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Arlo Technologies is an American company that is entitled to provide the best quality surveillance cameras. You can also link it to your smartphones and get instant notifications. However, to use Arlo security services, you need to first activate it online at It relies on a simple process of installing the app, registering your account, and then Activating Arlo for starting the security services. Here, we will discuss the entire process to set up the Arlo camera using the application and then activating it for your use. Make sure to connect the device with a high-speed internet connection while following up with the entire process.

How to Download and Install Arlo For Mobile?

To activate the Arlo, you need to first download the Arlo app on your smart device and install it. The downloading and installation are quite simple and you can complete them following a series of steps below:

  1. Firstly, switch ON the system and connect it with the active internet connection.
  2. After that, navigate to the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone.
  3. Search for the Arlo app, and hit the download button next to it.
  4. Wait for the download to complete.
  5. After that, go to the home screen and open the application.
  6. Now, click on the Login button.
  7. After that, fill in the Arlo platform name in the blank field as “
  8. Click the ‘Login’ button.
  9. The app will now direct you to the login screen.
  10. Now, enter your email address and password. You may call the Arlo executive for the details if you do not have them.
  11. Finally, check for the success message and follow up with the activation process.

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How do Activate Arlo and Connect it to the Device?

Here, we will discuss the full process for activating the Arlo camera and connecting it with your device. The Setup process comprises the activation and connection for the device to function. After that, you will be able to manage the video services directly using your device. So, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, install the battery of the device. Without inserting the battery, it won’t be able to get the desired power to function and run.
  2. After that, run the app that you installed on your device in the above step.
  3. Now, go to the browser link
  4. Create a new account, if you do not have any on Arlo.
  5. Add the essential details and proceed with the flow of instructions.
  6. After that, log in to your account using your id name, and password.
  7. Then, click on the option “Add device”.
  8. After that, click on ‘Arlo Go’.
  9. Navigate to the bottom of the screen to Activate Arlo confirmation.
  10. Click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  11. After that, hit the ‘Skip this step’ section for the APN info screen.
  12. Now, press the Sync button and hold it for a few seconds.
  13. Hit the continue button again.
  14. Then, check for the chime sound made by the device, If yes, then click on “Yes, I heard a chime’ to proceed to the next step.
  15. After that, add essential details such as location, camera name, time zone, etc.
  16. Hit the next button.
  17. Go to the Account settings section, and click on the Next button finally.
  18. Lastly, select the plan and it completes the activation process of Arlo on your device.

So, you can easily follow up online at to Activate Arlo on your device and enjoy the security services with the high-quality device. Easily management of the Arlo is now possible remote using your device.

What are the Various Plans for Arlo Activate?

You can activate the Arlo services by subscribing to the plan that suits you the best. It comprises various plans which help you to manage the security accordingly. All these plans are listed online at You can directly visit the online site and check for the plans that suit you the best. Also, you can check the list below for Arlo Activate plans:

 No PlanSecure PlanSecure Plus Plan
Video ResolutionNoUp to 2KUp to 4K
Video HistoryNo30 days30 days
Live Video StreamingYesYesYes
Motion NotificationYesYesYes
Animated PreviewNoYesYes
Interactive NotificationNoYesYes
Person and Object IdentificationNoYesYes
Smoke Alarm detectionNoYesYes
Call a friendNoYesYes
Priority SupportNoYesYes

How to Reactivate Arlo Camera After Deactivation?

Sometimes, you may deactivate the Arlo camera functions using its settings. It can be accidental or for some other reasons. So, after deactivation, you can also Activate Arlo and enjoy the services again. Here is the complete process for reactivation of Arlo at

  • Firstly, launch the Arlo app on your device.
  • Now, go to
  • Then, go to ‘Settings’.
  • After that, go to ‘Subscription’ and then ‘Manage Camera Status’.
  • Now, check for the ‘Inactive Camera’ section and click on the three lines next to it.
  • Hold and drag this camera to “Move Camera Here”.
  • Finally, it will reactivate your device successfully.

How Do I Activate My Arlo camera?

To activate the Arlo camera, you need to log in to your account first, and then go to the settings section. Under the subscription section, open the Manage Camera Status. After that, go to your camera and activate it directly In case it is listed under the ‘Inactive’ section. You can follow up with the simple process of activation online at

How Do I Get My Arlo Camera Back Online?

You need to log out of the Arlo and then log in again to get it back online. If still, it does not show its status as online, then call the Arlo executive at Staples Phone Number and take the expert help and support. You can ask the agent about the problem and its solution. You can reach us at +1-805-398-6660 +1-805-398-6660

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