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The devices like laptops, desktops, or smartphones make our lives much more convenient and economical than our lives without them. Thus, everybody does have at least a smartphone at their disposal.

The popularity of such devices has made our world full of electronic devices and, therefore, If nothing more, it is for sure that our lives are surrounded by electronic devices from home to work, from work to markets, and from markets to bedrooms.

However, these smart electronic devices come with real security threats if they are not secured properly from the beginning; these security issues can really be horrible in many cases where personal data is of great importance. Hence, it becomes the most important thing that we keep our devices safe through some sort of protection software like McAfee.

Thus, if you are also the one who is planning to renew their McAfee subscription or you want to know everything about McAfee’s protection plans, this blog is for you.

For those who do not know anything about McAfee, McAfee is the software company that basically develops tools for digital security for personal computers, server devices, and mobile devices.

Moreover, at any time for any extra information on the topic, you can talk to us using the helpline displayed at the top of the website

McAfee Security Plans

  • McAfee Total Protection
  • McAfee LiveSafe
  • McAfee Safe Connect VPN
  • McAfee Mobile Security for Android
  • McAfee Mobile Security for iOS
  • McAfee Virus Removal Service
  • McAfee Identity Theft Protection
  • McAfee Gamer Security
  • McAfee Safe Family

Prices You Have to Pay for Your McAfee Subscription Renewal:

McAfee provides a wide range of security plans for laptops, desktops, and smartphones. These plans are discussed below in terms of the renewal charges you have to pay for the renewal of your subscription to McAfee’s protection plans.

  • McAfee® Total Protection
McAfee Total Protection’s Average Renewal Prices
Ultimate-Unlimited 1 Yr (Best-Value)$65-$70
Premium-10 Devices 1 yr$45-$40
Plus- 5 Devices 1 yr$35-$40
Basic- 1 Device 1 yr$30-$35
Antivirus Plus- 1 yr$25-$30
  • McAfee® LiveSafe

McAfee LiveSafe requires you to pay around $35-$40 on a yearly basis.

  • McAfee® Safe Connect VPN
McAfee Safe Connect VPN’s Average Renewal Prices
Yearly Plan (Best Deal)$15-$20
Monthly Plan$5-$10
  • McAfee® Mobile Security for Android

McAfee® Mobile Security for Android is available in terms of McAfee Total protection ( 10 Devices/ 1 Year Subscription ) = $49.99 ( Per Month = 4.16 ). That comes with the renewal price of $129.99 per year.

  • McAfee® Mobile Security for iOS

  McAfee® Mobile Security for iOS is available in terms of McAfee Total protection ( 10 Devices/ 1 Year Subscription ) = $49.99 ( Per Month = 4.16 ).

  • McAfee® Virus Removal Service

For that, you can subscribe to  McAfee Total Protection’s various plans. For any information regarding this, you can talk to our team through the helpline number that is displayed at the top of this blog. 

Other McAfee’s plans include McAfee Identity Theft Protection, McAfee Gamer Security, and McAfee Safe Family. If you want to know anything about these plans and other things too, simply give us a call.

How to Renew Your McAfee’s Subscription

In any case, if you want to know anything about your McAfee subscription’s renewal, you can simply use our helpline number to talk to us regarding your problems. However, All subscriptions to McAfee that are paid automatically become auto-renewal under McAfee’s Auto-Renewal Program; it means you do not need to worry about anything at all.


Q. Do all McAfee Software products use the Auto-Renewal program?

A. Yes, all McAfee subscriptions are auto-renewal.

Q. Why does McAfee have the Auto-Renewal program?

A. McAfee has introduced this program after being requested by a lot of customers.

Q. When is my subscription renewed?

A. 30 days before your subscription expires, your subscription is renewed.

Q. What is McAfee’s Auto-Renewal policy?

A. McAfee follows the steps for you to get your subscription renewed before the date of expiration.

  • McAfee updates you through email that Auto-renewal will take place.
  • If your Auto-Renewal is turned on, when the date of Auto-Renewal comes, McAfee auto-renews your subscription for the next year to come.
  • For more information, you can talk to our representatives using the helpline displayed at the top of the website.

Q. Can I turn Auto-Renew off or on?

A. Yes, you can do that. To do it, you just need to do as follows:

  • First of all, you need to visit home.mcafee.com;
  • Then, go to the My Account option;
  • After, you need to click on the option of signing in;
  • Now, you are required to enter the following details:

    – Your email address

    – Your password

              –   Afterwards, all you need is to log in;

              – Having done that much, you take your mouse over My Account again and, there, Atu-Renewal Settings will be shown;

              – then, select your product, and set your preferences like selecting turn off or turn on.

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