Why Would You Need To Install Drivers For Samsung Printer?

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The Samsung Printer Software Installer –

There is a web-based installer that downloads and installs printer drivers and software. This web-based installer is called the Samsung Printer Software Installer. You can easily download and install the updates for your Samsung printer using this installer.

What Does The Printer Driver Do –

Printer driver, also called print processor, is a software on computer that helps the computer translate its commands in a format that the printer understands. The printer driver allows the applications to carry out the printing activities without concerning about the technical details.
Every printer comes with the features that make them compatible with the printer driver on laptops or computers that they are configured with. These printer drivers are updated by the manufactures on a regular basis. You ought to download and install these updates from the website. These updates help the printer stay in tune with the laptop.

Software And Driver Downloads –

You can install the printer driver via the Software And Driver Downloads. Go to the same address and enter the printer model in the search box. You will see the if there, is an update available for your printer. Click the ‘Download’ or ‘Install’ or ‘Update’.

Installing Driver Via USB –

If you are still looking for methods for ‘Why Would You Need To Install Drivers For Samsung Printer?’, you can use yet another method for the same. Install the printer driver via USB.

  • Go to the ‘Software And Driver Download’ on the website of Samsung. Enter the model number of your printer. You can install the latest driver thereof.
  • The Window with installment agreements will pop up on your screen. Check the box titled, ‘I have reviewed and accept the installment agreements’ Click ‘Next’ afterwards.
  • On the next window titled, ‘Printer Connection Type’, select the first choice. ‘USB connection’ is one of the three available options here. Click ‘Next’.
  • The installer will search for USB connected printers. If the ‘No printer found’ error crops up, try searching again.
    Also make sure that the USB is not loose and that it is connected to the laptop via the port on the laptop.

The USB cable you are using here could be impaired. This would result in the laptop not identifying the cable. Therefore, try using another USB cable.

Check if the Samsung printer is even powered on. The power LED on the printer will be lit if the printer is in fact on.

Make certain that the USB cable is not longer than 6 feet. This often results in distorting the connection.

  • The ‘Select Software To Install’ window will show on your screen. Select all the components or parts you want to install on your laptop. Once you are done filling in your choice for the components to be installed, click the ‘Next’ tab at the bottom of the window.
  • You will see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen. The bar will show you how much of the software has been installed and how long it will take to finish the installation process.
  • The Setup will be complete in few minutes.
  • You can print a test page to see if the setup was successful.
  • The window titled ‘Setup Completed’ will be on your screen. Select the ‘Finish’ tab.

These simple steps will help you answer the ‘Why Would You Need To Install Drivers For Samsung Printer?’ question.

Installing Printer Driver On macOS X –

If you use a mac operating system and wonder ‘Why Would You Need To Install Drivers For Samsung Printer?’, you might want to look at the following instructions –

  • Download the ‘printer installer package’.
  • After you have downloaded the printer installer package, go to the Samsung printer installer folder. Double click the Samsung Printer.pkg file.
  • The mac OS X installer will open. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the checkbox labelled ‘I have reviewed and accept the installation agreements’, check this box and select the ‘Next’ tab.
  • On the next screen, upon being asked to select the method Printer connection type, select the ‘Network’ option and click ‘Next’.
    The other two options on the screen are – USB and Wireless.
  • The next window titled ‘Are you setting up your printer for the first time’ comes with two options. Select the first option labelled, ‘Yes, I will set up my printer’s network’. Select the ‘Next’ tab afterwards.
  • Here, you will be asked to ‘Connect the printer using an ethernet cable’. Make sure that the USB cable connecting the printer to laptop is in its place. Click ‘Next’ thereafter.
  • The installer will search for printers available nearby. Once the list of all the printers is shown on your screen, select the Samsung printer you wish to connect your laptop to. Click ‘Next’.
    If you did not find your printer among the options, you can manually type in the name of your printer.
  • You might have to type in the user password. Enter the name and the password and click ‘OK’. This is the same password that you use when you turn on your laptop.
  • Select the components or the software you want to download. Once you have fed in your options, the laptop will start downloading and installing the respective software and printer driver.
  • Next, select the ‘Finish’ tab. This will help you close the Samsung Printer Software Installer.

Once the installation process is complete, you can see the printer name under the ‘Devices and printers’ settings on your laptop.

Users often wonder ‘Why Would You Need To Install Drivers For Samsung Printer?’, the points mentioned here will help you understand how significant the printer driver is. Printer driver is essentially what enables the laptop to communicate with the printer. the printer would not respond to any of your command if you have not installed the printer driver on your laptop.
You can refer to the manual or the guide, which comes with the printer, to learn the basics of these steps and methods.
Visit our samsung.com/printersetup page for the best help and instructions with the Samsung printer setup.

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