Ccleaner free download and installation guide

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CCleaner is a freeware cleaning tool for Windows PC and Mac systems fulfillingthe system optimization and privacy needs of its users. By removing unused files from your system, CCleaner leads to a faster computer with a quicker startup as well as safer browsing with fewer errors and system crashes. This overall frees up the valuable hard disk space for your PC or mobile devices allowing your Windows or macOS to run faster and smoother. CCleaner Free Download and installation also cleans up any traces of your Internet surfing activities such as your Internet history and surfing habits to a significant extent to save you from unwanted cookies.

Additionally, Download CCleaner Freeas a full-featured registry cleaner. Cleaningunwanted registry and temporary files considerably optimizesand speeds up your computer with the world’s leading PC Cleaner that CCleaner is. CCleaner standard version has some great features that gives better space for your necessary programs and helps you manage your device for it to run faster.This standard cleaning is supported with standard privacy protection. CCleaner Free Download and installation can be done with easy steps. Download this useful application and let it analyse, fix and tune up your PC’s performance by evenreaching places that other cleaners can’t reach.

Benefits Of Downloading CCleaner

Allow CCleaner to check your device to explore a range of cleaning options leading your hard disk space to be freed up, resulting in a stable PC with reduced errors.Use your device without the fear of being tracked with a smooth and faster navigation for your useful applications. Plus, repairing the registry even allows the elimination of useless data, thus refreshingthe area, which is of vital importance for the operation of computers.

More specifically, with CCleaner Free Download, your computer is streamlined in terms of its operations with the following advantages that CCleaner provides:

  • Identifying duplicate files
  • Cleaning the registry
  • Deleting temporary files and other not-in-use data
  • Eliminating application wastage
  • Freeing up hard disk space
  • Immobilizingapplications whose start-up is linked to the system boot
  • Removing unnecessary files
  • Download CCleaner Free for Deleting browsing histories
  • CCleaner Free Download for correcting errors that are causing problems

How To Download CCleaner for Windows?

You can download CCleaner for Windows with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or the Opera web browsers. We will go on describing the step-by-step instructions below for the browser you choose for web :

Chromium-Based Browsers

Google Chrome / Brave / Edge Chromium / CCleaner Browser

Step 1 –First of all, download the installer

Click on the quick download link, and the file will begin to download automatically. This gets confirmed with a confirmation message along the bottom of the browser windowthat the file is downloading.

Step 2 – Run the installer

Once throughwith the CCleaner Free Downloadfile, click the download link with the name of the installer filename. Thereafter, all you need to know is how to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure for installation.

Mozilla Firefox

Step 1 –First, download the installer

Now, go ahead and click on the quick download link, and the file starts to download by itself. A popup will be show up giving you the choice to Save or Cancel your file – click on Save File.

Step 2 – Run the installerto Download CCleaner Free application

Once the file has been downloaded, click on the Firefox download linkon the top right corner of the browser, and click the CCleaner file to complete the installation. Next, follow the on-screen guidelines to finish installing the CCleaner.

Internet Explorer

Step 1 –As a first step, you need to download the installer

Now, Click on the quick download link and confirm that you need to download the file by clicking on Download the File.

Step 2 – Run the installerfor CCleaner Free Download

After the download gets over, click on Run to begin installing CCleaner.

Step 3 – Follow the directions

Next, you only need to follow the instructions to install CCleaner application for your device.And this is what it takes to download CCleaner application and install it on your system.


Step 1 –Again, begin by downloading the installer

Click on the quick download link.Thereafter, click on the ‘Save’ button in the download window as a basic steps towardsCCleaner Free Download.

Step 2 –Now, you need to Run the installer

In this case, the download list comes up automatically.This helps you to double-click the file to start the installationprocess. Then, you can follow the on-screen directions to finish installing CCleaner on your device.

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Download CCleaner Free On Your Android Device

CCleaner On Your Android – What are the system requirements?

CCleaner Android can be downloaded, installed and run on any device that runs Google Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21) and higheroperating systems.

It is worth a note that if you are using a custom ROM, the app may not work properly.

CCleaner Android is not compatible and cannot be installed or run on iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone/Mobile, Symbian, WebOS, Bada, or any other mobile operating system other than Android. The CCleaner app does not work on iPad or iPhone devices.Now, we look at the steps for CCleaner Free Download on the Android devices.

Downloading and installing CCleaner Android?

You need to visit Google Play Store to get CCleaner Android to download it on your device:

  1. From the apps screen on your Android device,open Google Play Store and look for CCleaner.
  2. Tapon the CCleaner page from the search results.
  3. Tap on Install, and if asked for authorizations, choose Accept.
  4. Once the installation is done, tap on Open to start using the CCleaner app.
  5. Choose Continue to confirm that you have gone through and accepted the conditions of the CCleaner End User Privacy Policy and License Agreement to go ahead with Download CCleaner Free application.

Thus, CCleaner is now installed and ready to use. You can perform CCleaner Free Download for Android Pro as well for availing additional functions and features of the application.

Downloading CCleaner For Mac

CCleaner for Mac is a computer optimization applicationbuilt specifically for Mac computer users. With it, you can Save hard drive space by cleaning digital ‘junk’.

You candownload CCleaner for Mac by going through the processesdescribed below.

1. First of all, download the Installer

Visit, and the installer will start downloading automatically.

2. Run the Installeras another step for CCleaner Free Download.

Now, open the Downloads folder at the bottom of the screen, and then click on “CCMacSetup.dmg”.

The installer will runautomatically as a step to Download CCleaner Free application.

3. Drag the CCleaner into Applicationswindow.

A box will show up letting you to pullthe CCleaner icon within your Applications folder. You can then click on this folder and choose  CCleaner to begin the application.

Here, you can download the CCleaner free version as shown above, then go ahead to register it by clicking Options > About > Upgrade to Pro. Or, you can request a new download link for CCleaner FreeDownload here

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