Geek Squad Renewal- Everything You Need to Know

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For unprecedented support and uninterrupted services under your protection plan, Geek Squad offers renewal facilities for all the plans to support the products and devices. You can now enjoy unlimited support under your plan with the professional approach by applying for the Geek Squad Renewal support. You can renew the protection plan either automatically or manually depending on your choice. To renew the protection plan and protect their device the customers can call on the toll-free phone number at 1800-433-5778. The helpline number is active for 24/7 to offer you renewal services and extend the warranty of your device.

What Does Geek Squad Renewal Means?

Geek Squad offers fully-fledged help and supports plans under the guidance of expert professionals and advanced techniques. These plans have an expiry date or maturity date which ends up your protection services and you may not enjoy further benefits under the plan. Best Buy Renewal allows customers to extend the protection services of their plan and make their device function appropriately for more time with professional experts and qualified engineers. Every time your plans are about to expire, you can renew them to enjoy uninterrupted services. There are two ways to renew the plan:

  • Geek Squad Automatic Renewal
  • Geek Squad Manual Renewal

Geek Squad will send the message to your registered email address for the renewal. It will intimate you that auto-renewal is ON and you will be charged from your account for the renewal.

How to Renew Geek Squad Plans? – Best Buy Geek Squad Renewal Process

To renew the protection plan or Geek Squad plan, there is a quick and instant process. One is the automatic renewal process and the other is manual renewal.

Automatic Renewal Process: When you subscribe to the Geek Squad plan, check the box corresponding to the automatic renewal. This will activate your plan for the renewal services automatically upon its maturation. In this case, you need not bother about the date or maturation and also you do not have to keep any records for it. The renewal charges will be deducted automatically from the account that you used for the last payment.

Manual Renewal Process: In the manual Geek Squad Renewal process, the subscriber has to keep a record of the plan maturation and it will have to renew the plan manually when it is about to expire. You can add the account details for the payment and then renew the plan successively for the next period.

How to Contact Geek Squad for Renewal of the Protection Plan or Tech Support Plan?

To contact the Geek Squad agent for renewal services, the most reliable method is to call the executive on the toll-free phone number at 1800-433-5778. The helpline number is active for 24/7 to support their customers and resolve all queries relating to the renewal plan. Also, the members can initiate a live chat with the agent online for help and guidance relating to the Best Buy Renewal. The live agent is also present 24/7 for any support.

What Does Geek Squad Charge to Renew the Plan?

The cost of renewal depends on the subscription plan and also the devices under protection. Geek Squad normally charges the same amount for the renewal which was during the time of the subscription. Normally, the cost of the Best Buy Renewal charge is $199.99.

You can enjoy unlimited services for the renewal at just $199.99. The renewal charge is deducted from the previous account that you use last time for the payment of the plan. In the case of a manual subscription, you need to add the account details to pay the Geek Squad Renewal cost.

How to Cancel the Geek Squad Renewal?

For the Geek Squad plan or renewal cancellations, the customer call on the official phone number at 1800-433-5778. The on-call agent is active for 24/7 to help you with cancellations and refunds. Also, you can follow a quick series of steps on your account to cancel the renewal:

  1. Firstly, open your Best Buy account and log in using your credentials.
  2. Then, navigate to the services
  3. After that, click on manage my subscription
  4. Choose the plan for which you need to cance+6l the Geek Squad Renewal.
  5. Finally, turn OFF the auto-renewal option.  

Alternatively, you can also connect with the online agent via live chat to cancel the subscription and get a refund. Tell the information about the plan to the agent and it will cancel your further subscription. After cancellations, you will not enjoy further protection for your products and devices.


Why Am I Getting a Best Buy Renewal Charge?

You need to pay the Best Buy Renewal charge in case of a subscription of auto-renewal of its services or membership such as Tech Support, Trend Micro or Webroot Subscription, Home or Personal Support, and others. The renewal charges may be monthly or annually depending on the plan.

Can Geek Squad Protection be Renewed?

Geek Squad plans are valid for renewal either monthly or annually depending on the subscription. Please refer to the plan Renewal below:

Geek Squad PlansGeek Squad Renewal
Geek Squad Tech SupportMonthly or Annual
Trend Micro or Webroot SubscriptionMonthly or Annual
Geek Squad ProtectionAnnual
Smart CareAnnual
Microsoft Office 365, Home or PersonalAnnual
How Much is Best Buy Total Tech Renewal?

The Best Buy Total Tech Renewal can cost $199.99 annually. It covers unlimited services with VIP access and priority bookings. You can renew your either automatically or manually for membership.

Does Best Buy Have a Renewal Fee?

The Best Buy Renewal has a fixed fee of $199.99, excluding the tax for the renewal. You can call the executive on the toll-free number 1800-433-5778 to speak to the agent and follow up with the query for Best Buy Renewals.

How do I Turn OFF Auto-Renewal?

To turn OFF the auto-renewal of the plans and extend the warranty, you can call the customer care phone number at 1800-433-5778 for help and support. Also, you can manage the online subscription and turn OFF the auto-renewal directly.

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