Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working- Interpreting The Issue

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There is quite possibly a lot of troublesome issues, one can encounter when operating Amazon Fire TV Remote. If you’ve ever encountered the troubled user experience with your Fire TV Remote suddenly and started to face a rarely occurred Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working issue then we completely relate to your problem and assure you to get it assistance remotely or by visiting experts. This is to know whether while facing the TV remote not working issue have you tried these or not, well in case If you’ve tried and installed a set of brand new batteries out of the package and you find out that the is still there then you are supposed to stay tuned as we present here an expert based tips and hacks to get resolved these issue by calling help or by fixing it by yourself.

Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working- 9 Pointer Step-By-Step Guide To Resolve The Burning Issue

Step 1: Firstly, It is highly suggested to test the IR sensor of your TV  Remote using imagery from a Digital Camera in a  normal view mode.

Step 2: Now, if the LED doesn’t blink, please Open the Remote Control carefully.

Step 3: You are advised to take a Picture of every phase to get help while re-assembling.

Step 4: Open it all and pull everything apart

Step 5: Now closely Inspect the Circuit Board using eyeglasses and Repair Dry Joints(if any)

Step 6: Wash the Buttons and the Covers using Dilute Sodium Bicarbonate solution.

Step 7: Now, Rinse, Drain and Dry the loose parts using a blower

Step 8: Follow to Repair Case and Re-assemble

Step 9: Again repeat the step1 and test with a digital camera.

Now apply battery sets back in the case and test the user experience, i the issue still prevails, then try the Advance tips and hacks.

Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working- Advanced Tips & Hacks To Get The Issue Resolved

Take a flat bit based screwdriver and gently remove the connectors of the Remote. Cleaning the  residue off with a dry cloth and NA2CO3 dilute solution. After the cleaning off of the carbon deposits, the panel should be shiny and non-sticky again. Now place the batteries back in and the remote connected again straight away.

Some Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working Resolving Quick Tips:

  • Press and hold down the Select button for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • Press and hold down the Select + Play keys in combination for 10 seconds to Restart the TV set.
  • After Restarting the device: Browse options in Settings and then go to  System there press the Restart button, then unplug the power cable for 10 seconds then plug the power cord back in.

Now it is expected that your Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working issue would have finally resolved.

Amazon Fire TV Remote Not Working-How to check if your Fire TV remote is connected to your Fire TV?

Check To know whether your Fire TV remote is connected to your Fire TV set or not. All you need to do is to browse in the settings in the main menu. Then after do the following.

  1. Visit the Settings tab
  2. Browse to Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Switch to Amazon Fire TV Remotes

This will let you see what devices are paired and from here you can check out whether or not your remote is getting connected. Still facing issues with your fire tv remote reach our for experts help at amazon device support.

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