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HP Printers are widely used all across the world and are best known for their efficiency and reliability. These Printers provides us with a reliable way to print copy and scan the files within low. To use the HP Printers, one must know the IP address, username, and password of the device. You can easily get this information in the manual. But, for accessing the HP Printer Default Password, you have to go through the entire manual. You can also get this information directly by following up with the online process. Make sure that you connect with the router successfully before accessing the HP credentials online. The default credentials are used to connect your device actively.

There are various methods to access HP Default Password and ID, like

  • Searching the Manual
  • Calling an agent
  • Chat with an agent
  • Online

You can use the one that is suitable for you. The Printer can prompt you anytime for the default ID and password while making any connection. You have to fill up these fields to proceed with the connection securely. It is all required to maintain the security and proper functionality of your device.

Using Standard Option to Access HP Printer Default Password

One of the standard methods is to use the username and password that are generally for testing purposes. There are various combinations of these IDs and passwords that help you to precede login to the system. There is a list of username and password combinations that help you to continue by trying them shortly. You can try as many combinations as you can as there is no limitation by HP. It will only halt you for some time if you try too many combinations in a limited time. Some of the HP Default Password combinations are as follows:


You can try these combinations if you are unaware of the login credentials. If any one of them works, proceed with that username and password. If no one fits correctly, then you can follow the next step.

Using the Setting Page to Access HP Printer Default Password

You can also get this information easily on the settings page. You can access the information by printing this page successfully. Most of the HP Printer permits you to print the current settings page that includes all the data and information including HP Default Password. The age will provide you with the default username and password which you can easily use for further process. You can print this page by following up the steps below:

  • Switch ON your Printer.
  • Simultaneously click on the WIFI and I button.
  • Load the paper into the paper tray, and the Printer will start to print 3 pages including all the essential information relating to it.
  • You can check this information thoroughly for the default username and password to use it.

You can get successful results by this method. But sometimes the Printer does not allow you to print the page and as a result, you are not able to access the default username and password information.

Using the Manual for HP Default Password

If you are unable to find out the HP Printer Default Password at some other place, then you can directly search for it in the manual that you get with the Printer. The manual provides all the essential information corresponding to your Printer. You have to read out the entire terms and information that is written on it and search for the default username and password information.

When you get the default password, type it on the screen prompt to proceed further with your task. Mainly you can get the information in the ‘Settings’ section of the manual if listed. Otherwise, you have to search for it by reading it thoroughly. It is though difficult to search the manual for checking out the default values of the Printer you are using. The process is also time-consuming. So, the better option is to first try using other methods, and if not successful, you can search the manual.

Reset the HP Printer Default Password

You can reset the password if you are unable to find out the default password. The reset process helps you to set the new password as per your choice. Follow the steps below to reset the password:

  1. Switch ON your computer, and connect it with an active internet connection.
  2. Now, check the configuration page for the IP address of the Printer.
  3. Type the same address in the address bar of the web browser.
  4. Hit the enter key.
  5. Now, navigate to the ‘Security tab
  6. Select the option ‘general Security’.
  7. The screen will now allow you to set the HP Printer Default Password.
  8. In the Username field, write ‘admin’.
  9. Set the new password in the blank field corresponding to ‘Password’.
  10. Type the same password on the ‘Confirm password field.
  11. Now, go to the bottom of the page.
  12. Click on the Apply button.

Now you can use this HP Printer Default Password as the default credentials for the Printer. You have to make a note of this password or remember it after applying as the default password will not work further.

You can also look for the Printer for these default values. The Printer shows username, password, PIN, security key, and much more. The Printer shows these values, which you can look around and use for any Printer prompts. If you fail to find out the default password, then you can call the HP executive. You can also chat with the executive for the same. Call on the executive toll-free phone number, and tell him the details of the Printer. You can also chat with the HP executive online, and discuss with it the default credentials. The executive will also ask you for the Printer’s details to guide you in accessing HP Default Password.

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