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Amazon Prime Customer Care Number

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Amazon Prime Customer Care Number – For issues related to shipping, shopping and streaming

Amazon Prime is offered as the streaming-video and other components of Amazon services and incorporates unrestricted streaming of countless TV shows and movies part from other shopping benefits. Amazon Prime allows purchases of its content as well the facility of à la carte rentals to its worldwide customers everywhere along with a subscription to Prime Video at $8.99/month. With so much in the balance, issues arise and call for immediate attention over various customer service avenues that customers use to reach Amazon representatives. Best among the various facilities is the Amazon Prime Customer Care Number.

As an Amazon Prime member, you receive many shopping, shipping, streaming, reading, and other benefits. Whether it is setting up Prime Video, cancelling, renting or purchasing, the Amazon Prime Customer Care Phone Number helpdesk is the place to call. With millions of customers availing the Amazon Prime Service everywhere, Amazon receives a lot of customer call every day 24×7. While this subscription service gives members access to a variety of Amazon benefits, customer service via Email, live chat, online help, etc., takes care of the rest. Amazon Prime Customer Care Number is one of the important components of that.

From Fast Shipping To Free Streaming Issues – Why Do You Need Customer Care?

  • How to share your Amazon Prime benefits?
  • How to end your Amazon Prime membership?
  • How is the Amazon Prime Membership Fee calculated?
  • Ways to install Prime Video on your devices
  • Way to cancel an accidental purchase.
  • What are the parental controls on Prime Video?
  • Setting up a Prime Video PIN on Android, iOS or Web.
  • What are live streams issues with Amazon Prime Video?
  • Accessibility features on Prime Video.
  • Ways to rent and buy Prime Video Titles.
  • What are Prime Video Profiles?
  • How to sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial?
  • How to pause your Amazon prime membership?

Certain Do-It-Yourself With Amazon Prime Customer Care Number helpdesk

What is the way to install Prime Video on your devices?

You can use the services of the Prime Video app to be able to watch Prime Video media on your devices.

You can install and use Prime Video app on a variety of mobile devices, televisions, Blu-ray players, Amazon devices, games consoles as well as streaming media gadgets. To manage it properly, either you can dial the Amazon Prime Customer Care Phone Number for help or use the following steps:

  • To download and install the Prime Video app, you need to open your device’s app store first.
  • Now, open the Prime Video app.
  • Next, you have to register your device by choosing register on the Amazon official website. You will be provided with a code to key in on any given website.

There are devices which show the option to sign in and begin watching, using the Amazon account details. For further help, you can call Amazon Prime Customer Care Number.

How to configure the restrictions on the Prime Video on Web?

When you want a limited playback on your Prime Video devices, you can utilize the facility of Prime Video restrictions on your device in questions.

The below-mentioned Amazon utilities have in-built Parental Control features:

  • Fire Phones
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles
  • Fire TV devices
  • Fire Tablets running Fire OS 5.0 or higher

To configure restrictions on your device:

  • On a Mac or PC, go to Prime Video configuration – Parental Controls
  • Choose an age bar as well as the devices you want them to apply it on and click Save.

Restrictions simply apply to the device they were configured for. Amazon Prime Customer Care Number helpline is the best place to call for any help in this regard.

How Do I Run Prime Video on Chromecast?

To run Prime Video on Google Chromecast, you require the latest version of the Prime Video app for either Android or iOS.

  • From the Prime Video app, choose the Cast icon.
  • Choose the Chromecast appliance that you want to use.

Your Android or iOS gadget must be linked to the same Wi-Fi system as that you have linked your Chromecast application to. You must take care that your Chromecast, whether built-in to any device or standalone, is up to date. Also, see that your Android and iOS device as well as your Prime Video app are also updated. For your Android device, it is also important that Google Play Services are also up to date. The Fire Tablets Prime Video app do not use Chromecast.

  • Choose a title you want to see. This title now shows up on the display that the Chromecast is linked to.

In case you need to modify the subtitle settings for iOS device Chromecast, you must halt casting to that device. Then choose Settings > Captioning and subtitles > Choose a pattern for subtitles. On Android devices you need to tap the 3-dot menu on the window. Choose Subtitle styles and show captions. Dial Amazon Prime Customer Care Number for quick assistance with Chromecast.

How to use a promotional code for Amazon Prime? How Can Amazon Prime Customer Care Phone Number help?

Amazon get into a partnership agreement with other companies to provide Prime services to its subscribing customers.

You can avail a the number of unlimited offers to receive promotional codes for Amazon Prime. This can be done as long as you are eligible for those offers.

To go for acquiring a promotional code for Amazon Prime, you need to select the link that the partner company gave to you with the promotional code. You can also go to Redeem your Prime membership on the Amazon official website.

For applying the promotional code, it will immediately update the date when you will be charged next for your Prime membership. This displays on Your Amazon Prime Membership page.

In case, you somehow lose your promotional code, you can contact the company that issued your code. Or you can call the Amazon Prime Customer Care Number.

Calling Amazon Prime Customer Care Phone Number

When you get in touch with Amazon Prime customer care professionals on the phone call, it resolves a number of issues on a direct one-to-one conversation. All in all, it serves as the finest way to get answers about your issues with Amazon Prime troubles.

The massive Google search for Amazon customer care number clearly indicates the amount of customers that seek help via this service. And you can call them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For things related to Amazon Prime subscribers such as shopping, streaming and other services and issues such as that related to Amazon Prime Video devices this is a quick assistance. You can use Amazon Prime Customer Care Number apart from the other ways to reach Amazon customer service.

  • Contacting Amazon Prime Customer Care Toll Free Number

You simply need to dial 1 888 280 4331 for reaching the customer support helpdesk for Amazon within the United States. This line is open 24 hours a day for your convenience and instant solution to your issues. Dial the helpline and wait till an automated message greets you with offering a solution or a live Amazon professional takes up your issue to give you the fastest information.

To reach the Amazon Prime Customer Care Number directly, it is convenient to have an Amazon account linked to your phone number.

  • Requesting a Call from Amazon Prime Number

Reach the Amazon official website from your web browser.

Next, choose the Amazon site for the country you are residing in. if you are having an Amazon account, you must make it sure you are signed into it so for replying to their queries with ease to sort your issue with Amazon Prime. This also helps the site access any previous  orders for your order record.

Now, choose the “assistance” option from the homepage. You will find all types of menus to choose from at the bottom of the webpage. Under the topic “Let Us Help You”, you have to click on “help” to request the Amazon Prime Customer Care Number helpdesk to call you back on your number.

Beside the Amazon Prime Toll Free helpline, you also can come to the Amazon help pages to get ready reference help with any issue with Amazon Prime. There you can fill in the contact form for assistance with call back.

Apart from this, you can send email with details of your issues at cis@amazon.com for assistance as well as chat with representatives for help with Amazon Prime Video troubles.

Amazon Prime Customer Care Phone Number – Contact Guide

Amazon Phone support888-280-4331
DepartmentCustomer Service
Hours of operation24 hours, 7 days
Rank among phone numbers1
Overall Rank1
Best time to dial8:30 am
Call-back availableYes
Call picked up by a real personYes
Alternate methodsEmail, Web, Facebook, Twitter
Email contactcis@amazon.com
Chat Contact link  https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/contact-us/general-questions.html?
Twitter Helphttps://twitter.com/amazonhelp?lang=en
Facebook contacthttps://www.facebook.com/Amazon

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