Here are some steps to fix Alexa stuck on a red ring

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Alexa is an integral part of many smart homes and is loved by millions of people around the world. It’s one of the most popular assistants, and it’s in high demand. Without a doubt, the device is fantastic. However, it is not perfect and you might find some issues with it. For instance, you may have to troubleshoot or ask for help when Alexa’s red ring of death appears.

Alexa red ring is one of the issue which is very serious. But don’t worry we have a solution for this problem. Keep reading to get a detailed step-by-step process of troubleshooting the alexa red ring of death. We recommend that you stay with us for the whole process!
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What does the Red Ring on Alexa Means?

This is a very bad situation faced by many alexa owners. Normally, it means that the microphones on the alexa is off, and elexa cannot respond to your commands. With microphones not working, alexa cannot listen to your commands, and it says sorry with red light flashing. You can also face red ring issue due to bad internet connection. Checking and improving your internet connection can fix this problem.

Troubleshooting Alexa Red Light Flashing issue

Now that we know the cause for the red ring of death problem on alexa. We can now proceed with troubleshooting alexa red stuck on red light issue.

Check Your Echo’s Microphone

If Alexa doesn’t respond to commands, and both the red ring and the microphone button are a solid red, this means somebody has most likely pressed the microphone button and disabled it.

This is confirmed to be an issue that is yet to be fixed. You can easily fix the microphone issue by following the steps below.

Press the red microphone button. Wait a few seconds and the red light should turn off. Once the red light disappears, try a voice command to see if your Amazon Echo is now working.

If you are still facing the issue, then check your internet connection.

Echo not connecting to Wifi

If the echo is not connecting to the wifi, then alexa will start blinking red after asking a question. You will get a reply like

“I’m having trouble understanding right now, please try a little later”

Check the alexa echo internet connection status in alexa app

Launch the alexa on your device, go to devices option and click echo & alexa. You’ll get the list of echo devices. Check if the device status is “offline”.

Check if the internet is working

You can try fixing the alexa red light following the steps below:

  1. Try restarting the alexa, unplug it from the wall and plug it back in. Wait for couple of minutes until the reboot is complete, now ask a question.
  2. If your echo is still not working, then you need to check if the internet is working. To check if your internet is working, try using internet on the other devices. You can try searching on your smartphone to see if the internet is working. If the internet is not working on other devices, then try power cycle of the router. If your internet is still not working then contact your internet service provider.

Amazon Echo System Firmware

Whenever you connect an Echo device to the internet, Alexa should download and install software updates automatically. If your Echo device has been turned off for some time, be sure she’s up-to-date before you turn her on again.

The software version can be found by opening the Alexa app, going to ‘Devices’, and then clicking on ‘Echo & Alexa.’ Then click on your Echo device and select ‘About’ to get its information. If you see that your device firmware is not up to date then ask alexa to update. Say “Alexa, check for software update”.

Factory Reset Amazon Echo

If you’ve tried a bunch of different methods but are still having problems with Alexa, try a factory reset. If you have an older version of the Amazon Echo, check out our new guide on factory resetting old versions as well as newer ones.

To reset your Amazon Echo, hold down the microphone button and the action button together until Alexa turns orange and says “now entering setup mode; follow instructions in the Alexa app.”

Wait a few moments and the Alexa App should pop up saying that Echo can be enabled.

Have you connected it to your WiFi? You can do that by clicking ‘continue’ on the app and then follow the instructions. After setting all of these, try plugging or unplugging your Echo and see if it works.

Deregister your echo dot

You can try deregistering and re-registering your device. To do this open the Alexa app, click on devices and find the echo that you want to change. When you see “Registered to:” simply click ‘Deregister’

You can remove your Amazon Alexa device from your Amazon account (go to the ‘Manage your content and devices’ page) and then follow these steps for re-adding it.

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