire TV, accessory and app updates, working on low power mode.
  • Setting low power mode
  • Pairing mobile devices, etc.

These issues require expert knowledge and a technician to resolve them. So the users can call anytime on the Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number to get guidance and support for all these services.  

Amazon and Google face some issues with the Amazon Fire Stick, so they remove their access from the Television Fire Stick. But you side-load it on YouTube or can access it using the silk browser or Firefox. All these come as a package that includes the Fire Stick.

You can also call on Amazon Fire Stick Phone Number for editing your existing Fire TV profiles, creating new profiles for your Fire TV, removing the existing fire TV profiles, and customizing your profiles with full support. You can use the customer service numbers for different locations and regions. Amazon also serves in rural areas in addition to urban areas. You will not configure any difference in the facility or support depending upon the country or region.

Amazon Phone Number – Contact Details

Phone number for Fire Stick support1-877-943-5444
Call-back availableNo
Call picked up by a real personYes
DepartmentCustomer Service
Call center hours24 hours, 7 days
Best time to dial8:30 am
Rank among phone numbers1
Overall Rank1
Alternate methodsphone, email, chat, web, Facebook, Twitter
Quality of communication53%
Quality of help52%

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