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Iobit Advanced SystemCare is a well-known and effective all-in-one computer utility software that helpsoptimize, speed up, cleanas well as protect your computer from malwares. It is reputed for its one-click method to increase your efficiency and optimization of your computer while still allowing for the manual operations of these settings apart from innumerable other features. Iobit Advanced SystemCare, with its latest version has several improved features with added tools and features. Some of them include the startup optimization, resource manager, startup manager, MyWin10, surfing protection, hardware accelerate, large files finder, that will make your computer run the fastest like new again.

The Iobit Advanced SystemCare feature-packed computer-optimization bunch of applications is free to download and use.In comparisons to some premium programs available in the market, it offers more comprehensive cleaning tools for your PC. All in all, Iobit Advanced SystemCare is a great all-in-one PC convenience program that can repair, scan, and optimize many aspects of your machine that makes your work smooth and easy to handle.It also best aims to correct whatever affects your computer by not only removing all kinds of malware, junk files, and invalid registry entries, but by providing your system a boost to optimize your overall computing experience.

An easy computer health choice

Iobit Advanced SystemCare has six different segments which conveniently defines what the program does for its users. There is the Protect location section, the toolbox area, care section, the speed up area, the software updater section, and the action center. These all work in unison to make up what Iobit Advanced SystemCare looks. The working of these grand sections helps protect and clean of computer system with ease and efficiency.

Iobit Advanced SystemCare is a free, safety-inducing utility software that features several utility tasks for your computer like optimizing disk space, deleting files and fixing functional errors altogether. Moreover, Iobit provides more value than many applications flooding the market anywhere. Iobit Advanced SystemCare is also available as a pro version.However, the free application itself has a world of strong features.

Accessibility And User interface

Iobit Advanced SystemCare has a display dashboard that has anultra-modern look. The buttons are well-designed and are clearly placed at a reasonable distance from each other. Even the ads that accompany the free version of the software, are unobtrusive. With shades of black, blue, and purple, the Iobit Advanced SystemCareapplication on your system gives a completely different feel.The user-friendly interface is easy to use. As mentioned, there are six different compartmentalized areas and each is simple to work on. The application shows you all the information needed via small Info text boxes or deep/light colored words to the side of the icon.

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System care And Optimization

Startup optimization for your PC is one of the significant features of the Iobit Advanced SystemCare. When applied and activated on your computer, the speed of the startup goes up remarkably along with the time it takes for the system to begin running properly at its optimal speed. Other noticeable feature of this remarkable application is the Internet boost up, Junk File removal, disk optimization and shortcut fix. It also comes with a Privacy Sweep which removes your passwords out of any browser.

Security features

Iobit Advanced SystemCare application prides itself on security features for your PC. The most advanced version of this Advanced SystemCare features email, surfing, and ads protection. With the easy installation of an extension, many of these sections are protected from real and potential threats from the cyber world.In this direction, Face IDing forms as one of the newest features in the software. Whenever someone tries to open and get into your computer, Iobit Advanced SystemCare has this special feature that identifies him/her by the face. If it is an unknown face, you will be alerted.

Another useful features of Iobit Advanced SystemCareis the Homepage advisor. It helps inform the user of any changes to the home page that you may not have authorized.

Integration and Connectivity

As a step in the direction of improvement of your computer, Iobit Advanced SystemCare has many other functionalities that makes it unique. For instance, there is this well-known Drive Booster that repairs and downloads gaming drives. This best runs when synchronized with Advanced SystemCare utility. In the speed up sections and tool box, the program shows and gives you short descriptions for all the other applications offered. This way, every download becomes a quick process with a rapid installation duration.

Sleek,Powerful and organized

With its unique focus on security and sleek design, Iobit Advanced SystemCare has positioned itself well in the market. It’s one of the sturdiest PC optimization solution available anywhere. With its smart features, it will continue to hold it own and keep on improving itself in the foreseeable future. As compared to the past versions of Iobit Advanced SystemCare, the current one has improved security and added email protection.

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