Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows

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CCleaner is one of the well-known applications for optimizing and cleaning your computer. The application is best to keep your computer clean and enhance its operating speed by removing temporary files and browser caches together with fixing DLLs and the registry.  Its unique features include customizing and optimizing your system with tools such as disk analyser, duplicate finder, system restore, and many such utilities. However, CCleaner does have its share of errors as well which include Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows.

Users report being unable to install CCleaner on their device in the best possible manner and we will see some simple steps how it can be fixed with some useful solutions.

Types Of Issues

CCleaner is a must-have application on your computer. However, users report that sometimes CCleaner installer doesn’t work on their PC. There are other issues related to installation as well that can be stated below:

CCleaner installer not working – There are issues that can happen and stop you from installing CCleaner properly on your system. If you encounter any of these issue, be sure that you eliminate them with the right steps.

CCleaner installer requires you to log in as an administrator – Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows include any error that can occur if you don’t have the administrative right on your PC. Running the setup file as an administrator fixes the issue.

CCleaner installer integrity check has failed – Integrity check is one of the common errors that you face while trying to install CCleaner.

CCleaner installation stops – Sometimes the CCleaner installation procedure will simply stop or get stuck in the middle. There could be many reasons for this issue, and when you face it, there are steps to help for with Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows.

CCleaner Installation Issues – Ways To fix Them

  1. Check your antivirus

Sometimes the antivirus installed on your Windows system can prevent you from installing other applications, and in order to fix that, you will have to disable a few antivirus features and see if that helps.

If disabling certain functions of the antivirus doesn’t help, you might have to disable your antivirus itself temporarily. Having done that, try to install it again to see if that has solved the CCleaner installation issue. This is one of the ways to troubleshoot the Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows.

  1. Check your permissions
  • Right-click on the Security within the file/Properties.
  • Choose your username from the user names tab or Group and click on the Edit link.
  • Here, what you need to do is to check on the Full Control and Apply the settings and you can work with CCleaner installation once again.
  1. Check the file location

Check the CCleaner file location. The installation error can happen if the file location is temporary and is no longer available to access.

You can find the place or location by right-clicking the shortcut of the CCleaner file. Check if it takes you to the actual location of the file and if not, change the location.

  1. Remove all CCleaner files

There are many users who say that they were not able to install a new version of CCleaner on their windows computer. This can happen if you have certain files from the earlier version of CCleaner on your PC leading to Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows.

To fix this matter, it is advisable to erase any leftover registry entries or CCleaner files from your PC. This could be a bit cumbersome if you plan to do it manually, so it is better to use an automated software for the purpose.

There are many applications such as IOBit Uninstaller that can comprehensively remove any residual files of any program from your PC.

If you install such a program, these applications are helpful in removing any program from your PC completely, along with its associated entries and files.

iObit Uninstaller is the most reliable tool that will ensure a better PC performance and help you get rid of with the Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows.

  1. Rename the installation file

Sometimes CCleaner installer doesn’t work due to the filename of their installation file. This is a strange issue, but in order to fix it, you simply rename the installation file kept in your PC location.

You can rename this setup file to ‘CCleaner’ itself  or ‘Setup’ and try to install the program all over again.

After this, it is expected that the problem is completely resolved and CCleaner starts installing properly on your system. This is a simple way out, but it works and it should be tried out.
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  1. Download the Slim version

If CCleaner installation file does not run on your PC, you might try fixing the issue by using the CCleaner Slim installer to resolve the Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows.

This is because, CCleaner has other components attached with it that might obstruct its installation on your PC. This can be easily resolved by using the CCleaner Slim installer on your device.

The Slim installer is the CCleaner core program with no additional components attached.

  1. Install the older version

When CCleaner installer doesn’t work properly on their computer,  it can be a huge problem. However, there’s a way to fix it. You can manage resolving this issue simply by downloading and installing an earlier version of the CCleaner program.

The older version of CCleaner installed on their system without any issues. Once the application was installed, you can update it to the latest version. This poses no problem and your Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows is fully resolved in this manner.

  1. Run the CCleaner setup as administrator

Sometimes installation issues with CCleaner happens when you don’t have the privileges to install the application. You can get around this problem by installing CCleaner as an administrator.

Right-click the CCleaner application and select “Run as administrator” from the menu.

After doing so, the CCleaner setup will begin with administrative privileges and you will be able to install CCleaner without any issues.

  1. Check to see if CCleaner is already running

When you are unable to install CCleaner on your computer, the issue might be caused by a process or code running in the background. CCleaner in fact keeps executing in the background which can cause the Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows on your system.

To resolve this matter, you require to make it sure that the CCleaner is completely deactivated in the background as well. To make this happen, close all CCleaner windows on your computer and check to see if that resolves the issue.

On the other hand, you can also see in the Task Manager if the application is running. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Press Ctrl + Esc + Shift to open the Task Manager.
  2. When Task Manager comes up, try to find the CCleaner on the list of applications that are running. Then right click it and select ‘End Task’ from the menu.

Once you have ended and closed all CCleaner codes and processes, try to install the application again and see if the Installation Issues For CCleaner For Windows is resolved.

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