How to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer

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HP Printers are used worldwide and it comes up with a variety of options for their setup and installations. You can either choose the wireless method to connect the Printer with the device or the wireless method depending on your convenience. The most preferable method is to connect wirelessly over a network. HP Printer allows you to connect directly using a WPS Pin using the settings of the Printer. Here we will discuss “How to Setup HP Printer with WPS Pin? You need to enter the code to complete the setup process. Each printer possesses a different WPS PIN code which requires for its connection process. The code is valid only for ninety seconds, and when it expires to ensure the security terms.

Most HP Printers come up with wireless technology which allows you to access the Printer even remotely. It is possible with the help of a WPS connection. WPS connection uses a PIN code for making a connection with the router. The WPS method considers all the security standards and provides you with a secure accessible way to handle the entire printing task wirelessly over a network anytime, anywhere. It is most commonly used in offices, businesses, and organizations. PIN code is encrypted with WPA2 encryption standards and WPS Personal security standards.

Terms To Consider For ‘How to Setup HP Printer with WPS Pin?’

If you wish to make a successful connection between the Printer and the network using the WPS method, then there are some protocols that you have to consider for success.

  • Maintain the high signal strength by placing the router close to the Printer.
  • Maintain the same network connection between the computer and the Printer
  • Type the WPS PIN code within 90 seconds before it expires.
  • Check the compatibility issues before proceeding with the connection process.

How to Setup HP Printer with WPS Pin?

You can use the PIN code to set up the wireless connection for the Printer. Follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the setup button on the Printer, and press it.
  2. The Setup menu will appear on the screen.
  3. Locate the WIFI Setup option, and press the OK button next to it.
  4. Click the right arrow on the screen until you get an option for ‘Other Setup’.
  5. Press the OK button.
  6. Now, again go on clicking the right-arrow button till WPS (Pin code) option appears on the screen.
  7. Click on the OK button.
  8. Wait for the process to finish up.
  9. The Printer screen will now show you a PIN code. Note the code and connect the router using the same code. You have only ninety seconds to enter this code into your router for a successful connection.
  10. After 90 seconds, the code expires and you will not achieve success in the connection process.
  11. As soon as you enter the code in the router, the Printer will start its processing to make a connection with the same router.
  12. If the Printer connects successfully with the router, then it will display a ‘Connected’ message on the screen.
  13. Press the OK button to continue.

It confirms your connection between the Printer and the network using the PIN Code. Wi-Fi Protected Setup is very beneficial as there is a fewer number of failures and connection issues. If ever you raise a query “How to Setup HP Printer with WPS Pin?” then you can follow up with the above procedure to get a successful connection.

WPS PIN Code Submission on the Router

When you are following up with the process ‘How to Setup HP Printer with WPS Pin?’, there is a need to enter the Pin code to the router for making a successful connection. You can submit the PIN by following the steps below:

  • Click on the Start button then click the Network button.
  • Click on the option “Add a wireless device”.
  • Select the name of your Printer, and click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Enter the PIN code that is displayed on the Printer screen in the above process ‘How to Setup HP Printer with WPS Pin?’.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Choose the Network, and again hit the Next button.
  • Hit the ‘Close’ button.
  • Now check the printer screen for the success message.

Troubleshooting the Errors – How to Setup HP Printer with WPS Pin?

If the PIN does not work and the Printer screen shows a failure in the connection process, then you can stick to the following steps to troubleshoot the problem and achieve a successful connection.

  • Using Different Driver: You can change the driver of the system and then follow up with the connection process. The failure may occur if there is an incompatibility between the Printer and the driver. You need to download and install the appropriate driver for the proper functioning and connection of the Printer.
  • Generate a New PIN code: There can be an issue with the PIN code. The PIN might have expired, or it is not an exact match. In this case, also, the screen may show the failure in the connection process. You need to generate a new PIN code by following up again with the above procedure as ‘How to Setup HP Printer with WPS Pin?’ The Printer will show you a new PIN code that you can use successfully for the connection process.
  • Install HP Smart Application: You can also take the help of the HP Smart App to follow up precisely on the connection process using the WiFi-protected Setup.
What is WPS PIN Code?

WPS (WIFI Protected Setup) is a method by which follow up with ‘How to Setup HP Printer with WPS Pin?’. WPS PIN Code is an eight-digit code number that the Printer displays to form the connection with the network. You can use the PIN code and connect your router to the Printer easily for setting up a wireless connection. The PIN code is available only for a few minutes for its access and expires after the process.

Where do I enter WPS PIN for the printer?

If you just scroll through the printer’s settings menu, you will undoubtedly come across the WPS pin setting. You can always refer to the printer’s user guide to find the WPS pin. Selecting the WPS pin setting from the menu should give you the printer’s 8-digit WPS pin.

How do I connect my HP printer to the Wi-Fi?

Open the Wireless Setup Wizard menu and select Wireless Setup Wizard. Select the name of your network. Enter the password to complete the connection. Place the printer near the Wi-Fi router.

How do I connect my HP printer to the Wi-Fi?

Select Wireless Setup Wizard under Setup Network or Wireless settings, then select the network and password that you want to connect to. Located the printer near the router, open the Setup Network or Wireless settings menu, and then select Wireless Setup Wizard.

Why is my HP printer not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Open the Wireless or Setup menu and select Network setup or Settings and then select Restore Network Settings on most printers with touchscreen displays or menus. This will eliminate any possible error conditions and restore Wi-Fi setup mode for most printers with touchscreen displays or menus.

Where is the WPS PIN for my HP printer?

If you are trying to wirelessly connect your computer to your printer, the WPS PIN appears on the printer’s LED screen. It does not depend on your router. If your computer has located your network printer, it will ask for a WPS PIN. Look for the generated PIN on your printer’s screen.

How do I get my HP printer to connect to my computer?

Directlink the printer to your computer’s USB port and connect directly. If your computer is still unresponsive, make sure you have enabled automatic device installations. Your computer should recognize your printer and start the software needed to complete the installation.

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