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Webroot was introduced to find and eradicate all malware for personal and business purposes. It is widely spread among many users, in both sectors. Mainly, Webroot can be identified as a cyber security system that not only prevents but also removes and deletes any existing errors. It is designed to identify problems in investments, finances, and also in computer and phone devices.

All interested users can easily find the software and activate it through webroot.com/safe activate easily. The link will directly lead to the start of the process of registration. After registration, you may activate the product in systematic ways. However, you will require a Key Code to activate the program. So, it’s best to know all about the available options and ways to find the key code.
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webroot.com/safe activate

More on Webroot

  • Webroot provides world-class protection for webcam, mobile devices, system optimizer, password and login, and other purposes.
  • Users may install in a maximum of 5 computers with one license. However, while subscribing if you have selected a particular one, then you will be confined to one computer only.
  • Available options to select from are one computer, 3 computers, and 5 computer licenses. You will receive an email stating about your licenses.
  • Also, the subscription is free for all users for the first year of subscription.
  • After one year, you will have to renew or re-subscribe to enjoy the benefits of the Webroot. Simply log in to com/safe activate to know what suite is best for you.
  • Using your email ID and password, you can check the expiry period and available computers under its protection from any other devices.

How to Buy/Subscribe to Webroot?

 Users interested in purchasing Webroot may log in with an email Id at webroot.com/safe activate. The first year is free for all users. You may simply enter the details of the users, selected the desired plan, and make the payment. It cost up to $39 to $150 depending on the device, facilities acquired, and other factors. You may make your arrangements according to it. However, the first year will be free of cost. You do not have to pay any amount while subscribing as a new user. Payments will be done at the time of renewal of the plans. It provides 3 months or one-year subscription plans. Choose to pay for what you need and enjoy the benefits.
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How do I activate my Webroot subscription?

Webroot can be activated by any person easily. Users face any complications and inquire about the same. If you have confusion as new users, existing users, for renewal or activating in various devices. Here are some ways to work through your problems. Find a solution favourable to your needs and carry out the needs. 

Renewal of Subscription for Existing User

Subscriptions can be renewed and activated easily. These steps are needed to be followed for all Windows users. Similar steps will be followed for all Windows versions. But, these steps are best to be used for Windows 10. Follow the steps

For Windows 10 Users

  • After the expiration of the existing subscription, all users will receive a prompt from the Microsoft OS. It displays either renews or uninstall. You may follow the steps according to your requirements.
  • Click on the Renew Button or the Uninstall Button. It will lead you to the following page.
  • Then, you may open your Webroot program.
  • Click on the icon next to My Account, the gear icon.
  • Enter the Key Code on the Activate a New Key Code option, then click on Activate.
  • Scanning will begin instantly and you will complete the installation or activation of the subscription.

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Users not using Windows 10

Some users who are still not updated their windows also seek support to complete the renewal. Therefore, here are the steps-

  • User should firstly, open the Webroot program.
  • Then proceed to click on the gear icon, next to the My Account bar.
  • Similar to Windows 10, users will have to enter the Key Code in the Activate a New Key Code option and click on Activate.
  • Scanning will begin shortly after that and complete the activation.

For Apple Products

To use Webroot for apple products is slightly more confusing. You will have to download separate applications to secure the device, backing up and syncing data, and also for the management of passwords.

  • Backup & Sync functionality will require the Backup & Sync application to function smoothly.
  • Whereas, for Secure Web Browsing/Password Management, the Secure Web application will be required.
  • The downloading has to be done separately only.
  • You may be secured to use web browsing without any subscription, but for password management and to make complete use of the benefits of Webroot, you will have to buy a subscription of Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete. It will include all the safety for the device.
  • Also, to download the Business Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete you will require a license. Unless you have one, it is best that you uninstall the application.

How to download Secure Web Application?

  • First stage is to create an account in Webroot. Visit webroot.com/safe activate to create an account.
  • Then in the App Store of your device, search for Webroot Secure Web application and download it.
  • Secure your download by entering your Apple Id and password in the application.
  • The application will be downloaded and will be available on your home page.
  • To gain access to the Password Management facility, find the key icon on the toolbar of the application.
  • Enter the ID and Password of your Webroot account. And click on OK. It is a must to create an account in Webroot first to complete this step.
  • Your device should be Webroot protected after completion.

Download backup and Sync Application

  • Similar to the Secure Web application, firstly, you will have to create an account at webroot.com/safe activate.
  • Then in the App Store of your device, search for Webroot Backup & Sync application. Download the application by entering your Apple Id and Password.
  • After download, you may find the application on your home page.
  • Enter you previously created Webroot Id and password to use the application comfortably.

Where is the Key Code for Webroot?

Key Code is the main part for using any Webroot program. As soon as you create your account with your Email ID at webroot.com/safe activate you will get a Key Code, that will be used each time you login into your Webroot account. Therefore, always make sure not to lose your code. And if you are unable to find your Key Code, here are some steps to follow-

For Windows

  • Open the main webpage of Webroot.
  • Then, go to My Account.
  • Page will appear, with all the information you need, including the Key Code and subscription details.

For Android User

  • Login to webroot.com/safe activates and scroll down. Check for bar indicating as Subscription Active. Click on it.
  • And if you do not find the bar, click on Register and follow the procedure.
  • It will lead you to the page with information about the subscription and your Key Code.

For Mac

  • Users will have to open the Secure Anywhere application from the Webroot main page.
  • When the page holding the My Account icon opens, click on it.
  • Your Key Code and subscription details will be available.

For IOS Users

  • First find the Webroot Secure Anywhere application on your device. Enter your email id and password to sing-in. this application does not require Key Code, hence, you will not find a Key Code.
  • But for Webroot Backup & Sync you require a Key Code for using the facilities by Webroot. The Key Code will be saved from the last time you have logged in. therefore, you will not be able to find the Key Code. Also, it will no longer be required.

Therefore, keep your devices safe from any malware. Create and activate your account on webroot.com/safe activate and enjoy the benefits available for you.   

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