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While Iobit makes many utilities, Driver Booster is one of those which automatically updates all your drivers on your PC. Driver Booster’s simple functionality also includes multiple licenses and a customizable interface that does a great job of displaying precise hardware-related information of your system. As the best Iobit Device Updater, rival utilities fall far short of the grand features that Device Booster provides with its grand and compelling user-convenience. Driver Booster can assist in detecting and updating outdated drivers with perfect efficiency.

Iobit Driver Updater is an application created to update outdated or old drivers on your computer. It regularly scans for drivers on your system and updates all the old ones and removes or updates those that no longer work. This work optimizer device only needs one-click to work and is best-suited for both experienced and novice users. Not only does it enhance your computer’s performance and speed, but our Iobit Driver Updater also enhances the PC’s gaming speed and experience.

Why Is It Essential For Your PC?

Is your PC displaying bad resolution or performing with poor sound quality? Outdated display adapter drivers or missing sound cards may be the reasons for these anomalies. Of course, this is a perfect case where you may need Driver Booster to update more than 3,000,000 device drivers and gaming software components for gaining a top PC performance. All device drivers that are downloaded come from the respective official manufacturers’ websites and need to pass Microsoft WHQL test and Iobit test for ensuring security and authority. Iobit Driver Updater is equipped and best for every PC need.

External devices and peripherals linked to your computer such as mouse, printer, webcam or Wi-Fi system can suddenly stop responding or working due to the driver issues. Driver Booster, the best Iobit Driver Updater, gives the latest device drivers to assist its users fix with devices that have stopped working caused by outdated and lost drivers in your system. There are plenty of utilities and hardware systems where you can use Iobit Driver Updater to update PC drivers.These include chipset, Bluetooth, network card, modem, card reader, monitor, controller and other devices. Get the Best Driver Updater from Iobit, fix frustrating PC and online gaming problems. improve system stability & boost your computer performance to a great extent.

Fix Windows Issues With Fast Iobit Driver Updater

Have you ever come across system crash or ‘screen of death’ issues caused by some tough driver errors? Driver Booster from Iobit offers some meaningful tools to fix common Windows issues properly and with durable effect. It helps quickly to fix the blue ‘screen of death’ issues caused by driver update disappointments. Also, it supports to fix almost all network failures or sound issues for better user experience. Iobit Driver Updater makes it easy to take the best care of your system performance from various angles altogether.

Iobit Driver Updater is a convenient driver updater for you. It can assist you update and detect outdated and lost drivers efficiently and quickly. This is owing to the fact that the scanning speed of this driver updater is far more enhanced than its previous versions. This saves you a lot of time to get the best updating result for your driver. If you still need more expediency, you can install and activate auto-driver as a part of Iobit Driver Updater to get the latest updates for your PC in real time.

Iobit Driver Updater can simply and easily update you’re your missing/outdated/faulty drivers with just one single click. In the latest version, the game component and driver database is greatly enhanced from earlier 1,000,000 to current 3,500,000 which ensures that almost all drivers and game elements can be accommodated for all users. This also ensures accuracy and security of Iobit Driver Updater perfectly.

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Easy to use

One of the finest things about Iobit Driver Updater is that it is easy and straightforward to utilize and does not necessarily require any tech-savvy user to handle it. Apart from maintaining Windows device as current, the updater also offers various functionalities that help boost your device’s gaming performance.

The Iobit Driver Updater application comes with an easy interface and a large scan button. Once it completes scanning, it launches the driver in the background, without much effort from the user.

Automatic and manual scan options

The moment you download Iobit Driver Updater and install it on your computer, you can begin scanning. In case you do not click on Scan, the driver updater itself starts an auto-diagnostic check within 5 seconds of installation. After nearly 2 minutes, the Iobit Driver Updater shows a list of outdated drivers on your computer. You can either choose an update or explore driver details before deciding.

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