Alexa Not Playing Music : Here’s what you need to know

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There are many times when you send a command to Alexa and it did not respond actively. When listening to your favorite music on your Echo devices, it gets rather annoying when your voice command to Alexa doesn’t hold and the music suddenly turns off.  Or else, the song stops for a few moments before it resumes on its own. This sudden stoppage or stop-and-play interruptions make it difficult for any listener to continue as one looks for a solution to resolve the issue. Another aspect of the problem emerges when Alexa responds to the ‘play music’ command but doesn’t play the music. All this and more can have various reasons. Moreover, when you are gripped by Alexa Not Playing Music issue, foremost comes to the mind that “Why Does Alexa Stop Playing Music?” So, factors leading to this issue can range from Amazon account issues, Wi-Fi connectivity problems, network issues, or even incompatible Alexa app configurations.

Your Alexa Echo device configuration has tons of likable features but its ability as a music player is perhaps on top of the list. With Echo or Dot devices, you can listen to a variety of music emerging from various sources. Plus, the method to connect and begin with your favorite playlist is the same no matter which Echoes equipment you are using. The most convenient way to connect to Echo devices for music playing is via a music-streaming service. For this, your Echo box will link to Amazon Music and give you a virtually endless list of more than a million songs to go on forever. So, this is only interrupted when you confront the Alexa Not Playing Music issue. “Why Does Alexa Stop Playing Music?” can have several reasons.

Why My Alexa Stop Playing Music? Music Not Playing in Alexa

There can be several factors due to which the Alexa may stop working or playing music as per the commands of the user. The possible reasons for this can be as follows:

· WI-FI Congestion Issues

· Account Not linked

· Interference of any metal objects or barriers between the command and device

· Hardware issues

· Device not linked to the same account

· End of subscription

· Default settings issue

Best Ways To Fix Alexa Not Playing Music – Play Music With Alexa

If Alexa Echo or Echo Dot speakers haven’t played any song on your command, you don’t need to be disappointed. There a possible solutions for the Alexa Not Playing Music issue.

Check Your Streaming Devices

This error can happen when you are playing music through your Amazon app or via Echo devices linked to the same Amazon account. In addition, it will lead to a situation where you will not be able to stream any music on any other application when you are using more than one device on the same Amazon account. So, this is due to the streaming rule limit that applies here. Amazon Prime Music only allows music streaming or other content only on a single device at any given time. This is one of the reasons Why Does Alexa Stop Playing Music. This can be corrected with steps that specifically delink the Amazon accounts.

Check Your Subscription

An always active subscription is required for Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited for any song to play on Alexa. In instances where you do not have an active subscription for them, Alexa will disallow any song to be played with a user command or request. So, follow these steps to view your current subscription plans:

Step 1: Visit and log on to your Amazon account on the Amazon website specific to your country.

Step 2: Click on your name coming on the top, and choose Subscriptions and Memberships. Moreover, it is a step to troubleshoot the Alexa Not Playing Music issue on your Echo devices.

Step 3: Here you will come across a list of all your active subscriptions which you can configure with the necessary steps in case it is not active.

Please let us know if you still need help following these simple steps. So, we will offer you immediate and full assistance. You can reach us at +1-844-266-3662

Restart Echo

At the outset, reconfigure the power cycle for your Echo device. For doing this, unplug the cable from your Echo speaker and wait for a minimum of 20-30 seconds before plugging it all over again. Moreover, once you have plugged in, you may now try giving the voice command to Alexa to play the music from Amazon Music to see if the issue is resolved.

Echo Settings

It is really important to verify and correct a few configuration settings within your Alexa app for music to work properly on your voice instructions. These include device location settings, time zone, as well as language settings. So, keep these Echo settings to your current location to get rid of the Why Does Alexa Stop Playing Music issue.

You need to follow these steps to change the configurations:

Step 1: Firstly, go to your Alexa app and tap on the ‘Devices’ link.

Step 2: Then, on your Echo device, tap on Alexa and Echo.

Step 3: After that, look for the device location settings, time zone, and the language prescribed. Set it according to your local settings. Once done, you are ready to play any song on Alexa.

Check Linked Accounts

Amazon Prime subscribers are only allowed to use Amazon Prime Music. So if your Echo or Echo Dot application has more than one account linked to multiple Amazon accounts, you simply need to be connected to the one that is being utilized for your Amazon Prime subscription. Moreover, to resolve Alexa Not Playing Music issue, you need to go ahead with the ‘Alexa switch profile’ or ‘Alexa switch user’ command to change the users. This will help troubleshoot the issue.

Make Prime As The Default Music Provider

Suppose you have set more than one music provider in the Alexa app and have not set any default, you will need to fix the service identity to the music command. In addition, when your default music provider is Amazon Prime, you necessarily have to say a long line and it starts playing. Conversely, if it is not configured as default and you use the command, it can only be done via the default music provider where the song can be located.

There is also a possibility that the song you are trying to play is not contained within the list leading to the Alexa Not Playing Music issue. So, you require to make Prime your default music provider, or else you can give a full line command with the song name along with “Amazon Music.”

To modify the default music setting, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Firstly, tap the 3-bar icon at the top of the Alexa app screen. Select Settings.

Step 2: After that, tap on Music.

Step 3: Lastly, tap on Default Services and select Amazon Music.

Turn Off Explicit Filter

Amazon Music provides a feature that blocks songs that have explicit lyrics. It also becomes a reason Why Does Alexa Stop Playing Music for the user. Now, in such a situation, when you are trying to play such songs, it will not start unless the explicit filter is removed. To turn the filter off, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Firstly, open the Alexa app and tap on the three-bar icon.

Step 2: After that, enter Settings and then Music. This is a step towards resolving the Alexa Not Playing Music issue.

Step 3: Lastly, disable the Explicit Filter on the screen.

Deregister Echo

If none of the above steps assist in resolving the Alexa Not Playing Music issue, then you require deregistering the Echo application from your Alexa app to play the song again on your voice command.

To deregister your Echo device:

Step 1: Firstly, go to the Alexa app and Tap on the devices

Step 2: After that, tap on Alexa & Echo and choose the name of your Echo device

Step 3: Finally, scroll down and tap on Deregister.

After deregistering, add it again in the Alexa app as before.

With the above steps and fixes, check for the soluito of the question “Why Does Alexa Stop Playing Music?”. For further help, you can call Amazon device support  24×7.

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