Steps to connect roku to TV

What Are The Various Devices That Roku Manufactures –

Roku is series of digital media players. The products are manufactured by an American company, Roku, Inc. The Roku series was first introduced in the year 2008. Almost every Roku device is connected to the TV via the same method or means.

Few of the Roku devices are –

Roku Television Set
Roku Smart Soundbar
Roku Wireless Speakers
Roku Wireless Subwoofer
Roku Streaming Players.

Means Of Connecting Roku To TV –

Most of the input devices are connected to the TV using the same method. There are hardly any variations in these methods.
Although the Roku devices have wide range of compatibility features, most of them need just some basic modulations to the settings.
Roku products, such as the Roku Express+ also works with older TV models. You can use Roku Express+ even if your TV does not have HDMI ports. Your TV can turn into a Smart Streaming one.

Connecting Roku To A TV Set –

An important aspect here is to make sure that you have an active internet connection before you begin with the ‘How To Connect Roku To TV’ process.
And if your TV only supports 1080p and 720p, you should opt for a high-speed HDMI cable. And if your TV does not have HDMI ports but you still intend to go for ‘How To Connect Roku To TV’, we recommend you to, get a composite audio and video connection.

  • Plug the Roku to a TV set via an HDMI cable. Plug in the other end into an unused port on your TV. If it is a Roku Streaming Stick that you wish to connect to the TV, then you just have to insert the Streaming Stick into one of the HDMI ports on your TV. An advantage with the Roku Streaming Stick over other Roku gadgets is, it does not need an HDMI cable to connect to TV.

               In case you are using a TV model that does not support HDMI cables, get yourself a Roku device
that is compatible with the older version of compatible video cables.

  • Connect the Roku device to the AC adaptor. Most of the older models use round plugs. While the newer versions use a micro USB connector.
    Make the apt settings for your Television set to accept the input device. Once the TV has accessed the Roku device, the Roku Welcome Screen will be displayed. This is the foremost step into the ‘How To Connect Roku To TV’ process.
  • Take out the Roku remote. You might have to pair it with the TV. If the screen shows instructions on how to pair the Roku remote with the TV, follow the steps. It generally pairs up only by holding the ‘Power’ button on the remote.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and choose your language preference. The next screen will direct you to set up the internet connection. Majority of the Roku devices can work with Wi-fi, but if you intend to use it via cable, you can plug an ethernet cable into the Roku device and connect it to the router.
    Try positioning the router near the TV, this would help the Roku gadget work better.
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  • If you wish to use Wi-fi, select the name of your network from the list, on the next page and feed in the password. Once it has connected to the internet, it might need to install updates. Wait for the Roku device to update. And restart it if required.
  • A brief test could be displayed on the screen, asking you to let the device detect the Television’s display. The activation process can be completed only after your TV is linked to a Roku account. This account keeps a track of all the devices you use with Roku. It also allows additional devices to access the Roku. You can also add free channels from the Roku channel Store.
    Creating a Roku account is free of charge. The instructions for creating Roku account will be displayed on your TV. It also displays the activation code.
    On your computer or Smartphone, visit the Roku website. Enter the code and follow the instructions to active the Roku account.
  • The ‘Let’s Connect Your Devices’ screen will display a guided setup. Connect all the devices, such as you game console, Blu-ray, DVD player, cable box.
    If you are using Roku Soundbar or the home theatre, you can connect these too. You can refer to the guide.
  • Turn on all the connected devices. Once all the devices are connected and switched on, select ‘Everything Is Plugged In And Turned On’ and follow the instruction therefrom. The TV will guide you through every step of inputs connection. Select the ‘Ok’ button when prompted to make sure that the devices are connected.
  • The setup will direct you to designate names and icons for all the input devices. There is a drop-down menu, from where you can select the names and icons for the additional devices. You can also customize the names and icons. Go to the ‘Set Custom Name And Icon’ feature and modify your own icons and names for the devices.
  • Few seconds later the screen will display the programs playing on the input devices. If you wish to play it on the Roku TV, you can scroll through the programs using the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrow buttons on the Roku Remote. And the desired program can be played by tapping the ‘Ok’ button. Repeat the step for every input device.
    Once you are done with this process, the TV is likely to play a welcome video. Press the ‘Home’ button to skip this video.

These steps will help you with the ‘How To Connect Roku To TV’ process. You are also advised to familiarize yourself with all the terms used throughout the process. You can refer to the instructions manual or the setup guide.
If you still need help with any step of the ‘How To Connect Roku To TV’ process, you can contact Roku Customer Service Phone Number for expert assistance. We are always eager to help you with our 24/7 active helpline services.

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