How Do I Restore CCleaner’s Default Settings?

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CCleaner is assigned with the task of deleting potentially unwanted applications and codes left by certain programs which include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Google Toolbar, Firefox, Microsoft Office, McAfee, etc. It takes care of cleaning all unwanted applications from your computer’s browsing history, memory dumps, log files, cookies area, system caches, history as well as various other areas on your system. You often change the default settings owing to your convenience with your system settings, your requirement with the application or even unknowingly while browsing. This can be easily restored with stepwise instructions for “How Do I Restore CCleaner’s Default Settings?” to make your device run CCleaner as it was at the time of its installation.

What Is the Need To Restore CCleaner To Default Settings?

‘Default’ is a word that describes a standard configuration or setting that your software application was downloaded with and installed on your computer system. While the term is not limited to use with computers, it is frequently used in IT terminology. In computing, “default” often describes software, hardware and network configurations as well.

A default configuration with CCleaner is a prebuilt system with standard specifications that you deploy on your system to take care of unwanted things on your computer. The questions of “How Do I Restore CCleaner’s Default Settings?” arises when you want this standard configuration to change owing to system space or RAM issues on your computer system.

CCleaner’s “default” describes preset configurations when you installed it on your device for the first time loading the default preferences. Now, when you need to modify these settings, you need to open the “Preferences” screen and change the default settings to suit your needs. CCleaner, for instance, might open up new pages for you in the tabs by default which you do not like.

If you want CCleaner to open your preferences in windows instead of tabs, you can alter the default configuration from the option meant for the same. CCleaner indeed offers a “Restore Default Settings” choice for its users that allows you to get back to the original configuration at any point of time. This helps to resolve the How Do I Restore CCleaner’s Default Settings? question with ease.
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Advantages of Default Reset

During CCleaner installation or as you go on using and utilizing this software for your convenience, there are times when you knowingly or unknowingly reset its settings and uncheck almost everything with which it originally came along. Now when you want it back to its default settings, you have options to do it on your own or simply take expert help.

Default reset is a way to protect your device from unwanted applications taking control of your system. It is of great help in keeping our computer device security intact. Hence, before we go on to see “How Do I Restore CCleaner’s Default Settings?”, we can have a look at how this can be beneficial with CCleaner:

  • Default reset with CCleaner is easy with minimum stepwise instructions.
  • Restoring your CCleaner default settings makes it perform better.
  • Your interactions with CCleaner default settings also becomes faster.
  • CCleaner default restoration frees up space on your device as well.
  • CCleaner default resetting can be done with easy steps described below.
  • Extremely useful in situations when CCleaner if not performing as it was meant to.
  • Restoring to default helps with CCleaner application troubleshooting measures.
  • It also helps CCleaner with data management in a more efficient manner.

Besides the above, there many advantages of enabling a CCleaner default reset on your device. There are ways to do it and as we go along, we will see How Do I Restore CCleaner’s Default Settings? answered with the best steps.

Restoring original settings for CCleaner – How Do We Do It?

While CCleaner is a leading PC and Android cleaning tool that does its work silently in your system, it can sometimes lose its normal working and need a reset to get it back to original status. So you must know how best to reconfigure the CCleaner software to its original state, just the way when you first installed and used it.

Here we are going to describe the various ways in which CCleaner can be made to return back to its original state with restoration to its default settings. Restoring to original settings will reset the entire configuration of the software as we go on step by step to describe the default restoration of CCleaner.

How Do I Restore CCleaner’s Default Settings? The Steps

You can restore CCleaner’s default settings within the application from the Options > Advanced menu options. All in all, there are 3 ways to get back the default configurations of CCleaner that can be discussed as below. Here we go on to explain in detail the stepwise instructions for all users of CCleaner and Windows the ways to restore CCleaner’s default configuration on your computer.

  1. Restoring CCleaner’s default configuration for everything:

To reset your CCleaner application settings:

  • Open the CCleaner Browser
  • Click on the Menu – the 3 dots – at the top right corner of the window. Select Settings
  • Now, scroll to the bottom end of the Settings window, and click on Advanced
  • Reach the bottom of the application window again and click on Restore settings to their original defaults. To confirm, choose “Reset settings”. This answers “How Do I Restore CCleaner’s Default Settings?” for overall setting restoration needs of CCleaner.
  1. Restore the default configurations for CCleaner Custom Clean:

This is meant specially for the Applications or Windows tabs in CCleaner Custom Clean. You need to click on one of the two tabs and then right-click on it to complete the procedure. Having done this, click on Restore default state to modify the options back to the default cleaning configuration of CCleaner functions and features.

  1. Restore the CCleaner default features for software and cleaning files:
  • There are many software applications and apps shown in both the Applications and Windows tabs in Custom Clean area, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  • In any case, you can also choose the types of files, such as Empty Recycle Bin, Cookies, etc.
  • Click on a category and then select and click the Restore default state to change back to any category in the Custom Clean to its default cleaning status. This is the ways to go about “How Do I Restore CCleaner’s Default Settings?” on your system.

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