Experts Driven Fixes And Tips: Cleaners Installer stopped working

According to professionals, it is reported that very frequently Ccleaner Installer Has Stopped Working and is unable to function due to the various strange and unknown reasons. This issue usually does occur at times frequently, but when it appears then in order to fix it, you are required to locate and identify your original Installer setup file for purpose of renaming it. In this way simply renaming the installer setup file to CCleaner or Setup and try to install the application again.

As per the installs count Ccleaner is one of the most promising and effective C drive optimizer utility software programs available on the web. C cleaner is primarily used to obsolete the unwanted malware program to optimize speed and also for removal of invalid window registry files to keep the computer performance smooth. Though, installing CCleaner is said to be an easy task that can be performed very easily without any trouble by anyone. But in some cases, It is reported that some users have registered complaints that they encountered the Ccleaner related issues stating “Ccleaner Installer Has Stopped Working”. These types of errors appear because of various other interlinked problematic issues and the most common issue is when the Installer file processing is slow or the user is not granted the administrator rights.

Ccleaner Installer Has Stopped Working – Common Reasons

We understand that it’s very annoying and create a nuisance when we don’t know how to resolve the opening file errors if you are unable to install the CCleaner for your device or operating systems and getting the “CCleaner Error Opening File For Writing” error then follow below-listed troubleshooting methods:

  • Run Compatibility Troubleshooter To Fix The Issue
  • Run Programme By Login As Administrator 
  • Change Security Permissions Of Desktop
  • Resolve Error By Disabling User Account Control
  • Use CCleaner Portable

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The Ccleaner Installer stopped working- Here’s what you need to know

Method 1 – Keep a status check of your Antivirus
When the Ccleaner installer doesn’t work, then you may look to get fixed this issue simply by checking your antivirus license status. However, sometimes your antivirus may stop you from installing some of the genuine applications, thus, in order to fix that, you definitely have to disable some antivirus features and check if that helps.

Method 2 – Check your permission granted
You may not have permission to operate the file. To check this, mentioned below steps to be followed:

  1. Right-click on the file.
  2. Click to select your name from the Group
  3. Now, all you need to do here is to go check the Full Control and then click on Apply

Method 3 – Check the file location
Ensure to check the file location. Here it is expected that the error can appear if the file location is temporarily saved or is no longer exists. Thus, letting you find the actual file location by right-clicking on the properties of the file in shortcut. Also, make sure to check if it corresponds to the actual location of the file and if not, then change it.

Method 4 – Rename the installation file
As per feedback by some users, It is advised to you to fix the Ccleaner, not working problem, In this case, you just need to locate your setup file and rename it. Also, make sure to try to install the setup again. sometimes Ccleaner installer does not perform due to the fake file name of the installer setup file.

Method 5 – Remove all CCleaner files
To troubleshoot this problem, it’s highly advisable to remove any redundant files from your PC. We recommend users that when they find difficulty while switching to install a new version of CCleaner on their PC then they need to reinstall the entire setup again in C drives. This issue though generally  may occur when you have fake name files or the former version of CCleaner installed on your PC machine

Method 6 – Download the Slim version
In case when Ccleaner installer stops functioning on your PC while running a PC scan, then you may be encountering this issue by using the utility software called  Slim installer file. As CCleaner is available in bundled package form, within the suite software components that you could not install on your PC machine, but this way you can easily fix this issue by installing the Slim application software on your PC machine’s  C drives.

The Slim installer just has the kernel program and no other components files, so make sure to download it to get the issue fixed.

Method 7- Run the setup as administrator
Here you may still look to fix that issue by re-installing the CCleaner software with the administrator rights and procedure for the same is that you need to press right-click of the application and opt to click the Run as administrator right s grant from the menu options. Usually, this problem appears when you don’t have the necessary rights grant and permission to go to install the Ccleaner application.

Method 8- Ensure Checking  if CCleaner is still  running
In this case, the problem may be due to a background processing issue. In order to fix this issue, you are advised to close all tabs on your PC to check if that helps, Otherwise, it is advised to you to also check with Task Manager performance settings, in case if the program is detected there. Just make sure, you need to stick to the following:

  1. Ensure to look when the tab of Task Manager opens up, Just try to locate CCleaner on the list of running applications, Heron, right-click it, and opt for the End Task from the main menu tab.
  2. Hold and Press the key combination “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” for 5 sec to get the open Task Manager tab.

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FAQ Related to Ccleaner Installer Has Stopped Working Issue
How to troubleshoot Ccleaner error If Ccleaner installer issue appears app check fails?

There exist some of the most common issues that prevail which not lets you install CCleaner on your PC. If any issues appear on your PC, feel free to try any of our solutions.

CCleaner installer setup frequently stops and hangs

Sometimes you will encounter the installation process that will suddenly stop automatically. There are many causes for this issue to appear, In this scenario try to disable your antivirus application from your PC C drives and check if that helps.

How to fix the issue when the display shows this error- “Ccleaner Installer stopped working- This app can’t run on this PC”  

This seems to be a  frequently occurring problem, and we already have mentioned it earlier to how to tackle these software-based glitches. 

What am I to do if the message shows that “This installer requires you to log in with administrative rights

At times this issue can occur if you don’t have the administrative rights on your computer machine. Though, you can fix this simply by running the setup file as the administrator.

What should I do when it prompts the Ccleaner installer has stopped working error

Anytime while scanning your C drives if you encounter any of the Ccleaner related problems, make sure that you have the necessary grants to fix the error as there are many troubles that can appear to stop you from getting Ccleaner installed on you PC.

If you need any more help with Ccleaner then contact our experts to get help for Ccleaner On Windows

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