How To Setup My Samsung Wireless Printer To My Laptop

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Set Up Samsung Wireless Printer –

Have you just bought a wireless Samsung printer? You must be thinking of ways to solve the ‘How To Setup My Samsung Wireless Printer To My Laptop’ question. Some of the easiest methods have been described here in brief. The set up is usually completed within few minutes.

Samsung Printer Hardware Setup –

Before you start off with the ‘How To Setup My Samsung Wireless Printer To My Laptop’ process, complete the hardware setup.

  • Take the plastic packaging off the printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and remove the film off the scanner.
  • Next, take out the ink or toner cartridge and move it back and forth in your hands. This will help the toner or ink spread evenly throughout the cartridge.
    If you skip this step, the quality of the print would not be satisfactory.
  • Put the cartridge back in and close the cartridge access door.
  • Open the paper tray and put it out as far as you can.
  • Place the pages according to what the guide on the bottom tray indicates. Close the tray afterwards.
  • Bring out the power cable and plug one end into the printer and the other into the power port. Turn on the switch.
  • Press and hold the power push button on the printer.
  • Release the power push button when you see the power LED lit.

The printer is now ready to be connected to the laptop. Although the Samsung printer is wireless and can be used with the laptop from far away too, try placing the printer a little closer still. The further you place you Samsung wireless printer from the laptop, the more distorted the signal will be.
Keep in mind the fact that gadgets tend to distort or weaken wireless signal. Place the printer closer to the router too.

Printer Connected To The Laptop Using The USB Cable –

  • Open the Samsung Easy Printer Manager.
  • From the tab on the top of the screen, select the ‘Switch to advanced mode’ feature.
  • Choose you printer and click the ‘Device setting’ tab.
  • Next, click the ‘Network settings’ tab.
  • Turn on the Wi-fi Direct. Enter the following details in the respective fields –The name of your Device – To search for your printer on a wireless network, it is essential to you enter the name of your printer. The printer name is usually the model number of the printer, if not that, you can contact the manufacturer and ask for the required details.

IP Address – IP address is another vital information concerning the ‘How To Setup My Samsung Wireless Printer To My Laptop’ question. Enter the IP address of the printer. Use the default IP address. The IP address is only used for the Wi-fi direct mode and not for wireless or wired network.

Group Owner – The group owner feature works same as the wireless access point feature.

Password – If the said printer has been assigned as a group owner, you would have to configure it with a password to make it accessible to other devices. To connect these devices to the printer, you would have to enter this password and configure the device to the Samsun printer.
The system also sets a password own its own. You can use this default password too.

  • Click the ‘Save’ tab once you are done filling in all the information. This step will help you save the changes.
CD Drive –

Another effective mode to fix the ‘How To Setup My Samsung Wireless Printer To My Laptop’, would be to use the CD provided with the Samsung printer. Install the CD and follow the instructions on the screen.
You can run the CD and complete the installation process within few minutes. This is probably the easiest way to complete the setup.
You can always refer to the guide provided with the printer. This guide will help you through the steps.

Completing The Setup Using The Printer Panel –

You can also use the Control Panel on the printer to complete the ‘How To Setup My Samsung Wireless Printer To My Laptop’. Follow these instructions –

  • Connect the printer to the power source and turn its power on. The Power LED on the printer will start blinking.
  • Press the ‘Menu’ tab on the control panel of the printer.
  • Use the arrows on the panel to scroll through the options. Select ‘Network’. Then press ‘Ok’.
  • Next, you will see the options for connecting the printer to the computer. Select the ‘Wireless’ option. And press ‘Ok’.
  • Use the arrows on the panel and select the ‘Wi-fi direct’ mode and click ‘Ok’ tab.
  • You will these details displayed on the panel –

Wi-fi direct On or Off – You can enable or disable the wi-fi direct option.
Device Name – Enter the name of the device. The default device name is the model number of the printer.
Group Owner – If you wish to assign the group owner label to the printer, you can activate this option. The group owner feature is the same as a wireless access point.
IP Address – Type in the IP address of the printer.
Network Key – If the printer has been assigned the tag of a group owner, you will have to set a network password. This network password will be used by other devices to access the printer. Assign the network key.
Status – This shows the number of devices connected to the printer. The printer only takes a maximum of five printers.

  • Further, press the ‘Back’ tab on the printer panel to go back to the Main Display Screen.

The ‘How To Setup My Samsung Wireless Printer To My Laptop’ question would have been resolved at this point. You can proceed to use your Samsung wireless printer with your laptop. If you still get any trouble, you can visit our page to know further about Samsung Wireless Printer Setup.

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