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Norton is an easy and convenient option to protect your computer from viruses and malicious attacks. It helps you to protect your device from various malware and spyware attacks while you’re working online. You have to follow up with the Norton Renewal subscription to protect your product from unauthorized attacks. Norton promises to protect your product hundred percent from the virus with 24 hours support seven days a week. There are two options for renewal, the first is the manual renewal option, and the second is the automatic renewal option. You can choose the one according to your choice.

Device Compatibility For Norton Renewal Process

Before following up with Norton Security, you have to check if it is suitable for your computer or not. You can use Norton Antivirus and renew it only if your system is compatible with it and meets its requirements. Check the system requirements for Renewal below:

Operating System (OS)Requirements
Windows OSMicrosoft Windows 10; except Windows 10S Microsoft Windows 8.1 / 8; Microsoft Windows 7 with SP1 or above
Mac OSMac OS latest version and previous two versions
Android OSAndroid 6.0 or above; Google Play required Android 4.1 or later; Google Play required Android 4.2 or later; Google Play required
iOSApple iOS latest version and previous two versions

Users can check their system specifications, and use the Norton security features. You may encounter some errors and issues if your system fails to meet these requirements. Automatic Renewal will not be applicable except for these system requirements.

Norton Renewal – Manually Renew Your Subscription Annually

Norton does not recommend the manual option as there are chances of error. Some people prefer to choose renewal by themselves. Renew helps you to update your database and Antivirus security for your device. Manual Renewal allows the users to know when the charges would happen for their subscription. In this method, the user has to wait for the expiration of the plan and re-choose the payment method for the Norton Renewal. Many of the users skip to renew on time or choose the payment method again for the renewal subscription, resulting in the expiration of the plan.

Also, the period they forget to renew the plan leaves them with no protection services. It then results in malicious and virus attacks over their system. New threats came into account on daily basis and affect your files on the computer. Since the users are unaware of the renewal time, they miss the free software updates and other additional features also. Manual Renewal is advantageous only in a condition of convenience and financial terms, and the users can control their policy according to their suitability.

Norton Renewal – Automatic Renew Your Subscription Annually

Norton also provides the facility of automatic renewal, in which it maintains the updates and other features of the subscription plan itself, without the user’s interference. When you are subscribing to Norton security for the first time, then you can select the ‘Automatic Renewal’ option going through the instruction flow. You can change this option to the manual renewal anytime. The security system will itself go through the payment process and complete the Norton Renewal Subscription.  

There are no chances of any error or forgetting the renewal process as Norton automatically does it all for you. The cost of renewing is the same for the manual as well as an automatic process. So, this option provides the users to work without any stress of remembering the renewal date. You get the best security results using the automatic process as there is not even a single day that your system does not run through a security scan. As soon as your subscription ends, Norton will renew it without missing even a second of it.

Why is Norton Renewal Required for Your Subscription?

Online Security is one of the most essential features nowadays as it helps us to protect from malicious and threat activities. To maintain the security of the device and to work in an environment free from online viruses, you have to use the Norton Security software. It protects your computer from various malicious attacks, online viruses, malware and other threat activities. It implies annually for your system. So, to maintain the protection of the system, one needs to perform Norton Renewal annually before the maturity of the plan. It helps you to extend your protection services with even advanced features and facilities. It overdue your burdens and help you to undergo an easy process of simply paying for your annual subscription.

Norton also has a protective firewall that it uses in your computer to protect it from various theft activities. It acts as a guard for your system so that you can work online, surf, browse, shop, conduct business, pay, and perform other activities without any stress or attack on your sensitive information and files. It works in an encrypted way to protect your computer. To follow up with all your online activities without any threat of virus attack, you need to perform Renewal before its maturity.

Norton Renewal Process – Follow up Procedure

Norton users have to follow a series of simple steps for the renewal process. You have to proceed with these steps before the maturity of your policy to extend the protection services for your device. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open your device and connect it with a high-speed internet connection.
  2. Now, start your Norton Application on your device.
  3. Sign In with your credentials, including your name and password.
  4. Go to the home screen, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to locate the ‘Renewal’ section.
  5. Click on the ‘Renew’ button.
  6. Go with the flow of the instructions to complete the Renewal process.

Now, your software is ready to protect you for one more year. You have to perform the Norton Renewal annually to continue to protect your system from malicious activities. After the renewal, you can also enjoy additional benefits and protection facilities for your computer. The pricing policy for renewing depends upon the plan you choose and the security features of your plan.

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