Know Why To Remove Ccleaner- How To Uninstall It

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Effective Solutions to Remove CCleaner

As per the industry experts, it is often found that very commonly CCleaner installer just stops in the midway of a running scan and thus brings the PC machine in hanging mode. It is also unable to function due to the various strange and maliciously intended reasons. As there is certainly some issue associated with the installation and real-time working of the Ccleaner utility software, Experts usually recommend having the safe and secure application of the software and because the error does occur at times frequently,  you are bound to spend a lot of time fixing it each time the error happens by locating and identifying your original Installer setup file for purpose of renaming it.

In this way simply renaming the installer setup file to CCleaner or Setup and try to install the application again. As doing this seems to be a tedious task it is advised to either uninstall and find a replacement. However, it is not only the registry files, installation issues, hanging of windows, but also because it takes the administrator rights automatically and initiates processing for forced updates silently, At present. A user on social platforms based forums spotted that CCleaner had automatically initiated forced updates on its own on the user’s system without having permission granted.  Also, recently the latest Ccleaner controversy spotted was of ignoring user preferences before checking and installing for updates.

How To Uninstall Ccleaner- Know Why Exactly To Remove It

We understand that it’s very annoying and create a nuisance when we don’t know how to resolve the opening file errors if you are unable to install the CCleaner for your device or operating systems and getting the forced installation of updates and thus the error then follow below-listed troubleshooting methods:

  • All users are advised to make sure whether Ccleaner is not applied in Programs and Features settings.
  • Insufficient accessibility while uninstalling CCleaner.
  • Uninstallation of complete application could not be run at once.
  • The frequent occurrence of errors.
  • Difficulty in file installation.
  • Other processes that are using CCleaner gets stopped while the file uninstalls.
  • The Ccleaner can be found in the hard disk drive after the uninstallation consisting of all the files and folders.
  • The CCleaner utility application file is unable to be uninstalled due to various issues. Many problems may also be caused due to an incomplete uninstallation of CCleaner. thus, it’s very important to apply to completely uninstall CCleaner and apply to remove all of its files.
  • Ensure to Run Compatibility Troubleshooting to get fixed the Issue
  • It Run Programme automatically by simply Login As Administrator,
  • Permission grant to change security permissions Of Desktop
  • Disabling User Account Control leads to Un Resolve Error

How to Uninstall CCleaner Completely?

Do you feel a high need for uninstalling CCleaner to resolve some issues? Are you trying to figure out for an effective methodology based easy peasy tips to make sure for completely removal/uninstall it and completely delete if all of its leftovers and main files out of your PC machine?  Then Feel No worries. As our expert based renowned methods based guide will prove to be really beneficial tool. Stay tuned to resolve your How to Uninstall CCleaner issue This study bring you to have detailed instructions on How to Uninstall CCleaner completely and also you can check our post on How Do I Stop Ccleaner From Running In The Background

Most Recommended Methods-: Quick Way to Uninstall CCleaner
  • Method 1: Try and ensure to uninstall CCleaner via Programs and Features.
  • Method 2: Check to uninstall CCleaner with its uninstaller.exe.
  • Method 3: Check and apply Uninstall CCleaner via System Restore.
  • Method 4: Ensure Uninstall CCleaner with Antivirus.
  • Method 5: Now figure to Reinstall CCleaner to uninstall.
  • Method 6: Use the Uninstall Command Displayed in the Registry.

Method 1: Uninstall CCleaner via Programs and Features-How To Uninstall Ccleaner

  • Click to Open Programs and Features set-top tab.
  • Click Start and make a query in the search tab by the name “uninstalls a program” and then click the resultant window thus opens.
  • Now ensure to open windows or WinX tab menu by pressing key comb

“Windows +X “keys together, then choose the option” Programs and Features”.

  • Now you should look forward to uninstalling Ccleaner in the list bar available, and then click on it to initiate the uninstallation.

Method 2: Uninstall CCleaner with its uninstaller.exe- How To Uninstall Ccleaner.

  • At times mostly, the computer programs do have an .exe file named uninstall.exe”  or something other than this. Here you should opt to find these files in the installer folder of CCleaner utility software.
  • Go to the installer folder of Ccleaner and initiate uninstall.
  • Choose to uninstall.exe firstly.
  • Now you are required to Double click on uninstaller icon and click uninstall CCleaner in the wizard.

Method 3: Uninstall CCleaner via System Restore-How To Uninstall Ccleaner

  • All files and programs that are open need to be Closed.
  • On the desktop, make a right-click and select Properties option. As a result, the system window will appear.
  • The System Properties window will display when you click On the left side of the System window, Do click System protection.
  • System Restore window will display when System Restore is clicked.
  • Choose a restore point and choose Next.
  • Click Next after selecting a date and time from the list.
  • When “Confirm your restore point” window appears then click Finish.
  • Confirm again by Clicking Yes.

Method 4: Uninstall CCleaner with Antivirus-How To Uninstall Ccleaner

When malicious content like a “virus” enters into the computer using various malicious ways, it can harm the system authenticity majorly. As this computer issue seems to appear on a frequent basis. The computer applications program becomes much more difficult to get obsoleted from the computer.

Method 5: Reinstall CCleaner to uninstall-How To Uninstall Ccleaner

Sometimes, the installer may allow you to repair or uninstall the program as well. Make sure that when the file needed to uninstall CCleaner is corrupted, then it will not be able to uninstall the program settings. In such a scenario, force quit of CCleaner may do the job.

Method 6: Uninstall Command Displayed in the Registry Settings-How To Uninstall Ccleaner

  • Apply to the wizard to uninstall CCleaner via guide.
  • Ensure to hold and press the key comb “Windows +R” keys to open the Run dialogue box.
  • In the dialogue box make sure to type “Regedit” and then press the OK button to proceed.
  • Now you are required to navigate to the registry file
  • Put double click on the Uninstall option on the string value.

FAQ Related to Ccleaner Installer Has Stopped Working Issue

  • How should I able to clean the registry after uninstall?
  • Go to Control Panel to uninstall a program. Here, open the Start menu and locate the file using the Control Panel option
  • Put a check on the Program Files and AppData folders using the properties.
  • Ensure to clean your Windows Registry.
  • Now you should choose to “Remove the temporary files left on your computer” to compete for the process.
    Both the regular means and the recommended tool can help you Uninstall CCleaner  and many other potentially unwanted programs. Hope you have a nice PC-using experience after learning this.

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