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When you’re trying a new hobby, a mistake or two is unavoidable. This is all part of the learning process. However, sometimes even an expert seamstress can fall prey to the broken paddle, dreaded skipped stitch, or what’s probably the most irritating of all sewing machine problems: the machine stops working. When, you hear that annoying whir come from the sewing machine-signal the inner “ugh” of despair- signal that a Sewing Machine Repair is required. Also read:- Cell Phone Repair Near Me

The details of the problem may vary slightly depending on the model and brand of your sewing machine. If the issues are troubling you for quite some time, it’s a good idea to find a good Sewing Machine Repair Service Near Me and let a professional deal with it. But, some issues are not quite big like broken needle or thread bunching that you require a Sewing Machine Repair expert for them.

Geek Squad Tech Support is one of the best tech services and supports firm that offers a solution to all type of devices including Sewing Machine. 

So, here we are providing you some simple troubleshot to solve some common issues of Sewing Machine. But, if you think the issue is big for you to handle, consult service of Sewing Machine Repair Near Me. 

Causes and Troubleshooting

There can be numerous causes behind the issues that trouble you while sewing and knowing the reason behind these issues and a solution for every specific cause are necessary.

Some common sewing issues are:

  • Breakage of Needle thread
  • Breakage of Bobbin or loopier threads
  • Fusing of Thread when the machine stops
  • Skipped stitches

Breakage of Needle thread

Sometimes this issue can be caused by minor reasons but few times it’s caused by some mechanical error inside the machine such which can be treat by Sewing Machine Repair Expert.

Cause   Remedy
Trapping at the package baseDecrease the height of thread stand to stop vibration and spilling. To stop trapping use a foam pad
Thread stuck at thread guide.It can happen after the breakage of thread. Rethread correctly.
Sneering afore tension disc.Increase the number of wraps on already tensed thread guides and decrease disc tension. Make sure all discs are smooth.
Too much tension. Adjust tension or use a stronger thread
Wrecked check spring.Replace and adjust.
Sharp edges on hook point, throat plate, needle guard, needle groove or bobbin case.Polish sharp edges and replace them if needed. Change the old needle with a new and higher quality needle.
Thread unraveling at the needle. Use the coarser needle or finer thread, as suitable.
Too much needle heat; eye blocked or groove with melted fabric.Improve the finish of the fabric. Exchange to a new needle, style, and finish.

Breakage of Bobbin or loopier threads

If the issue still troubles you after these steps, contact a service of Sewing Machine Repair Near Me, for better assistance.

Cause   Remedy
Improperly coiled thread on the bobbin.Correct bobbin winder position. Use pre-coiled bobbins.
Too tight Tension too or over-running bobbin.Correct bobbin case tension. Insert a spring or washer to stop over-running.
Sharp edges on spring or bobbin case or looper eyelet.Polish sharp edges.
Bobbin’s case not fitting properly. Check the type or size of bobbin for flange distortion.

Fusing of Thread when the machine stops

A thread fusing also can be caused by a malfunction in the machine, if the issue continues even after trying these tricks consult a Sewing Machine Repair Near Me service.

Cause Remedy
Incorrect or Poorly finished thread. Use a high-quality thread.
A thickly woven fabric that is harshly or poorly finished.Improve the finish of the fabric. Use a suitable needles
Overheated or Damaged or needle after thread breakage. Change the needle.


Try these simple hacks to solve the issues, if the problem still continues to contact a Sewing Machine Repair service.

Cause Remedy
Hook, needle or looper failing to go into thread loops at the correctly.Check machine timings and clearances. Check whether the needle is aligned and inserted correctly.
Thread loop issue caused by the incorrect size of needle size or style and type for the thread. Change needle style or size

Time to call Sewing Machine Repair professionals

Even after trying all these hacks, your machine is not working properly or giving you the same or new issues often, its time to consult a Sewing Machine Repair expert. 

Geek Squad Tech Support is a great tech service and support provider that already helped thousands of experts. If you want to onsite service, you can fix an appointment on tel:+1-844-266-3662 or you can bring your device in the local best buy stores as well.  

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