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Recently, I downloaded a game from torrent and with that came many viruses and malwares. My laptop got slow and start freezing, lagging. I tried troubleshooting this issue with the windows defender but that didn’t helped me. Then I decided to download and activate avg antivirus on my laptop.

Installing and activating is hard if you don’t have the right steps. I also faced difficulty while installation and activation of the avg. But don’t worry, in this post I’m going to explain how you can download and activate the avg via

How to download and install your AVG product?

Following are the steps to download and install your AVG product:

  1. Visit –
  2. Select the antivirus type.
  3. Now select your platform (windows, mac etc)
  4. Now click on install button.

Now that avg setup file is downloaded on your pc, then let’s proceed with the installation of the avg on your pc.

  1. After download click and open the avg_antivirus_free_setup.exe file.
  2. Click the run as administrator option.
  3. Wait while installation process.
  4. Click on continue button.
  5. Now click on the continue with free option.
  6. Now the avg is installed on your pc.

Where Can I Find the AVG Activation Code?

Now that we’ve downloaded and installed the avg on our pc, let’s proceed with the activation process. Before activation we need the code for the activation. Follow the steps below to find the code for avg activation.

  1. Visit – and login to your account, you can find the activation code here.
  2. You can also find the confirmation code in the confirmation mail you received after purchase.
  3. If you purchased avg from a store, then you can find the activation card in the box.

Avg com/activate for Activating AVG

You can easily activate the avg antivirus from the You can follow the steps below to activate your avg antivirus on your pc.

  1. Click on avg icon.
  2. Now click on the menu button.
  3. Click on enter activation code.
  4. Now enter the activation code for your device.
  5. Click on enter.
  6. Now click on activate and install option.

Why must download the AVG product?

Wondering why and How Do I Activate AVG Free from Well, provide you worthwhile services that can protect your devices and gadgets from all the kind of online threats and viruses. It gives lifetime protection to your internet-connected devices. It can easily scan the information of your device in less time and gives you amazing and guaranteed advantages. If you remove viruses through AVG products, you can improve the performance of all your devices. It has numerous features.

What are the perks of AVG products?

  • You can easily download and install AVG product as it is light weighted
  • It can protect your all-confidential files, information and keeps your identity safe and secured
  • It can give you protection for your internet connection so that you can easily go for chatting, browsing, and messaging service
  • Learn about the advantage of getting Anti-spyware. AVG products can detect spyware in a simple way and hackers won’t be able to steal your data.
  • Once AVG antivirus is downloaded to your computer, it won’t affect the performance of your device. It will help you in increasing the speed of your pc.
  • It can detect ransomware and malware instantly.
  • It is the authentic tool for your PC as it can safeguard your devices from malware, viruses, spyware, and other kinds of online threats.
  • Get advantage of blocking malicious emails and websites
  • It can scan the computer by deep scab, boot scan, basic system check, performance check, and also through USB scan.

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Why do you require AVG antivirus solutions?

Following are the reasons that you must consider for AVG product and its services for you:

  • When the performance of your system gets slow down
  • When your system starts making errors or starts freezing
  • When you see auto reboots the operating system
  • Pop up messages keep disturbing you
  • Your confidential information gets lost.

If above the reasons that spamming your life, then you must go for AVG services.

Contact AVG customer service

If nothing works for you, then you can contact the avg team. To contact avg you can visit – The experts at avg can help you in resolving the activation issues.


How to renew your AVG subscription?

When you open your Gmail account, receive a subscription renewal reminder, and after that press on the option “Renew now”. Now, mention your contact and payment information. Press on the “Continue” option. follow all the instructions to complete your purchase.

How to cancel your AVG subscription?

Do you want to cancel your AVG subscription? If yes, first you need to press on the “cancellation link” that you just have received in your original purchase confirmation mail. Now, get access to your AVG account and finally, cancel your subscription.

What if the activation is not successful?

After activating the AVG product, if you see an expiration message, you can take the help of the following information to make sure your product gets effectively activated:

Check your activation code

Make sure you’re checking the activation code correctly and enter it a second time if the first time was unsuccessful.

Locate your activation code

If you check an error message while you do activation, then, consult with the specialists available here. They’ll help you in guiding your way to How Do I Activate My AVG Product Key through

Troubleshooting common activation error messages

Still not able to find any solution for How Do I Activate My AVG Product Key? You can go for activating the code through the link you get the AVG technical assistance. Once you connect with the specialists, they will surely help you in finding the right way.

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