How To Stop CCleaner Popups

How to Disable CCleaner Alert Popup In Windows 10?

CCleaner is a small application that best assists in cleaning your Windows system of unnecessary and useless files. All in all, it effectively frees up your disk space as well as registry errors which in effect results in a boost up of your computer performance. In case, you have installed this program in your system, you might have noticed that you are getting innumerable alerts from it to take care of some latest update or development with the software. While these notifications may be annoying, it consumes a certain amount of disk space as well. This is the reason why users want quick answers to the issue of How To Stop CCleaner Popups on your system.

How to disable CCleaner alerts?

1. Deselect CCleaner’s Monitoring Options

  1. The  CCleaner version freeware has 2 different monitoring set ups that you can use to turn the pop up alerts off.
  1. First, click Options to open further settings by opening the software‘s window.
  2. Thereafter click on Monitoring to show the options displayed right below it.
  3. After that, you need to put off the check mark against the Enable system checking check box.
  4. Moreover, you need to deselect the ‘Enable Active Monitoring’ check box to turn off application update notifications.

After doing this, a dialog box window will come up with a request to further confirm turning off active monitoring. You need to press the ‘Yes’ button to further affirm you don’t need the CCleaner alerts. This will help you with ‘How To Stop CCleaner Popups?’.

2. Adjust the Monitoring Settings

CCleaner comprises of extra system monitoring alternatives and a browser watching setting, which normally are grayed out in the CCleaner freeware version. CCleaner Pro users can further modify the alerts with these settings.

For example, you can put in a higher value in the ‘If cleaning saves more than’ entry box to minimize the amount of alerts. This helps with How To Stop CCleaner Popups.

Otherwise, choose ‘clean on closing without’ automatically alerts from the drop-down menu to get rid of the alerts while keeping the system monitoring on.

Browser monitor enabling is an extra option that can stretch the software‘s notification system. CCleaner Pro users will need to uncheck that check box if it is selected.

In any case, you can also modify the setting by choosing ‘clean on closing without’ automatically alert from the drop-down menus of the browser. CCleaner will then delete temporary browser files automatically without any alerts. Try this for How To Stop CCleaner Popups issue.
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3. Remove CCleaner’s Notifications involving Windows Settings

As an option, you may even stop CCleaner as well as other app notifications by modifying the settings of Windows system.

  1. To do this configuring in Windows, choose the Cortana button to open that particular app search box.
  2. Type in the keyword ‘notification’ in the box for search.
  3. Choose ‘Notifications & actions’ settings to open the window in a snapshot right below it.

Scroll over to the ‘Get notifications from apps as well by other senders’ area and switch off that setting completely. This also helps with How To Stop CCleaner Popups issue promptly.

4. Close CCleaner Alert Area Icon

You could close CCleaner‘s alert area icon when you want to bar the software‘s notifications. Then you can keep the watching mode on and temporarily put it off when needed.

The Windows 10 system tray contains the CCleaner icon unless you have manipulated the ‘Always show all icons’ in the alerts area off.

To stop CCleaner‘s notifications temporarily, right-click on its alerts area icon and choose exit. That will turn off the CCleaner‘s monitoring system till you restart the application again. This simple manipulation also helps to know what you need to do for How To Stop CCleaner Popups issue.

So, with the above-mentioned, we come to the conclusion that there are some ways you can employ to stop CCleaner‘s alerts. You can put these alerts off entirely, modify the alerts section in the CCleaner Pro version so that they pop up less frequently or simply put off CCleaner‘s activities in the notification area or Windows Task Manager.

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