Why isn’t Alexa Echo Dot responding to voice commands: Causes and solutions

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“Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding To Voice” is one such issue that frustrates the users of Amazon Alexa devices with its non-responsiveness to user voice commands. In this situation, no matter how loudly you call or how often you call out to your Amazon Alexa assistant, it fails to respond.

Abounding in smart technology and useful features, Amazon’s Alexa, along with Echo Dot, has become a device of necessity in your home. The voice command feature, powered by Alexa, has made Amazon Echo a useful smart home gadget that can set timers, play radio stations, make calls, play games, stream music and much more. However sometimes, due to some reason, you may find that your Alexa is not responding in the usual way. Indeed, if you are an Amazon Echo Dot device user, you might have already come across the problem with the device when it fails to pick up your voice to carry out the tasks for you. Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding To Voice might have several reasons ranging from power, Wi-Fi, voice-recognition glitches or your Amazon account setup. Here we go on resolving this issue with easy solutions one by one.

Alexa Echo Dot Doesn’t Respond To Voice – Solutions

There are ways and methods to work with when your Amazon Echo Dot device fails to fulfill your demands with no-response to your voice instructions.

  1. Check the Microphone Button

The mic button on the Echo Dot speaker is marked by a microphone symbol and is located at the top of the device. If your Amazon Echo Dot is not responding to your voice instructions, then the foremost you can do is to check whether the mic button is turned on or not. In case, somehow the button is off, then you should first turn it on to make it responsive to your voice commands.  

  1. Reset Or Reboot Your Amazon Echo

You need to start by delinking your Echo Dot device from the power outlet and then connecting it again. If this doesn’t assist in fixing the issue, then try handing the issue with resetting the Amazon Echo device completely. The reset functions bring the device back to its default factory settings. This might help resolve the Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding To Voice issue.

This signifies that you are setting up the Amazon Echo Dot speaker again through your mobile device or the Alexa app. To reset the Echo Dot speaker, you require to put a pin in the device’s reset hole situated at the base of the Echo equipment. Another way to do this resetting function is to launch the Alexa app, go to the settings and choose ‘Echo’. Next, you need to scroll down and choose the ‘Reset to factory defaults’ option as a step to get rid of  the Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding To Voice problem.

  • Search for the reset hole located at the base of the Echo Dot device. You may take the help of a paperclip to press the button for a few seconds.
  • When you hold the button for a few moments, a blue light turns on and that next changes to orange.
  • Now, allow the device some time to turn off and then start it again. This is the way to get the Echo Dot device back to its factory configurations.
  • Thereafter, you’ll need to set up the Amazon Echo Dot product via the Alexa mobile app.

This is a near perfect solution that works for most of the users. If it doesn’t work to resolve the Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding To Voice issue, then other options can be considered.
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  1. Check if the Echo Dot is Updating

As a matter of fact, any Alexa-compatible device will get automatic software updates via the wireless network that are using. This is to improve performance as well as for new feature additions to the Alexa platform. However, if your device problems, then it might not get the updates or might not update in the proper manner. This results in mic-related problems.

Amazon invariably informs its users on its website about any upcoming updates for their Echo devices. You may check for any and then see if the Alexa mobile app has also received the update. To do this, you need to go to settings and then select Echo and scroll down to the software version of your device. Here, you need to ensure that the versions match. This will help in troubleshooting the Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding To Voice issue.

  1. Disable the Echo Dot Mic Temporarily

When you are looking to resolve the Amazon Echo Dot mic issue, you need to check if the issue is with the mic itself. An audio snag could be a real reasons for the problem. To tackle this problem, turn off the Echo Dot mic for a few moments and do a little cleaning up before you switch it back to on.

When the Echo Dot mic button changes to red, it indicates that the microphone has been turned off. The Amazon Echo Dot device will not respond until you activate the mic again by pressing the on and off button. Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding To Voice problem can be tackled in this manner as well.

  1. Teach the Echo Dot Device To Hear You In A Better Manner

Echo Dot Mic issue can happen when your device fails to capture your voice properly. However, there is an option to teach all your Alexa-matched devices to hear and understand you more accurately. To do this, launch the Alexa app on your tablet or phone, then choose the menu option and tap on ‘Settings’. Now, look for the ‘Voice Training’ option under the menu and tap on it. Equipped with tutorial, it is a place where you’ll be required to read up to 25 phrases in a loud voice. This helps your Echo device to identify and understand your unique way of speaking. This helps to resolve the Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding To Voice trouble. Care should be taken that you should be in the same room and speaking to your specific speaker.

  1. Turn your Echo Device Around

Your Amazon Echo speaker issue could also be solved by turning around the speaker physically so that it gets less likely to use a mic that is fixed on something. The Amazon Echo Dot speaker uses a beam-forming technology that assists them focus on the voice of the person talking. It is worth a note that these techniques might work or fail to work for resolving the Alexa Echo Dot Not Responding To Voice issue.

  1. Reboot your Router

For your Alexa Support assistant to work better for you, you need a proper and robust internet connection. In case, you are facing issues with your wireless network, such as hindrance in streaming when listening to podcasts or music on your Echo device or when you say something to Alexa, then it could be due to a bad connection. To resolve this issue, you can restart your router and see if that fixes the problem.

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