CCleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version Of Windows

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How to Fix Ccleaner Windows Compatibility Issue

Nowadays, most of the work can be easily done with the help of internet as it is more reliable and quick. But the risk of personal data theft and other viruses attack is also associated as various cookies, temporary files and other adware’s are used to keep track of the user’s activity. Some of the trackings are beneficial for users but others can be more instructive as well. If you wanted to save your desktop and data from these type of unwanted malware and tracker then you need to download the CCleaner as it one of the quickest and reliable cleaners comes with most advanced features. But sometimes user also get errors like CCleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version Of Windows due to various reasons.

If you are one of those users who get the CCleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version Of Windows notification while installing the CCleaner and unable to use the most genuine feature then don’t get tensed as these are most common errors and can be resolved easily by following easy troubleshooting steps. The majority of the window operating users use CCleaner on their laptops and desktops to improve the performance and operations of the system. When users get the CCleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version Of Windows notification they automatically redirected to the download page and when they try to reinstall the package again they get the same errors. You can also get help from the experts in case you need any kind of assistance just reach to our helpdesk once and we help you in getting the desired help.

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Quick Stpes to fix CCleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version Of Windows

CCleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version Of Windows errors can be very annoying as you are unable to get the expected user experience while installing the software programme on your desktop or laptop. But you can eliminate this issue by following below listed methods and troubleshooting steps.

Method 1 – Uninstall And Uninstall To Eliminate The cleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version Of Windows Issues.

Most of the uses complaint that they are unable to download the CCleaner into their desktop or laptop. Sometimes the issues can be resolved when they try to uninstall the older and download the latest and suitable version. Follow the steps mentioned below if you don’t know how to perform the process:

  • First of all, start the process by opening the settings app by pressing Windows + I.
  • After that select apps and then head to apps and features option.
  • Now locate and search for the CCleaner.
  • After that choose CCleaner and then by right click open the setting and choose to uninstall option.

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This steps automatically start the uninstallation process from your desktop after that you need to install the newer version as well. If you don’t know how to install the latest version then follow these steps:

  • Starting by visiting the official CCleaner website and select the operating system and download the latest package of CCleaner.
  • After that locate the downloaded package with .exe format and extract it by right click.
  • Now run the installer and follow all the instructions as appeared on the screen.

As you have successfully installed the latest version of CCleaner and eliminate the CCleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version Of Windows error. In case you still get the same issues you need to follow the next method.

Method 2 – Try To Run CCleaner In Compatibility Mode

Don’t get tensed if you are unable to resolve the issues by following the first method. The window allows its users to run the programs in compatibility mode so that you can easily get the reliable user experience and eliminate CCleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version Of Windows error. Follow below-listed steps for better understanding:

  • Running CCleaner in compatibility mode make sure that you don’t get any issues while installing the downloaded CCleaner package.
  • To start the process locate the downloaded file and right-click on the installer package after that select properties.
  • After you open the properties a popup appears and select compatibility option and mover further.
  • Now select the checkbox stating s=run this program in compatibility mode and then select your window version. This will change the whole installation process and users can easily eliminate the CCleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version Of Windows issues and get reliable experience.

If you are unsure or need any kind of assistance you can reach out to our helpdesk and we offer you the most genuine assistance to resolve the installation issues within no time. Technicians available at the Ccleaner download helpdesk know how to resolve mostly all issues associated with CCleaner to offer you the genuine user’s experience.

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