Easy Way to Setup Your ring Camera

Ring offers smart and latest products for your smart home It also provides you with products that correspond to the security of your home. In order to operate the smart ring products, you will need your home network connection. To start using the product, you must first install and set up it using ring.com/app. After the setup and installation are completed, you can start using the device right away. After the installation and setup are complete, you can then use the device actively. Installing the Ring app on your computer or phone will give you alerts. The Ring app can also be used to control other functions.

Get started by setting up these products at ring.com/app

In addition to ring.com/app, Ring offers you an array of smart products that you can install at home, in the office, or anywhere else after the installation process Complete the Ring.com/app installation process and set up a device Check the list below.

Ring Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Stickup Camera

Ring Spotlight Camera

Ring Chime

Ring Floodlight Camera

The devices are connected to your Wi-Fi connection and can be used accordingly. Ring keeps your office and home safe and secure, so you can make the most of these devices. With these smart Ring devices, you can get on-time and instant alerts on your phone. You can control and use more than one Ring device at a time and even from one single phone or tablet.

Ring-compatible devices

Various devices are compatible with Ring You can connect the Ring app to various devices to control the operation and security at your place. The following devices are compatible with Ring:

Apple iPads

Apple Smart Phones

Android Phones

Android tablets

Amazon Fire Tablets with Fire Operating System

You must download the Ring app on your device, which works well with all smart and user-friendly devices, including phones and tablets. Please do not download the app from any other unauthorized sites or apps Ring does not guarantee successful operation from any other unauthorized sites or apps after downloading the application. To control all your operations from your phone or tablet, connect the Ring device to your phone or tablet by going to ring.com/app once you set up a device, you can control everything remotely.

In addition to controlling, configuring, and controlling your home from anywhere, you will also receive alerts from your phone and tablet if any unauthorized activity occurs at your place. With Ring, you can take complete control of your home’s security, and it works seamlessly with your devices.

Getting the Ring app downloaded, installed, and launched

Your home can be monitored by Ring devices from anywhere at any time. You will receive instant alerts on your smartphone or tablet whenever there are any activities. You can also share these videos with other users through the “Ring Neighborhood” feature. For this to work, you need to first set up your ring app. It also lets you know about any criminal suspects in your community. To install and launch the ring app, follow the instructions below.

You can install the Ring application either on your Android device or on an iOS device.

Go to the App Store or Play Store on your device.

Now, go to the search bar. You will find the search bar at the top of the screen in the play store.

Type the Ring App and hit the enter key.

Hit the download button corresponding to the app “Ring-Always Home”.

When the download finishes, click on the install button. After installation proceeds with the ring.com/app set up a device.

Open the application and choose the login method you want to opt for.

If you already have a Ring Account, then choose the ‘sign-in method to log in to the app. Enter the name and password credentials to log in to the account.

If you do not have a previous account, then make a new account using the “Create Account” option.

If you enter all the required details, for instance, your name, password, email id, location, etc., the system will generate a confirmation email and send it to your email id. Click the link in the email and confirm. Then log into your Ring account.

Set up a Ring device by visiting ring.com/app

The Ring app allows you to set up Ring devices directly from the app, which is very easy and convenient. Follow the steps below to set up your Ring device and maintain the security of your home, office or community.

  1. Open the Ring App.
  2. Log in to the app using your credentials.
  3. Locate and click on the option “Set up a device”
  4. It will display a list of devices. Click on the device that you wish to set up at your place.
  5.  You now need to scan the QR Code on your device to set it up with ring.com/app. Following these steps will help you scan the barcode or QR code on your device.
  6. Take your smartphone and point the camera of your phone in front of the QR code.
  7. Normally, the QR code or Mac ID barcode will be found on the back of your device. If you get the device with a guidebook, you will also find the code there.
  8. During scanning, point your phone so that the QR code falls between the scanning area and the QR code
  9. You will see an indication of success on the screen if the code is successfully scanned.
  10. If you do not want to scan a QR code, you can set up a device using ring.com/app.
  11. Set up without scanning is available on the screen. Tap the device and select it. Then hit OK.
  12. A request for access to the location will be generated and sent to your phone after the setup is complete.
  13. To access the Phone’s location by Wish App, select the ‘Yes’ option corresponding to the message.
  14. Once your location is entered, click on the ‘Confirm’ button and enter your exact address
  15. In the case of multiple Ring devices, set their ‘name’ using the ‘Custom’ option, and then proceed with setting them up using ring.com/app.
  16. Press the button present on the back of the device, hold it for a short while, and release it to enable it in setup mode.
  17. You can connect to Wi-Fi with the Ring app by selecting the Wi-Fi network name and entering the password.
  18. It is necessary to test and use the device after completing the follow-up procedure at ring.com/app set up a device

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