How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10

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How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10 – You Need Some Easy Steps

At its core competency, Webroot SecureAnywhere protects its users from all kind of cyber security threats such as viruses and identity theft. It provides them the finest security and allows them remain safe online at all times. The application offers multi-device security and is regarded as the fastest and lightest antivirus product in the market. Being an excellent mix of malware protection all-round for a reasonable price, the question of “How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10?” hardly arises.

Why To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10?

When we are looking for ‘how’ to remove Webroot SecureAnywhere, the question also arise as to why would you want to remove an antivirus application has a such a wide acceptability. Of course, there could be a number of reasons:

  • Compatibility issue with the latest version of Windows 10 or Webroot antivirus.
  • For some reasons Webroot SecureAnywhere antivirus program is constantly taking up at least 40% of your processor performance ending up freezing your system.
  • Like most antiviruses, Webroot seems to concentrate more on only attacking the virus than actually preventing it.
  • Most of the time, it doesn’t offer support over the phone or live chat
  • Advanced users might find that it is not much customizable
  • Even with Webroot SecureAnywhere, some threats still go through
  • Settings system with the antivirus is quite scattered

The above-mentioned or anything else, there might be varying reasons for uninstalling and removing Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10. Here we come across the real issue of “How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10?”

Removing Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10 – Why Is It Relatively Tough?

The correct procedure to uninstall and remove Webroot SecureAnywhere is from the program and features screen within window 10 control panel. This opens the Webroot uninstaller which then goes in with the uninstallation. In this situation, How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10 has some other aspects also which may make it a little more complex.

Uninstalling an Webroot antivirus is not as simple an uninstalling any other app. This is owing to the fact that Webroot SecureAnywhere is tasked with the security of your whole device. To provide full protection, it needs to install many files and components on the computer than any other program. These all needs to be removed which makes the “How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10” process a relatively difficult task for any user.

Also, it is possible that options for uninstall Webroot is missing from the Start menu or Control Panel. When you may be able to remove it from the control panel, it still leaves behind some residual folders in your C drive, empty registry keys application shortcuts, program data and more on your computer. These residues can give installation issues for other antivirus utilities which you might eventually install. This makes How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10 a little tough to accomplish.

For this, there are quite a few third-party uninstaller applications that also remove registry entries and leftover files. Nevertheless, you can choose to remove Webroot SecureAnywhere manually as well. In any case, care must be taken when removing Registry files that a small mistake might delete some essential functioning files from your machine as well.

Removing Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10 – Few Methods

Below we provide some of the known ways in which you can perform the “How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10” without much of a hassle.

Method 1: Removal from Start Menu

From the Start menu, you can directly uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere. To achieve this, go to Start link and All apps and look for the Webroot SecureAnywhere. Right-click on the app and start its removal from the downward list that come up. If you don’t get Webroot SecureAnywhere within Start menu, try other methods listed below:

Method 2: Removal from The Settings Menu

Sometimes, you may not find a program or  app that you want to uninstall in the Start menu. For that, you can try this out to remove it from the Settings.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Start->Settings.
  2. Click Apps & features after choosing System. Here, you’ll find an entire list of programs and applications on your computer, arranged according to size. You can now use the search box at the top of the screen to look for applications, and you can arrange the list by install date or name. Now, Webroot SecureAnywhere is shown on the list.
  3. Click Uninstall to start the deletion procedure. You will find a pop-up window notifying you that the application and its associated info will been uninstalled. Hit Uninstall to successfully end the process. This will accomplish your How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10.
Method 3: Uninstalling via the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel

Using Control Panel can be an option available in the latest edition of Windows 10. In any case, you can only uninstall the desktop application but not the app itself from the Control Panel. You need to follow the below steps:

  1. Right-click on the Windows logo Start button and click Control Panel to open it.
  2. Move to Programs and Features or you may go to Uninstall a Program the Control Panel offers a category view.
  3. Locate the place of Webroot SecureAnywhere and click Uninstall. A pop-up window will appear asking whether you are sure you want to uninstall this application. Click Yes and go on clicking the uninstall wizard, if it comes that way. Finally, it will ask the user to Reboot their computer for the ultimate deletion of all programs created by the Webroot SecureAnywhere application. This way, you will find an answer to the How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10.
Method 4: Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere with the help of A Removal Tool

If you don’t want to get into unnecessary trouble with searching Webroot SecureAnywhere registry entries and residual files, our instructions above will be tough to follow. In this situation, consider installing third-party application uninstallers. This will completely remove all the residual Webroot software with just one scan.

  1. Download and Install Uninstaller on your computer. This application is pretty lightweight and the installation is quick and easy. Now, let it create a program shortcut on the desktop of your device.
  2. Launch the Uninstaller.Uninstallers have a clear and smart interface that shows a list of all your installed application on the device.
  3. Scan for program elements. Select the application you need to uninstall and click “Analyze Now”. This will search for all residual files on your system.
  4. Go for complete removal. Now click “Uninstall Now” link to uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere comprehensively.
  5. Next, confirm the removal with “Yes”.
  6. Now the process is complete. Restart your computer to get the answer for “How To Remove Webroot SecureAnywhere From Windows 10?”

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