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How To Securely Wipe the Free Space on Your Hard Drive with CCleaner

When you delete a file, Windows erases the reference to that file. But the data that made up the file, remains. Windows does not remove it completely. With appropriate software, anyone can use this data to recreate the exact file you had on your computer.  And all the information you stored in the file can be retrieved. This is where Ccleaner Wipe Free Space comes into the picture. We wipe this space off all the remaining information whatsoever on the hard drive. This ensures your security. And your deleted file cannot be simulated.

Ccleaner Wipe Free Space – Methods Of Cleaning The Free Space

Ccleaner software will help you clean free space off the hard drive. The whole process takes some time to finish, therefore you are advised to complete your pending tasks on the PC.  Follow the instructions mentioned here. The whole procedure of cleaning the free space takes some time.

  • Automatic Wipe
    Open the Ccleaner, on top left you will see the Ccleaner icon. Click on the icon.
    Now go to the Windows tab, look for the check box with ‘Wipe free space’ click on the check box.
    Ccleaner will display a warning intimating you that the process will take some time to complete. Accept it and move forward.
    Next on, run the Ccleaner as is described.
  • Wiping The Free Space With Drive Wiper – Manually
    Go to Tools, then to Drive wiper. You will be directed to a window, showing you the type of wipe you would need: The two types of Wipe are –
    Free Space Only
    This one will clear free space of the files you have already deleted. It would leave all the other files intact. This method is moderate when compared with the ‘entire drive’ method.
    Entire Drive
    This will erase all the files on the drive irrespective of the ones you want to keep safe.
    This feature is disabled for the boot drive since it deletes everything off the drive.

Next you will be asked to select the sort of security you are in need of. The most frequently used security type is – Simple Overwrite
Ccleaner warns you before proceeding.

Ccleaner Wipe Free Space – Disk Space Limitations

Ccleaner does not clear every deleted file from your free Disk space. This is because some files are stored by Windows in such a way, that extracting them is not possible for others. Here are a few examples of these limitations –

  • The file you have deleted has already been overwritten by some other file. Therefore, Overwriting this file will be redundant.
  • The file you have deleted was overwritten by some other file before you ran Ccleaner. And now this other file has also been deleted.
  • If the file has been created shortly before or after running the Ccleaner, the software would not be able to wipe the free space.
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Ccleaner Wipe Free Space – Set Which Drives Ccleaner Will Clean

You have to feed in the drive that needs to be cleared.

  • Open Ccleaner, you will see the options icon on the top left bar, select the ‘Settings’ option.
  • There you will find the Wipe Free Space drives area. From the options, select the one you want to be cleaned.

Setting beforehand which drive or drives to clean, assures you of safety of other drives, and all the files in the.

Ccleaner Wipe Free Space – Why Use Ccleaner

The utmost priority of Ccleaner is to protect users from online threats. Data infringement is an ongoing issue that needs to be worked on. Running Ccleaner to wipe free space will help you in –

  • Security
    If you use Ccleaner to erase the free space off the drive, you will not have to worry about data infringement. Running Ccleaner will clean the fragments of the deleted files on the drive. Therefore, reconstructing the fragments will be out of question.
  • Better Functioning
    Whatever little space Ccleaner frees, will help the Pc function better and work faster than before
    If you wanted to Clean unwanted files and speed up the performance of your desktop or laptop through CCleaner Free Download reach to our helpdesk in case of any assistance.

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