Echo Dot Blue Ring Of Death: Identify causes and solutions

The Amazon Echo Dot has a revolutionary entry into the smart speaker market. Although it did not bring any new technology into the market, it did combine all the available features in the best way possible. However, nothing is perfect, and like all electronic products, echo dot has its issues and bugs. One such issue is the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death.

Echo Dot Blue Ring Of Death

What is the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death?

The Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death is an error indicator. In case your echo dot is not responding to your commands or working correctly, the blue led light on the top of the speaker will turn on and spin.

Possible Reasons Behind your Echo Dot’s Blue Ring of Death?

In short, there can be several reasons that hamper the standard functionality of your speaker. Thus, resulting in the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death. Let us discuss these causes:

  • Faulty Power Supply.
  • Connection Disruption
  • Corrupted Software
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Damaged Logic Board

 In order to resolve these issues, you need technical assistance, as they cannot be solved by a non-technical person. If you would like, you can call +1-877-640-7549.

Solutions for the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death

There are some generalized solutions for the echo dot blue ring of death. Thus, those are the ones we shall discuss first.

  • Echo Dot Hard Reset
    – Most of the time, if a device suffers from a bug or glitch. It is best to give it a hard reset to reinitialize its processes.
    • Firstly, power down your echo dot using the power button.
    • Secondly, remove the charging cable from the speaker. Also, unplug the adapter from the power socket.
    • Once you do this, wait for five minutes for the power to cycle and completely discharge.
    • Then connect the power cables back & turn on the speaker.
    • Lastly, wait for half a minute for the speaker to initialize.
  • Reset your Internet Connection– At times, a fault in your Wi-Fi router will result in your echo dot ceasing functioning. This is because your speaker is dependent on the internet connection to work. Thus, we advise you to reset your Wi-Fi router in this case.
  • Water Damage– It pretty much goes without saying that an Echo Dot should be kept away from water. Even so, if water has entered your echo dot speaker, it can lead to short-circuiting. Therefore, resulting in the echo dot blue ring of death. To fix this-
    • Firstly, remove all the electrical connections from the speaker.
    • Then, if you can, remove the outer casing of the speaker.
    • And then leave it like that for 48 hours.
    • Put the speaker back together and use it.
  • Reset to Factory Settings– A particular setting or bug may result in that error. Thus, one of the options is to return the speaker to its default settings.
    • Hold the Volume & Microphone buttons till the ring light turns orange.
    • Wait till the light turns blue, then light blue & back to orange.
    • Then, open your app and reconnect the speaker to your device.

Cause-Specific Solutions

Fixing many of the echo dot errors depends on the cause. Therefore, that is the way we will showcase the fixes below.

  • Faulty Power Supply– In case the power supply to your echo dot is interrupted, it may lead to the speaker showing you the ring and stopping the functioning of the speaker. To fix this-
    • Firstly, make sure you use an Amazon-approved power supply for echo dot.
    • Secondly, check whether the cable is properly connected to the speaker & the adapter. A loose connection can result in a disruptive power supply.
    • Thirdly, check the wire for any damage or breakage.
    • Lastly, check the speaker’s charging slot for debris and remove it.

*In case of damaged components, order them from the Amazon website. Also, make sure Amazon approves it for echo dot speakers.

  • Connection Disruption– Any issue in the connection between your speaker and Wi-Fi will result in the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death. In order to fix this issue, you must reconnect your echo dot to your network. You can do this using the Amazon Alexa App.
    • Firstly, open the Alexa app on your smartphone.
    • Secondly, tap open the settings, and then tap on Network & Connectivity.

*The network scanner will now scan for your Wi-Fi; wait for it to finish.

  • Thirdly, tap on your Wi-Fi name, enter the password, and tap on Connect.
  • Corrupted Software– At times, corrupted software can result in the dysfunction of your echo dot speaker. In order to solve this issue, you need to update your echo dot.
    • Firstly, tap open the Amazon Alexa App, and go to settings.
    • Secondly, select Device Options and then Check for Software Updates.

*Once you tap on Check for Software Updates, the speaker will start searching online for any software update.

  • Lastly, select Apply to initiate the update installation.


  • Firstly, press & hold the volume buttons till the light turns red. Signifying that the speaker is searching for updates.
  • If any updates are available, the device will download & install them automatically.
  • Do Not Disturb– If your echo dot is in DND (Do Not Disturb), it will not respond to any command. Also, it will show the blue ring of death. To fix this, just get your speaker out of the DND mode.
    • Firstly, open the Amazon Alexa App on your device.
    • Then go to settings.
    • After that, select Notifications and tap on Do Not Disturb.
    • Then deactivate the DND.
    • Subsequently, restart your echo dot.
  • Damaged Logic Board– This is a common cause for the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death. More often than not, a series of damaged capacitors can hinder the working of your speaker. However, even you can fix this at home if you have a little knowledge of electronics.
    • Firstly, open your echo dot by removing the outer casings.
    • Second, turn over the circuit boards and check the capacitors.
    • In case they are bloated or leaking, replace them and put the speaker back.
    • Lastly, start the speaker and check if the error has been solved.

In the unfortunate event that after all these fixes, the error persists or you have any other queries. Call – +1-877-640-7549

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does my Echo Dot Blinking Yellow?

The yellow light on the led ring of an Alexa means that you have a notification from Alexa. To fix this, simply command-

  • Alexa, what notifications do I have?
  • Alexa, what messages do I have?

Once you listen to all the notifications, the light will turn back to blue. Echo Dot Blinking Yellow

  • Why is my Echo Dot stuck on blue?

In short, your echo dot being stuck on blue can have many reasons. That is to say, the blue ring is known as the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death. Due to the fact that your device won’t work or respond to any command while in this state. There are several ways to solve this, like – hard reset, troubleshooting the hardware, checking network connection, etc.

  • Why is my Alexa spinning cyan?

A cyan light on the led ring indicated that Alexa is currently processing your request. Mostly, this only happens for a few, although it can take longer than that. This is mainly due to factors like slow network connection or a glitch in your device.

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