A Complete Guide to Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty

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Fire tablet helps you to enjoy your entertainment experience with a fast ultra profile device. You can do any access online and watch offline with the affordable in-plane switching technology. Fire Table stands up for all the age groups to read, watch, play, and learn and for many more activities irrespective of the pace. It provides you with a better experience than a phone or a television. But, we know that every device has its own life and warranty. You can put your device’s warranty issues anytime on Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty Phone Number. Amazon has a separate team of professionals to deal with the warranty issues of the customers.

You can contact them 24 hours a day, seven days a week on their phone customer service number. You can call them for device support, warranty support, refunding, account access, updating account information, and other Fire table-related issues.

Your Fire tablet comes up with 90 days warranty period. Some of its series comes up with a full year warranty. You can extend this warranty to 1 year, 2 years or even 3 years. There is a different series of fire tablets for kids and youngsters. You can choose amongst the various tablets depending upon your age and specifications, including parental control, limit access, gaming and other special features.

Handling Your Tablet For Warranty Services

When you give your tablet for its warranty service, then Amazon will first check the required documents that link with it. It includes warranty card, bill payments, etc. It will then figure out the problem that is occurring with your tablet. Depending upon the issues, Amazon will repair, replace or refund.

To avail of this service, you have to call on the Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty Phone Number and describe the condition of your tablet. The representative will then guide you to hand over the tablet with all the essential documents to their service centre. Repairing will be done with the new parts; they will replace with the refurbished or new section. Amazon will refund the entire payment for the tablet if it does not sort or fix the problem. Or offer you to purchase a different tablet in place of the old one.

Before calling the Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty Phone Number, make sure that you have back up your data and remove all your cards and essentials from it before submitting the device.

Remember that your warranty covers only the hardware faults or the manufacturing faults. They will not support other issues under the Amazon warranty. You can share your concern on the Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty Phone Number for completed details of the product. You can discuss a variety of information regarding your fire tablet warranty like:

  • Battery safety
  • Headphone Safety
  • Device maintenance
  • Glass parts
  • Servicing your fire tablet
  • Recycling Measures
  • FCC Compliance Statements
  • Wireless Safety measures
  • Safety of Power Adapter
  • Other Safety measures include health safety, operating, repetitive usage, etc.

Checking If Your Tablet is Under Warranty or Not

The warranty of your fir tablet begins on the same day when you buy the device. So, even after some time of your purchase, you forgot the warranty period. Then, directly check your Amazon account for the date of purchase. It is how you can find your warranty period:

  • Open the web browser on your computer.
  • In the address bar, search for ‘Amazon.com’
  • Press the ‘Enter Key’.
  • Now the Amazon page will open up. On the right side of the page, enter your login credentials. Click the ‘Login’ button.
  • Move to the upper right corner and locate “Account & List”. Click on it.
  • Navigate to your “orders” and click it. If experiencing any problem, then you can contact on Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty Phone Number.
  • Check on this page for your fire tablet purchase. If you are unable to spot your purchase, then expand the drop-down list and check under it.
  • Hopefully, you will find out here. Now navigate to your purchase and look at the top left corner for the date of purchase. You will find it under “Order Placed”.
  • At this date, your warranty period starts, and you can check whether your device is still under warranty or not using this date.

Fire Tablet Is Out of Warranty – What To Do Now?

Amazon understands your situation and helps you with the replacement even if your product is out of warranty. For any concern that relates to this point, follows the steps:

  • Make a call on the Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty Phone Number and tell them that your product is having some problem.
  • Also, mention that your fire tablet is out of warranty.
  • State the valid reason for your situation and why you skip your warranty period.
  • Request the team member for a replacement of the fire tablet. They will surely help you.
  • Decide with the member when you can visit them with the product and follow their protocols.

Warranty Claims and Limits – Contact Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty Phone Number

Amazon offers different warranty periods for various fire tablets. But, each of them comes under one of the three warranty policies.  And you can claim your warranty for any of these:

  1. 90 Days Limited Warranty Period: It is also called a limited warranty,  applicable for any hardware or manufacture issue. Amazon will help to repair, refund and replace the device depending upon its situation. After restoring the part which contains a defect, Amazon will keep that part and replace it with the new one. You cannot claim your old part, as it will now be the property of Amazon. To avail of this service, you have to contact on Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty Phone Number.
  2. 1 Year Limited Warranty Period: You can also secure your fire tablet with one year warranty by extending your nine monthly warranty period. Amazon will help to repair, refund and replace the device depending upon its situation. If your device is not working because of any failure related to fire, water, external causes, or commercial work; then Amazon is not responsible for it and will not handle your device in warranty.
  3. 2 Year Limited Warranty Period: It is the longest of all the warranty period. It belongs mainly with the Fire Kids Edition tablets so that your child can enjoy their tablets without any worry. This warranty is also known as “Worry-Free Warranty”. This warranty involves issue a refund, repairing a device and replacement of the device.

Amazon warranty does not cover any defects in the fire tablet due to fire or water, any damage from an external source, any harm related to commercial and alteration usage and any breakage due to an accident.

You can file a claim for your Amazon fire tablet either by calling at Amazon Fire tablet Warranty Phone Number or by claiming it online with the series of steps:

  • Go to the Website.
  • Find the feature that says “Claim Warranty”
  • Select your warranty on the fire tablet device
  • Type in “Amazon”.
  • It will then ask you a series of questions. Answer these questions and click on the ‘Submit button.
  • You are all done. Amazon customer service will directly contact you for your warranty services.

Pick Up Service for Your Fire Tablet under Warranty

If your device is not working and you have applied for its rectification, then you can also demand its pick up service at your place. For this, you have to call on Amazon Fire tablet Warranty Phone Number and tell your location for pick up. Select a time and date according to your convenience, and the Amazon executive will handle your device during that time only. For this, you have to register your issue and provide general information about your device and its problem. On successful registration, you will be given an ID corresponding to your service. Amazon will then fix your pickup request for the device and will take proper action accordingly. You have to pack all the essentials along with the device.

If you are not willing to opt for a home pick up service, you can also schedule a meeting at the Amazon Customer service centre and walk into the spot yourself carrying your device and other documents. You will get the list of service centre on the official website or you can also ask for the one near to your home by calling on Amazon Fire tablet Warranty Phone Number. 

Call Support for Fire Tablet Warranty Issues

Amazon Fire Tablet Warranty Phone Number866-321-8851
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Call picked up by an Amazon ExecutiveYes
DepartmentFire Tablet Warranty Support
Call centre hours24 hours, seven days
Best time to dial8:30 am
Rank among phone numbers1
Overall Rank1
Alternate methodsphone, email, chat, web, Facebook, Twitter
Quality of communication53%
Quality of help52%

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