Easily update Ccleaner with these steps

Check The software update feature Added To Ccleaner

  • The foremost thing is to check for updates. To do so, follow this step –
  • Open Ccleaner on your PC
  • At the lower right hand corner of the window, you will see the option ‘check for updates’. Click on this ‘check for updates’ link.
  • You will be directed to the Ccleaner website on your web browser. If you already have the latest version of Ccleaner, you will be informed so. If not, you will see the link from where you can download and install the latest version.

Types Of Updates in Ccleaner

You can prioritize your updates. On the Ccleaner window, select ‘Options’, then go to ‘Updates’ thereon, you can check the options of your choice. There are two options to choose from, these are – Important Updates and Product updates.

It is highly recommended to always check the ‘Important Updates’ option. It has two sections within, namely – ‘Apply these updates automatically’ and ‘Notify me when an update has taken place’. As the name suggests, if you have checked the first one, your Ccleaner will be updated automatically, that is, you would not have to bother yourself with carrying out additional tasks to update Ccleaner.
The second option, ‘Notify me when an update has taken place’, will inform you when the update Is complete.

The second type, ‘Product updates’, help you fix bugs, and other such operational activities. It has two options, namely, ‘Perform these updates manually’ and ‘Apply these updates automatically’. Select the one of your choice.

How To Update Ccleaner

To keep a check on your PC’s health, you should update Ccleaner from time to time. To ensure your PC works smoothly, Ccleaner has two different types of updates.

  • Important Updates
    These updates ensure that your Ccleaner is equipped with the latest version. And that corrupt files and bugs are fixed, if any, so that the PC runs smoothly. It is important that you check this option, so that there isn’t any delay in updating Ccleaner.

Open the Ccleaner window and on the left-hand corner you will see ‘Options’. Click on the ‘Option’ tab, there you will see, ‘Updates’ tab. This section will help you control the frequency and choices of updates.

There are two checkboxes under the ‘Important updates’ tab. Namely, ‘Apply these updates automatically’ and ‘Notify me when an update has taken place’.

It is advised that you check both the boxes.

Checking the first one would mean, you no longer have to go through the process of manually updating Ccleaner. The second one on the other hand will, notify you when the update is complete.

  • Products Update

The second type, that is, the Products update, delivers the latest product improvements and cleaning updates. Which ultimately speeds up the junk cleaning process of Ccleaner.

The two options herein are – ‘Perform these updates manually’ and ‘Apply these updates automatically’.

‘Apply these updates automatically’ works same as the one under, ‘Important updates’. If you choose to go with this option, Ccleaner will be updated on its own, as soon as the update arrives.

If you want to select the ‘Perform these updates manually’ option, you will have to carry out the task all by yourself.

Although manually updating Ccleaner is not all that difficult, it is still advised that you opt for the ‘Apply these updates automatically’ choice.

How To Update Ccleaner – Prerequisite

If you are wondering ‘How To Update Ccleaner’ and want it to be updated automatically, you will have to make sure that you are registered to receive automatic updates.
You can verify if you have been registered. Go through the following steps to see if you are registered with Ccleaner for automatic updates –

  • Open Ccleaner, and from the menu bar on the top left corner, select ‘Options’. There you will see ‘About’ at the bottom of the list.
  • Check on it and see if your name is listed next to ‘Registered to’.
  • If you don find your name on there, you can simply click, ‘Register’ or choose ‘Upgrade to Pro’. Afterwards, fill in your license details.
    It might take a day or two for the updates to be automatically applied.

Updating Ccleaner is not a lengthy process. Opting for the Automatic update is the viable option. But in case you do not want Ccleaner to be updated automatically, make certain that it is done manually on a regular basis. Missing on updates would cause your PC to slow down. Contact Our Experts For Help Clean unwanted files and speed up the performance of your desktop or laptop through CCleaner Free Download reach to our helpdesk in case of any assistance.
Happy Cleaning!

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