Different reasons for my Echo Dot flashing green and possible solutions

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Amazon echo dot is most advance Alexa supported speaker. Users can easily give the command to the echo dot device and play desired music, make calls and manage smart devices as well. Echo dot has various notification lights to notify users with various commands and feedback. If you don’t know Why Is My Echo Dot Flashing Green lights then don’t get tensed as the green light on the echo dot shows that you are receiving a call or drop call. In case you have enabled your audio then Alexa notifies with you the green light notification. Just give the command to Alexa answer the call and resolve the lighting issues. If you continuously get the light screen blinking notification then follow some reliable troubleshooting steps.

Echo dot offer reliable user experience and deliver various notifications light to offer hassle-free notifications. It has light ring by which the user can get the notifications from various actions and commands given by them. If you purchased the echo dot recently and have concerns related to Why Is My Echo Dot Flashing Greenlight then you can easily resolve your concern by using the Alexa app or turning the drop-in feature of your echo dot device by following the reliable listed steps. In case you need any expert’s assistance from the issues then reach out to our helpdesk and get connected to certified technicians with no time.

How To Resolve Why Is My Echo Dot Flashing Green Light Issues?

The Echo Dot devices show numerous colours to notify users about various notifications. It shows various light including – blue, red, yellow, white and green. But when these lights blink continuously users get annoyed and we totally understand that situation. If you don’t know how to fix the green light issues then follow some reliable steps listed below:

  • If you are a new echo dot user and don’t know Why Is My Echo Dot Flashing Greenlight then either you are receiving a call or someone is dropping in on your echo dot device.
  • Users get the option to answer or ignore the call by using Alexa app or by giving the voice commands. Users can hang up the call and hold the green light by giving the command to stop the light quickly. To stop the light follow below-listed steps:
  • If you get flashing green light then just say Alexa answer the call and stop the green light.
  • If you get spinning green light then say Alexa hang up and after that check your command history and make sure that you don’t have given any unusual command.
  • When you pick you the call on amazon echo dot the green light stop pulse light and start clockwise. When the light starts moving clockwise users can’t use the other features of echo dot devices.
  • if you don’t know about the droop feature of echo dot devices then don’t get tensed as it is one of the advance features of echo dot device by which your trusted contacts can access the most of the features of your echo dot devices and call you on your echo dot devices.
  • If you wanted to authorize any trusted contact just head to the contact menu of your Alexa app and give a command to your Alexa and say contact name.

Green Light Can Be Stopped By Using The Alexa App And Stopping The Drop-In Feature:

If you purchase echo dot device recently and don’t know Why Is My Echo Dot Flashing Green continuously then that’s because of the drop in features. The drop-in feature allows your trusted contacts to call on your echo dot devices. If your echo dot has display users can also make a video call as well. Follow some reliable steps and stop the drop-in feature of your echo dot by using the Alexa app:

  • First of all, open the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Head to the communicate section of the app.
  • Choose option contacts.
  • Choose my communication settings from the available results.
  • Use the toggle to switch off the drop-in feature.

Now, you must be aware of the lighting features of the Alexa dot devices and know Why Is My Echo Dot Flashing Greenlight. If you followed all the steps carefully and still get the green light consistently then you need to get connected with the Amazon Alexa Support experts who can handle all the issues on your behalf. If you don’t know how to get help from experts them reach out to our helpdesk and we make sure that all your issues will be resolved within no time.

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