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Canon is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of printers, they have a whole range of products, be it dedicated for office use or personal use. They hold a majority of the market share in the industry. Canon offers products that are of high quality, durable, and suitable for your various needs.

So, it makes sense, that Canon has a whole website by the name of ij.start.canon, dedicated to allowing their customers, a simple way of downloading drivers for their printers, and a little information about how to set up their printer. This blog will tell you how to unbox and set up your printer.

Setting Up Your Printer-

It may seem like a long & tedious task, but setting up a printer is a simple task to do. For simplicity, we’re going to divide this process into sub processes. Just follow the instructions, and your printer will be up and running in no time.

  • Unboxing and hardware Setup-
    • Open the box, take out all the components and place them separately.
    • Remove the covers and tapes.
    • Find the power socket on the printer and attach to why I do it, attach the other end of the wire into a socket.
    • Turn the switch on the wall socket, and press the power button on the printer.
    • The next step is to insert the ink tank.
      • Remove the seal from the cartridge and the protective covering.
      • Open/ remove the top cover of the printer.
      • match the names on the cartridges to the slots and put them in the corresponding slots.
      • Close/ replace the top cover.
      • The printer will now start to make some noise, this indicates that the cartridge installation is successful.
    • It’s time to insert some papers inside the printer.
      • Locate the flaps, at the back of the printer, on the top surface.
      • Open the flaps, and pull the paper tray out.
      • Insert some papers, while adjusting the paper guide.
      • Fit the paper tray back into its position.
    • Your printer hardware is now completely set up.
  • Software Setup: Downloading & Installing Drivers-

Drivers can vary, depending on your system, printer model, and even OS, all of this searching on the internet can’t be relaxing. That’s why, we’ve made it easier for you to just simply go to a website, and simply download the driver.

*After you’ve reached the ij.start.canon website, you’ll notice there are 4 tabs on the right side of the page.

  • Click on Set Up (Start Here).
    • This will take you to the product selection page.
    • Either type the complete model number in the search field and press enter, or
    • Scroll down and select the model from the given list.

*The model number is written on the back of your printer, on the box, and in the user manual.

  • On the top right corner, you will see the OS selection bar.
    • Select your Operating System Brand.
  • Installation
    • Locate the setup in your designated download folder.
    • Select your preferred language.
    • Click on Start Setup.
    • Select your printer.

*The setup will move onto the software selection window.

  • Select the desired software.

*It’s recommended to download & install all the software.

  • Read the terms & agreement, License, and click Agree.
    • Follow the rest of the instructions on the setup, if any.

Troubleshooting Common Issues-

Like all machines, printers are prone to errors and functional failures. Users sometimes face issues while using Canon printers, ij.start.canon has troubleshot for some of these issues-

  • No Paper Error – At times the printer shows this error even if the paper tray is stacked with paper, this generally happens due to any object or paper getting stuck in the rear of the paper tray, that hinders its normal functioning, to solve this-
  • Turn of the printer using the Power Button.
    • Detach the Power Cable from the power socket on the back of the printer.
    • Take the papers out of the paper tray.
    • Look for any debris, obstacle, or stuck paper within the tray, and take it out.
    • Wipe the paper rollers with a wet microfiber towel.

*Any towel can be used, but microfiber towels are preferred

  • Check if the top paper on the paper stack is wrinkled, this is usually the problem.
    • Re-insert the stack into the tray.
    • Turn on the printer, and check if it’s functioning normally.
    • Tips to Avoid this Error-
      • Make sure the top paper on the stack isn’t wrinkled. This is usually the reason for this error. If it is, them replace it.
      • Check if the size and type of paper in the printer, is matching to the size of the file that is to be printed.
  • Poor Print Quality Issue – The printed paper can sometimes have, ink spots, black lines, or faded texts. The most common cause for this is dried ink, low ink level, to fix it-
  • Run the printer utility program
    • Replace the ink cartridge (If ink levels are low).

*If they don’t work, then the print heads are probably dirty, clean them and try printing again.

The Printer is Slow – Your printer may work slower than it usually does, this can be due to,

  • High Print Quality
    • Decrease the print quality.
    • Weak Connection
      • Make sure the printer is well within the range of the WiFi router and your system.

IJ Scan Utility (Win/Mac)-

Canon has released software to streamline the scanning process for their printers, with the help of the “IJ Scan Utility”, users can scan their documents with just one click, it also allows the printer to automatically sense any document on the scanning tray and scan it on its own.

With this software, users can optimize the scanning process, like – resolution, format, color, size, etc. There are two ways to install this software as suggested by ij.start.canon, they are-

  • Via the Website
    • Type in your printer model number.
    • Click on the search icon.
    • Click on the Compatible Operating System tab.
    • Select your OS.
    • Click Search.
    • Look for the MP Drivers Package (IJ scan utility is usually in this package)
    • Click on it.
    • Click on the Download button.
    • Open the Setup & follow the instructions given on it.
  • Via a Compact Disk
    • Insert the disk in your CD/DVD drive.
    • Open it.
    • Double-click on the setup.
    • Follow the instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. What is IJ start canon?

It is the official Canon website designed to allow users to download drivers for their printers.

Q. Printing Does Not Start.

This can occur due to a number of reasons-

  • The power socket was improperly plugged into the printer.
  • The printer is not connected to the system properly.
  • Delete unnecessary prints from the queue.

Q. What is the Canon IJ Printer Driver?

It is a software developed by Canon, that enables the printer to communicate with your system.

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