How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double-Sided

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Most of the HP Printers works in a duplex printing facility. It allows you to perform the printing task on both sides simultaneously at the same time. It saves a lot of time and effort with fast printing. But, sometimes the printer does not print on both sides even if you have done the proper settings for it. You have to then follow up with ‘How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double Sided’. There can be many reasons associated with it. It can be problems in the settings, page ordering issues, problems with the device manager, and much more. Here we will be discussing all the factors that you can consider if you are facing an issue with the Printer printing on both sides automatically. Also Read:- 123 hp/laserjet- Install and Setup Guide

Why is HP Printer Not Printing Double-sided?

If you are familiar with the ‘How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double Sided and still not able to print with the duplex printing option, then there can be some reasons for it:

  • Incorrect Driver Settings
  • Improper Paper-type settings
  • The printer is not reading the duplex option
  • Incompatibility problem

These four reasons can be the problematic part of your duplex printing failure. You can work on these four to get the desired solution and to print successfully on both sides at the same time.

How Do I Turn ON Double-Sided Printing On My HP Printer?

To get the solution for your concern, ‘How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double Sided’, there is a great requirement to check whether you have turned your double-sided printing ON or not. If it is OFF, then the problem is certain. You can turn it ON by following the steps below:

  1. GO to your HP Printer.
  2. Perform a right-click on the Printer Icon.
  3. Select ‘properties’, and go to the ‘Device Settings’ option.
  4. Locate ‘Installable options’, and click on the “+” sign next to it.
  5. It will help you to expand the entire list.
  6. Check for the “Duplex-Unit” option in the list, and click on it.
  7. Click on the ‘Installed’ option.
  8. Check for the success of the duplex printing.

You can now check if the printer can print on both sides or not. If not, then follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the problem and continue with the fast duplex printing.

Troubleshooting Steps – How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double-Sided

Follow the steps below to overcome the duplex printing error and print on both sides successfully:

  1. First of all, handle the page ordering issue by inserting a sufficient amount of blank paper into the input tray. Place all the papers within the mark and do not overload the paper. Also, make sure that you place enough papers that can complete the entire printing job.
  2. Now, open the file. Go to the ‘File’ section, and then go to the ‘Print’ section.
    1. Choose the correct name of your Printer.
    1. Go to ‘Properties’.
    1. Then, go to ‘Preferences’ followed by ‘Printer Setup’.
    1. It will now open up the Printer preferences option.
    1. Choose the read option as a booklet or a tablet.
    1. To open up the settings for duplex printing, follow the steps.
    1. Go to the ‘Features’ section, and select it.
    1. Similarly, choose a layout for your choice and finish tabs.
    1. Now, select an option for ‘Page Flip’.
    1. Check for any tab with the title as “printing shortcut’.
    1. There select ‘two-sided printing’ and it will directly do your job.
    1. Click on the OK button, followed by the ‘Print’ button.
    1. Now, check if the page is successfully printing in a duplex manner or not.  
  • Uninstall the Printer and Reinstall it back for ‘How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double Sided’
    • Right-click on the Win button.
    • Go to the “Program and Features” option.
    • Now, go to the device manager and check for the existence of your Printer.
    • Go to ‘Devices and Printer’.
    • Select the name of the Printer.
    • Go to ‘Printer Server’ properties.
    • The screen will display a pop-up window.
    • Select the ‘driver’ section, and click on the delete button. Delete all the drivers.
    • Go to ‘Devices and Printers’, and delete the instances of the Printer.
    • Now, restart the system.
    • Now, open the dialogue box by clicking on the ‘Win + R’ key at the same time.
    • Enter ‘%temp%’, and click on the OK button.
    • The screen will show up the folder consisting of all temporary files.
    • Delete all these files.
    • Now, again restart the PC and check for the success of ‘How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double Sided’.
  • Setting Up Dual Side Printing in the Settings for How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double-Sided
    • Open the document and then go to Print settings.
    • Check that there is no issue with the page order.
    • Click on Print, then ‘File’, then ‘Show Details’
    • It will open the document which you want to print with the duplex printing facility.
    •  The dialogue box will appear, locate the option as ‘Two-sided’ and check the box next to it.
    • Go to the ‘Print’ options, and select the ‘Layout’ option.
    • Finally, select the binding option, and hit the Print button to start with the two-sided printing.
    • Check for the successful results to the query ‘How to Fix My HP Printer Not Printing Double Sided’.

If still, you face any issue in duplex printing, then you can reboot the system and start from scratch. Or make a check if your Printer supports the duplex printing or not. You can also contact a professional HP agent to help you resolve the problem.

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