A troubleshooting guide for Alexa not working routines

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How To Fix Alexa Routines Not Working Issues?

If you have any amazon Alexa supported Bluetooth smart device then you can perform various day to day operations over voice commands. But for that, you need to make sure that you are connected to stable and good wireless networks. As we all know that Alexa comes with very advance and powerful features and one of them is Alexa Routines. It allows users to perform one or more actions simultaneously. For Ex-you can give a single command to read the news and adjust smart lights of your home at the same time but to get the much-needed results users need to set the commands in advance as per their needs and the type of tasks.

Alexa Routines can be easily customised as per the requirements of the users and can be configured as well on a schedule. If you already assigned a customer phrase to perform both tasks but still Alexa Routines Not Working then don’t get tensed as these are the most common issues and can be fixed by performing easy troubleshooting methods. In case you don’t know how to fix the Alexa Routines Not Working issues then you can get assistance from the experts and resolve the routine issues within no time.

How Users Can Create & Configure The Alexa Routines?

Setting up new Alexa Routines is a very easy task. Users just need to download the compatible Alexa app into their smartphones and perform the below-listed steps adequately:

  • After downloading the Alexa app, open the app and access the setting page by pressing available cog on the right side.
  • Then scroll down and choose the routines options present in the accounts page.
  • After that create new Alexa Routines by choosing the top right option.
  • Now you need to select the option ‘When this happens’ and start the process.
  • After that, you need to configure the desired actions.
  • As you configure your device you get a page, where you need to select the choice on how to trigger the routines. You can use any phrase or any other thing at a certain time.
  • Now, select add a section and choose the desired categories to set Alexa Routines. In this step, you can also get Alexa to speak some phrases for you.
  • At last, choose the desired action by pressing the add button present at the bottom.

In case you followed all the steps and still your Alexa Routines Not Working then follow some troubleshooting methods.
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Methods To Troubleshoot Alexa Routines Not Working Issues!

If you have successfully created Alexa Routines but still not unable to get the desired response then try these solutions and eliminate Alexa Routines Not Working problems.

Method 1 – Check Connections

  • Before proceeding with any of the troubleshooting steps users need to make sure that the Alexa devices are connected to the created routines. Users can only connect one device to perform the single Alexa Routines.
  • In case, if you have one or more echo device then you need to inspect and make sure that your which device is connected to the Alexa app. If you don’t have the Alexa app then you need to set the devices separately.

Method 2 – Eliminate Alexa Routines Not Working Issues By Adding Home Device

If the above-listed steps don’t help you in fixing the Alexa Routines Not Working issues then you need to continue with the below-listed steps to get the much-needed experience from your smart devices: To perform these steps you need to use the Alexa app.

  • First of all open Alexa App and head to the smart home devices option.
  • After that choose the smart home device that you want to control.
  • Then you need to choose the option – What you want from your device or wanted to do.
  • After that choose “Add” option.
  • As you click on the add option you will be redirected to the Routine page.
  • Now you can add actions to your routine by pressing the create option.
  • At last, check whether Alexa Routines Not Working issues are resolved or not.

Method 3 – Recreate New Alexa Routine For You Device

  • To create a routine you need Alexa app and open the menu.
  • Choose routines option.
  • After that choose option Create Routine.
  • Now create a Trigger by choosing the option “When This Happens.”
  • As you create trigger you get the two options whether to “say something” and “At Schedule Time”.
  • If you choose the “When you say something” option then add the desired phrase and enable it by following the steps:
  • You need to select the + sign and enter the desired phrase.
  • After that click on option done and continue to next step.
  • Then choose the Add Action to choose the desired action. These actions can help you in controlling all the device actions including the music, traffic, lights, volumes and many more.
  • If you choose the option “At Schedule Time” then you need to add a particular time for your device.
  • Choose the desires times by activating a routine based on the daily, weekly, monthly or weekend’s basis.
  • After that click on the next button to set the desired date and time. And complete the process by clicking on done.
  • These steps will help you in eliminating the Alexa Routines Not Working concerns.
Still Unable To Fix The Alexa Routines Not Working Issues?

If you tired of performing most of the Alexa Routines Not Working troubleshooting steps and still unable to resolve them. Then you need to connect with the experts available at our Amazon Device Support for unmatchable assistance and resolutions. They assist you with the best possible solutions and help you in resolving the most complex issues associated with the Alexa Routines Not Working issues. They have reliable experience and latest techniques which make them the best choice for you when it comes to Alexa Routines Not Working issues.

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