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Norton security software is used worldwide for the protection of your system while working online. You can use Norton facilities to get the right protection for your online web surfing and browsing. It also helps you to protect the data and information that you share online. It provides large cloud storage for storing the data with full security. You can use Norton for personal and professional use. To get the details for Norton, call anytime on the official customer care number, or chat online with an agent at The online agent is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your service. You can take any help or discuss any query online with the chat agent.

Why prefer Services?

Norton chat services are quick and fast, and you do not have to wait in long queues to resolve your queries. While following up on the call for your help and guidance, you have to have to go through an automated system. But in the chat system, there is no follow-up with the automated process. Thus saving your time and making you enjoy a quick response for your service. It is the form of real-time help for your Norton product. Moreover, the agent chatting with you is a highly skilled professional that can resolve major queries instantly.

You can enjoy the direct connection with Software and the expert professional via chat service. Norton chat services mainly solve various queries for all the products including,

  • Norton 360 Internet Security
  • Norton Core
  • Norton Mobile Products
  • Norton Business Products
  • Norton Family
  • Order and Billing
  • Downloading and Installations
  • Norton Activations
  • Norton Products for Mac
  • Norton Products for Android
  • Managing Passwords
  • Secure Virtual Private Network
  • Security from Infinity
  • Threat removal solutions
  • Account Management
  • Cancellation Reviews

You have to fill up the online form to connect with an agent on Chat. The agent will handle your request accordingly. You can ask the agent for any help, guidance, query, or troubleshooting issue. It will provide you with the best solution for your service at

How Do I Chat With Norton Agent

There is a simple process for you to follow up online to chat with the Norton agent. The agent will assist you entirely with your service and queries over the Chat itself. Follow the steps below for initiating the Chat:

  1. Switch ON your computer.
  2. Connect it with a high-speed internet connection.
  3. Now, type the link in the web browser.
  4. Hit the enter key, and it will open up a new page for Norton Contact support.
  5. Scroll down and navigate to the right-bottom of the page.
  6. There you will see an icon for the chat support service.
  7. Click on the icon, and the ‘Chat with Us’ window will open up on the same screen.
  8. You can then initiate the Chat on the chatbox.
  9. Make sure that you are signed in to your account before proceeding with the chat service.
  10. Mention your concern, and the agent will be there presently for your service.

The agent will openly provide you with the entire help and guidance for your service on the Chat. You can also ask the agent for any query you face with your product or software. It also helps you to get the correct information about your product.

Fill in the Contact Form for Chat Services

As soon as you land on the contact via chat page at, it will show up the form to fill up before initiating the chat. You have to provide the original information on this page to continue with the chat services. It requires information that matches your Norton account. It displays the form under the title ‘Please complete this form to connect to an agent. Follow the steps below to fill up the form.

  1. Enter the first name and the last name corresponding to the person with an authorized account on Norton.
  2. Now, in the next field, enter a valid email address.
  3. Mention the phone number that you registered earlier with your product.
  4. Under the category tab, click on the field with the label as ‘Other’. A drop-down list will appear that allows you to choose the area of concern which you want to discuss with the chat agent.
  5. Next comes the field ‘Please describe your issue’, where you have to mention the entire issue in detail or the help and service for which you want to connect to an agent.
  6. Click on the Next Button.
  7. A new page will open up at the ‘’ page with a Case ID for your service and a Chat Now button.
  8. As soon as you click on the Chat Now button, a chat box will appear on the screen. It will list various options relating to your concern. Choose the one amongst them. If these do not match your choice, you can type your concern, and the agent will instantly chat with you. It helps you and supports you for the entire service.

This way, you can chat with an agent directly by filling up an online form available on You can end the chat service anytime when you feel you got the right solution for your concern. You can end up using the cross button at the top of the chatbox. It will then confirm you with a message ‘Would You like to end this chat?’. Click on the Yes button and come out of the chatbox.

Services by Norton Chat Agent at

Norton’s live chat agent is a professional expert that can handle various issues and provide the best solution for your services in the minimum possible time. You can get help for any Norton product or Software on the chat services. The expert agent will also provide you with the guidance to use your products, and get the maximum benefits for them. Here are various issues and support services that a Norton Chat agent handles:

  • Downloading and Installation of Norton products
  • Cancel and Review services
  • Threat Removal services
  • Account Management Services
  • Renewal of Norton products
  • Account Management Services
  • Product Management Services
  • Back-up and Restore services
  • Cloud Management Services, etc.

You can ask for any services related to your Norton product. The support agent at will assist you and help to get the utmost performance for your product.

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