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Evidently, technology is evolving rapidly. And with the innovations, most companies now provide remote assistance. Dell is one of them. It is brilliantly handling all its support even on the most minor to large scale. Furthermore, Dell users can easily access it through dell.com/support/remoteassist at any moment. Users will have the right to permit or not permit remote access. Dell has excelled in this factor to provide support as well as to ensure the full security of its users.

What do you mean by Remote Assistance?

  • Moreover, remote assistance means to liberate the functioning of your computer device. It supports system of Dell remotely. The users will surrender the functioning to the assistance team.
  • The support team will gain access and will be only remotely capable of accessing your device. You may obstruct it anytime you feel so. The dell.com/support/remoteassist ensures security to the network and applications on your device.
  • Also, this tool is mainly to identify existing errors. Through this, the support agents can identify the problem and troubleshoot the matter. The agents will have the right to view, edit and fix any configuration on your system.
  • Clearly, you will be extending full access. The support agent will be able to fully access your device.

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Does dell.com/support/remoteassist extend full rights?

Although it may seem like the agents accessing your device has full rights. But, it is not entirely true. After all the user is the main component. It holds the maximum power and rights for the activity to complete.

Therefore, it is always recommendable that the users monitor their screens after giving access. You can simply move your mouse to obstruct the activity. Further, users may also stop the progress by canceling it. Just click on the cancel button in the top right corner. It will stop any activity on the screen.

Hence, No, the dell.com/support/remoteassist cannot have complete rights. You will always have the overriding power over the activity.

How to download the software dell.com/support/remoteassist?

First and foremost, it is vital that you understand the complexity of remote assistance. And by agreeing to it, you will be approving of the terms and conditions of the Dell Software License Agreement, Dell Privacy, Service Agreement, in addition to Terms and Conditions of Sale. Make sure that you understand well what you are accepting. Therefore, make time to scroll through the pages. You will be accepting and willing to undergo all the clauses of the agreements.

Despite, all the terms and conditions, if you agree on moving forward, ensure to connect through the official website only. In case, of any troubles, do not sign in through any other site. It may corrupt your files or your privacy. Only, accept the support from the official Dell Support team.

Steps to Download

  • You may go to dell.com/support/remoteassist.Download and install the software on your Dell Computer or Laptop.
  • Further, reach out to the team through the software.
  • Check on the I AGREE button to allow access to your device to the technician of the Dell support team.
  • After the completion of the process, the Remote Assistance will be uninstalled automatically.

Overall, the source is trustable. However, if you ever feel insecure you can always stop the progress. Directly get in touch with Dell Customer Service for support. Additionally, sign in using your registered ID only to avoid any data breach. Make sure not to access multiple sites for your safety.
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Where can you install dell com/support/remoteassist?

Many Dell users complain of not being able to install remote assistance on their devices. Though it is a well-established software by Dell, yet only few browsers and operating systems support it . So, here is the list, that positively supports Dell Remote Assistance, and you can download dell.com/support/remoteassist


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge

Operating Systems-

Nevertheless, all the versions of windows only. No other operating system supports remote assistance for Dell.

Functions by dell com/support/remoteassist 

  • Representatives from Dell will operate to identify and troubleshoot the errors.
  • They will be capable of modifying the computer system.
  • If necessary, the representative may edit, view, or make changes in the configuration. However, your permission is necessary before any action. You will receive a pop-up seeking approval for each item.
  • With your permission, the agent may make few changes to the device.
  • In the meanwhile, you will be able to view it throughout the process. All the actions will be under your knowledge and information only.

Is dell com/support/remoteassist reliable?

Indeed the remote assistance is reliable. They have a strict policy to maintain. The privacy of each individual is to maintain by the Dell Support Team. You may rely on them with your devices. In case of any problems, directly contact the technical support team of Dell or Dell Customer Support. You will be glad to know more about the remote assistance policy-

  • The Remote Assistance will identify your session with a unique service tag number. This number is exclusive and not available for general use.
  • Dell may record or collect information about the communication with Dell. However, it is for quality checks. Your data and privacy will remain intact.
  • dell.com/support/remoteassist uses high-security technologies only to make and transfer data with the user. It maintains User- End privacy. Any unauthorized information is not for use by remote assistance. Strict terms and conditions are applicable.
  • Passwords will remain if not compromised.
  • Surely, No passwords will share on emails or messages, apart from One-Time passwords.
  • Furthermore, reset of the password will approve after proper verification of the user.
  • Transfer of any data from the user to the agent will be deleted after completion. No data will be stored.
  • Without a doubt, Dell Remote Assistance uses an encrypted key. TLS 1.2 transport security with AES-256 bit encryption is use with SSL encryption.

What data is collected through dell com/support/remoteassist?

Dell collects data only for statistical records. After every session with Dell Remote Assistance, few details will be recorded. It is integral to be aware of it.

  • For instance, a Unique service Tag Number will generate. This will be the Session ID. It is recorded to identify the session.
  • Recording of the action by the agent of the support team is logged. It is known as the Session Log.
  • The date and time of the session are noted.
  • Further, the browser, operating system, and computer model are identified. This will act as a record in the future.

Therefore, to rely upon dell.com/support/remoteassist is one of the intelligent moves to make. No data breaches and full security. 

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