Printer Printing Horizontal Black Lines :Various Reasons and a quick solutions

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We normally use Printer in our daily lives for various tasks at home, schools, offices, business, etc. As we are familiar with the fact that Printer is a tech device in which there can occur a glitch any time while using it. One such condition is when the Printer Printing Horizontal Black Lines. It can be quite frustrating situation which needs a sudden and quick solution. Here, we will be discussing about the problem and its fixes so that you can print accurately with the Printer. There needs a professional procedures to work upon its solution. There can be various reasons for the dark printing lines on your print page. Let us configure the causes of the problem and finally its solution to deal with the problem.

These black lines can appear anywhere on the page. It can appear in the middle, top of the page, bottom of the page, left or right side. Sometimes, the lines cover the entire page or smudges at certain positions of the document making it unreadable. Also Read:- Quick Steps to Fix Brother Printer Not Printing

Why My Printer Printing Horizontal Black Lines

The main causes of the printing problem are listed below. You can have a check to these issues and then work accordingly to find the correct solution for it.

  • It can be due to the cleaning problem. The Printer needs a deep clean to work accurately.
  • The issue can also be because of the drum. A drum is the part of the Printer which is same as camera and is used to capture the picture for the print.
  • Dirty mirror of the Printer
  • Low Ink Levels

You can work on these causes and resolve your problem to print your document with good quality and without any black lines. Let us now check the troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem and continue with the quality prints.

Troub1elshooting – Printer Printing Horizontal Black Lines

To get the solution for the problem, you can either contact the professional agent or perform the steps below.

  1. Clean the Printer Thoroughly

There is a great need to clean your Printer timely. Even a small bit of the dust can cause the printing error. To tackle with the problem, you need to perform the deep cleaning of the Printer. You can use the paper towels, cotton buds, and warm foamy water to clean the machine. Take out the ink cartridges and clean them too.

  • Check the Optics

The black printing lines can also be due to optics. If you place some material at the top of the optics, then the printing pages can show the black lines somewhere at the document. You need to clear the way of the machine while performing the printing task. Check the optics and clean it thoroughly. There must be no object placed at the top of the optics for the precise working of the Printer.

  • Drum Damage

If your Printer is showing up black horizontal lines in the document, then it means the problem is related to the drum. The drum is the most sensitive part of the machine which captures the images. If is same like a camera. Check for any damage in the drum. If there is any, then the most appropriate solution is to replace the drum with a new one. You can make it repair with the professional. After repairing the drum or replacing it, check for the solution of Printer Printing Horizontal Black Lines, by printing the same file again.

  • Drum Cleaning

Sometimes, the drum does not require any replacement or repairmen. In such a situation, you can also check for the solution after cleaning the drum thoroughly. The cleaning is a simple process, which you can perform manually. Follow the steps below to clean the drum like an expert and resolve the problem Printer Printing Horizontal Black Lines.

  • Take your Printer and unplug it form the main power source.
    • Open the front cover of the drum.
    • Now, remove the drum unit.
    • Next, also remove the toner cartridge assembly.
    • Check for the green lock lever, push it down slightly.
    • Remove the cartridge out of the drum slightly.
    • Now, carefully clean the roller which is present inside the drum.
    • You can use the cotton swab or the lint free cloth for the cleaning process. Moist the cloth with a little quantity of the isopropyl alcohol. You can also purchase the medical alcohol wipe from the market to wipe out the drum with full care.
    • While cleaning the drum, also check for any physical damage. If there is any then you need to replace the drum completely and check for the solution of Printer Printing Horizontal Black Lines.
    • Now, wait for some time to dry off the drum completely before assembling it back again.
    • Check the surface of the drum to be dry.
    • Now, swipe the green tab from left to right and vice versa to clean the primary corona. You can repeat the step 2-3 times to clean it completely.
    • After the corona is clean, place the green tab to its home position.
    • Make sure to align the arrows properly for proper printing results and overcome Printer Printing Horizontal Black Lines.
    • Clean the small pieces of metal at the side of the drum.
    • Its is time to adjust the toner by sliding the cartridge side by side for around five to six times.
    • You now have to perform the reassembling of the toner cartridge into the drum.
    • As soon as you hear the lock sound, it means you have perfectly fitted the cartridge into the drum.
    • Place the toner back to the Printer.
    • Also, place the cartridge at its desired position in the machine.
    • Close the front cover of the Printer and check for the solution of Printer Printing Horizontal Black Lines.

So, using these fixes you can get the solution of the printing problem completely and work precisely with your Printer without any black line error.

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