Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring

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It is a very frustrating situation when you experience a Red light is continuously flashing on your Alexa. The red light does not even allow performing simple tasks with the device. The reason behind this can vary from simple to complex. When the Alexa shows the Red light, it means it will not listen to your commands at all. Therefore you can not perform any task. You need to resolve the problem first for the correct functioning of Alexa. Here we will be discussing some simple steps to fix ‘Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring’ for your commands to work on the device.

What does the Red Ring on Alexa Means?

It is a sorry situation from your Alexa when it shows a red light on its panel. Generally, it means that the microphones are OFF, and your Alexa cannot respond to the commands. Without microphones, Alexa cannot listen to the commands, so it says ‘Sorry’ with the red light over it. There can also be an internet connectivity issue due to which you face the issue, Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring. You need to check the internet speed and improve it if a low-speed connection.

Troubleshoot and Fix the Problem ‘Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring’

Now, as we all know that the red light on the Alexa means there is either a problem with the microphone or the internet. You can first try to check the solution for these problems and check if the red light of the Alexa goes or not. Follow the steps below for each of the troubleshooting processes.

1. Turn ON the Microphone
There can be a chance that you mistakenly press the microphone button, and it gets turned OFF. It leads to a problem with Alexa as the device can not hear you, and respond. So, it simply shows a red light to tell about the problem. Follow the steps below to turn ON the microphone and resolve the problem.

2. Plug IN your Alexa, and Switch it ON (If Not).
The top panel of the Alexa also shows the microphone light. If the microphone light is also red, it means the microphone is mute.

If the microphone light is not red, do not touch the microphone button. There can be some other issue.

In case of a red light next to the microphone, click on the button once to un-mute the microphones.

Wait for a few seconds to process, and the red light disappears.

Check for the solution to the problem ‘Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring’.

If you do not encounter any red light for the microphone, then it means there is no problem with it. In that case, you need to check the network connectivity issue. Move to the next step to troubleshoot the network problem and fix it.

3. Improve Network Speed
Another main issue for the red light of the Alexa can be a low internet connection or no internet connection. Due to low internet speed, Alexa may configure difficulty hearing your commands and shows a red light issue. To fix the problem follow the steps below:

  • Check the router connectivity. You can test the speed of the internet online. In case of low speed reconnect the router, and also the internet connection to your device.
    1. Place the router close to the device for the maximum speed of the internet.
    2. Also, reduce the network load by disconnecting other devices from the same network.
    3. After a suitable and contact high-speed internet connection check for the solution of the problem, Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring.

4. Update Alexa Amazon Application
The problem may also arise due to any pending updates of the Alexa app. You need to update the app to fix the problem and function properly with Alexa. Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Alexa application on your device.
  • Go to the Settings option.
  • Go to the ‘device’ section.
  • Click on the ‘About’ option.
  • Click on the latest version of the software.

5. Increase the Alexa Volume
Users can also face Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring issue if the volume of the device is low and the device is unable to hear the commands properly. Follow the steps below to handle the Alexa volume.

  • Go to Alexa. Make sure it is ON.
  • Find the + sign on the top of the Alexa next to the ‘Volume’ option.
  • Press the button to increase the volume. Try pressing it 3 to 4 times for the maximum volume.
  • If you are unable to operate the volume button, then say ‘Alexa, volume up.
  • Check for the solution to the problem.

6. Restart Alexa Device
The Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring problem can also arise if there is an internal problem with the device. The Alexa can function inappropriately if there occur some software implications inside the device. So, you need to fix it by refreshing the device. Restarting the device is the best method to refresh it and resolve the internal issues automatically. Follow the steps below for Alexa restart.

  • Switch OFF the Alexa, and disconnect it from the main power source.
  • Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Again connect the device with the main power source.
  • Switch it ON, and give a command to check the proper functioning of the device.

7. Factory Reset the Device
The last option that you can perform is the factory reset of the device. Perform this method only if all the other option fails. It will surely help you resolve the problem ‘Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring’. But, it will erase the entire data and make your device run from scratch. Follow the steps below:

  • Plugin the Alexa.
  • Locate a tiny hole on the top of the device.
  • Now, take a needle-like thing to press the button inside the small hole.
  • Press the button and hold it for a few seconds until you configure a change in the red light to orange colour.
  • The orange colour means that your device will soon be performing the factory reset as it has accepted the command for the same.
  • The light will turn ON and OFF during the process of resetting.
  • After a successful reset of the device, connect it with the high-speed internet connection.
  • Ask Alexa for a new command from scratch.
  • Check for the solution of the problem, Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring.

Alexa shows red ring mainly for the microphone or internet connectivity issues, or when the device is not able to hear the commands well. You can perform the proper solution of the problem by yourself as it does not require any professional experience. You can follow the above steps which will surely help you to get the solution for the Alexa Stuck On a Red Ring.

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