Troubleshooting Alexa: Why Does It Keep Losing Connection?

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We all know the popular Amazon original device; Alexa. You can expect Alexa to clearly carry out each command you issue according to your convenience. Anyway, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, users face issues do hamper this smooth performance of Alexa that are commonly caused when Alexa Keeps Losing Connection. This issue can be fixed at home with some straightforward steps.

Basic Steps to Fix Alexa Keeps Losing Connectivity Issue:

Reasons may vary from simple to complex in relation to the situation that Alexa creates for users to use its services properly. Indeed, there are possible reasons your Echo is losing connection and the most common among them is with the issue of Wi-Fi. While this is the easiest problem to fix, there are other things that needs to be taken care of for connection to run uninterrupted on Alexa devices. If this solution doesn’t work for Alexa Keeps Losing Connection, you can go down the list with other resolutions until the problem is solved. In any case, if the connection doesn’t resume finally, you may require a new Echo altogether.

Check the Wi-Fi

In order for amazon echo to run smoothly, a good network connection is a prerequisite because Alexa connects to a cloud-based service.  One can get annoyed if the connections keeps cutting off and the speakers don’t work the way they should. So, before the Echo device can be given all the blame, you should check other devices such as tablets, phones, computers, smart TVs, etc., used around you to see if they have a good connectivity.

If not, Wi-Fi is the culprit that needs to be corrected. In that case, you should focus your energies on fixing the Internet connection. Often, just by power cycling your router or cable modem becomes enough to troubleshoot Alexa Keeps Losing Connection problems, but sometimes it may become essential to contact your ISP.

Power Cycling Amazon Echo

Firstly, you have to establish that everything is perfect with your network connectivity. If things are running fine there, it’s perhaps the Echo that could be at fault. Here, we suggest that you start with a tried and tested resolution for electronic devices, i.e., a restart.

First, switch off your Echo device along with your router and modem. Turn off the Wi-Fi on all connected devices as well. Now, wait for 30 seconds and turn the router back to on. Next, switch on your Echo device so that it can be the first to establish connection again to the Wi-Fi. Thereafter you need to turn on the Wi-Fi on the other devices for a quick resolution of the Alexa Keeps Losing Connection issue. In case, you still can’t find a connection, there’s a likelihood that you need to contact your Internet Service Provider for technical resolution.

Here, it must be noted that your router may use both protocols of security, Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA or  Wi-Fi Protected Access II or WPA2. Here, as a possible solution, you may try switching the security protocol to any one of them.

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Repositioning Your Echo

Move your router as well as the Echo devices as far away as possible from every electronic device in your home that could be responsible in hampering the signal. In all probability, your microwave ovens or small monitors also can considerably interfere with your Wi-Fi. Even stereos, air conditioning vents, dishwashers, can cause minor problems for Alexa Keeps Losing Connection issue.

It must be kept in mind that router signals spread downward and horizontally from its source. This should be Kept in mind that the higher you move the Echo along with the router, the better it is. In fact, if you keep them in close proximity on a raised spot in your house, it would be perfect.

This will also make the Echo increasingly accessible from all parts of your premise. Moreover, it has been found that keeping the Echo at least 8 inches from the wall is also beneficial as it can dampen the signal and cause interference when you try to use voice activated features. These could help eliminate the Alexa Keeps Losing Connection problem.

Look for the Wi-Fi Overcrowding

In case, you have a multitude of devices linked to your network, your Wi-Fi will perhaps not be able to keep up with the connections with the same pace and smoothness. You can easily remove this congestion of signal by turning off Wi-Fi on such devices that are currently not using it.

Check the Wi-Fi Frequency

The Amazon Echo have been made to only connect to dual-band Wi-Fi networks that use the 802.11a/b/g/n standard. It is worth a note that hotspotting or peer-to-peer networks do not support these standards and bands.

Choosing the right channel for connectivity is essential, since it has its advantages. That way, you’ll reduce interference from other devices and increase the connection and range at the same time to eliminate the Alexa Keeps Losing Connection problem.

Reset Your Echo

If nothing else seems to help, factory reset your Echo device and starting it from the scratch will definitely help in removing this problem.

To perform the reset on the Echo Dot devices and the first-generation Echo, you will require a tiny tool such as an earring, a needle, a paper clip, or very thin scissors.

Search for the small hole at the base of the device, put in the tool, and press the reset button there. Now, hold it that way till the light turns on and off again. As and when the light comes to orange color, your device enters the setup mode. At this time, you can launch the Alexa app on your phone and begin the setup process all over again to help resolve the Alexa Keeps Losing Connection issue.

When resetting the 2nd-generation Echo Dot and Echo, here’s what you need to do; press and hold the Volume Down as well as the microphone off buttons simultaneously for nearly 20 seconds till the light turns orange and then blue.

After that, the same steps need to be repeated as with the 1st-generation devices. The light ring will come to off and then on again, then it’ll turn to orange, and the device is then ready for setup through the Alexa app. This could be a step that will help resolving the Alexa Keeps Losing Connection problem.

Tip: If you are experiencing connection issues on multiple devices, it might be a network issue. You can wait a few hours and try again in case of a network outage, or contact Alexa Support.

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