How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App

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The Echo Dot, one of the well-known Alexa-enabled smart speakers,  provides countless advanced capabilities and features in a way that is difficult to imagine. In fact, after getting your latest Echo device or any other Alexa-operated appliance, you just can’t wait to use it. To activate the remarkable features of the Alexa device, you need to connect it to your home or workplace Wi-Fi network. There are ways to do it and one of them are the steps for How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App. Connect it to your home Wi-Fi with easy steps and let your wireless speaker play music through your voice command. Additionally, control all the devices and gadgets in your smart home, create your schedule, shop online and do a range of activities that are useful and fruitful with any Alexa-enabled device.

In fact, there are two simple ways and means that you can use for connecting your echo dot device to WiFi and use it as you like. One method necessitates you to download the Alexa app on your smartphone to accomplish the setup process. Alternatively, there’s another way to do it. And we will be discussing How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App method in case the application is not working for you.

Does Alexa Need WiFi?

Yes, Alexa devices require a WiFi connection to work. When you tell Alexa to do something or ask a question using your voice command, an audio clip is sent to Amazon’s cloud over this WiFi network. This is then processed and sent back to your device via the WiFi network so that Alexa can fulfil your command or even answer your questions. Here we look at How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App.

How to Connect Alexa to a New WiFi Network Without the App?

The Prerequisites:

Since you might be eagerly looking forward for your Alexa gadget or Echo Dot device to play some music for you, there are a few requirements that need to be fulfilled before it can actually do so. In fact, the below-mentioned are some of the prerequisites that you must have in order to start the setup process. So, before proceeding with steps for How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App, you must take note of  the following:

  • You must ensure that the Echo Dot is connected to a power outlet and turned on. Take care that you have securely plugged in the device into the power source since this is not supposed to be a wireless speaker.
  • Also ensure that your internet connection is fast and reliable and that the WiFi has a working internet connection as well. This is because, the Alexa appliances are designed to work properly on dual-band WiFi connectivity. Hence, it needs to be linked to a speedy and trusted network.
  • Your smartphone must be connected to the Internet before going ahead with the setup process.

Your Alexa-enabled Echo device requires to be linked to a Wireless Network and we will see How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App for this.
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The Steps And Methods

To connect Alexa to any WiFi network without the app, first of all you need to go to the and sign in. Then click on Settings > Set up a new device and choose your appliance. After that, you need to put that device in a pairing mode and connect to its WiFi facility. In the end, select your latest network and key in your password. 

  1. Launch a web browser and go to You can select any browser to do this such as Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, or any other browser.
  2. Thereafter, Enter your Amazon password and username and log on to your Amazon account.. In case you haven’t created any Amazon account, click on ‘Create a New Amazon Account’ button at the lower end of the window. This is the first step for How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App facility.
  3. Next, click on Settings. You will find settings in the left sidebar of the screen. In case you don’t find this option, you need to expand the window of your browser or zoom out on the page itself to make it visible.
  4. Now, select Set up a new device.
  5. Then, select the type of Alexa appliance you need to link to a new WiFi setup. Here, you will find further choices by scrolling down.
  6. Click on Continue.
  7. Next, plug in your Alexa application into a power outlet.
  8. Wait for the ring light to turn to orange as a next step for How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App.

Note: Here, in case you do not find the device light turn to orange, you need to choose “Don’t see the orange light ring?”. This will bring up the button you need to push on your device. In almost all cases, you will require to press and hold the action button with a middle dot on the top of the Echo gadget.

  1. Thereafter, connect to a network with the Amazon-XXX format. Without closing your browser, go to your phone or computer’s WiFi networks. In case you are utilizing Windows10 computer to configure Alexa, you can click on the WiFi icon at the bottom of the screen. When using a Mac, you will get the WiFi icon in the upper area of the screen. And, when you are utilizing a smartphone or tablet, simply go to the Settings and WiFi. This will display the WiFi network listed among all the available networks. This will help with How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App.
  2. Now, get back to your browser and click to Continue. Once you have linked to the WiFi network, a window will come up to announce that “Your computer is connected” to the Alexa device.
  3. Choose the WiFi network that you want the Alexa device to connect to. When you select a earlier saved network, you can skip the next step.
  4. Then, enter your password of WiFi and click on Connect.
  5. Finally, you need to wait for your Alexa application to link to the latest WiFi network. Having done that, you need to test the connection by prompting Alexa to perform a task such as “Alexa, what’s the time?” This will confirm that you are connected to the Alexa device. This answers the “How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App?” question. If you still face any difficulty while giving commands to Alexa, we are always available to assist you.  Our Amazon Alexa Support team will deliver you the most genuine and trustworthy solutions over a call anytime.

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