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How To Setup Echo Dot?

Echo Dot is one of the outstanding smart speakers one should own. It is the least expensive device that can provide you great entertainment. Amazon Echo Dot is the right speaker you can get to have at your home. It is quite small and comfortable to have for your bedroom, kitchen, or study room that can help you to get the right entertainment.

It is highly important to get the right Amazon Echo Dot help so that you can get the best performance of it. You don’t need to get worried over the setup services because once you follow the right steps, you will get excellent results and won’t face a single problem while using it. If you are new to the world of smart devices, then you don’t need to get worried over this because the following are the given steps that you can follow for Amazon Echo Dot for your help:

  • Download the Alexa App: It is highly important to download the Alexa app available at the play store and apple store for your android and iOS or tablet to use it efficiently. Search for the Alexa App there and start downloading it to use the Echo Dot.
  • Select Devices:Now, the second step is to select the devices in the lower right corner available there to get your Echo Dot setup done with ease & comfort. Choose the devices with proper efficiency to get your echo setup done quickly.
  • Press The Right Button:Once you are done while selecting the devices available in the lower right corner, it is important to press the plus sign which is present in the top right corner. Else you can press the Hamburger menu that is available in the upper left corner to provide you complete help.
  • Add Device:You can now add the new devices to get it to start with ease & comfort.
  • Press The Amazon Echo Icon: Now, press the amazon Echo Icon present there which is followed by the Echo Dot icon that you can see on the screen. Right after that, it is important to press the image of the 3rd generation of Echo Dot. It will help you to establish the setup for Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Plug Your Echo Dot: Plug in your Echo Dot to the power adapter for the further process. Once you are able to see the blue light ring has became orange, you can easily see that your device is now came into setup mode.
  • Select The Right Echo Dot: Now, wait for echo dot to see that it appear on your phone and now select the right one amongst all of them. You can now see the wi-fi settings and go to that and select the network that has Amazon in it. And return back to the Alexa app for further process.
  • Pick The Wi-fi Network: You don’t need to get worried over it because you are just a few steps away from it and now choose the right wi-fi network on which you want to get connected for your Echo Dot. It is mandatory to enter the passcode if it is required to set up the connection.
  • Choose The External Speaker: If you have successfully established the connection, make sure to select the external speaker for your Echo Dot that you can use easily. If you are not able to connect to an external speaker, skip this step, and move further.
  • Pick The Room: Now, select the room where your Echo Dot is located; else you can create a new room to establish a new connection that is authentic & perfect.

If you follow these steps, then you will be able to use your Amazon Echo Dot with perfection & elegance. It is highly important to follow them step-by-step so that you can get the right advantage of it and listen to the kind of music you want to.
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Why Is It Important To Follow The Right Steps For Echo Dot Setup?

There are many users amongst us who believe that they can do it on their own but when it comes to actual setup settings & process, it is always important to get in touch with someone who has expertise in a similar field so that you can establish a nice & wonderful connection and enjoy the music to the fullest. If you Alexa is not responding to your commands, it is because of the setup issues. Following are the few things that can irritate you if you don’t get the right techniques for the Echo Dot setup for your reference:

  • If you didn’t set up the Echo Dot perfectly, it may lead to a slow or bad connection of it with the device.
  • Your device may not be able to hear or listen to your commands because of the setup issues.
  • You may face the issue of Alexa not responding to your commands as you have not properly maintained the right setup settings.
  • The connection may get slightly affected due to the echo setup issue.
  • If you didn’t follow the right technique for the setup of the Echo Dot, it may cause a permanent issue that Alexa is not working efficiently.
  • Your songs or audios may get paused or slow just because of the echo dot setup.

Hence, there are a lot many issues that you can face only when you didn’t follow the right steps and we always recommend users follow the genuine steps that too in a synchronized manner so that you can listen to your desired music in Alexa with perfect sound. If you miss any steps that are given above for your reference, you may not get the right setup done for Echo Dot. So, don’t forget to follow any of them and if you follow each and every step with perfection, you will clearly get the best use of Echo Dot. If you need any kind of expert assistance at any step. Just reach out to our Amazon device support helpdesk and we make sure that you get the best results on every command given to the echo dot devices.  We are available round the clock to assist our customer’s in every possible way with our team.

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