Why is my roku not connecting to the internet

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Why Would Roku Not Connect To The Internet 

We will define all the causes that might have resulted in the ‘Why Is My Roku Not Connected To The Internet’ error. We will start off with explaining the minor issues that are easy to fix and gradually move on to the ones that comparatively tougher to figure out and fix.

Issue With The Router –

The router you are using with the Roku device might have some problem in it. The wiring inside the router could be loose or impaired. There could be some other technical snag in it.

Connection Issues –

The internet connection could be bad. Users are often ignorant of the fact that the internet connection has to be strong at all times, weak signal can mess up the streaming often leading you to examine the ‘Why Would My Roku Not Connect To The Internet’ reasons.

Fixing The Roku Not Connecting To The Internet Issue 

Up till now we have laid down few details on what causes the Roku devices to not connect to the internet. Next on we will elaborate some means that will help you get rid of the ‘Why Is My Roku Not Connecting To The Internet’. The problem is often with the other devices that you are using with Roku, therefore, it is advised that you keep a regular check on all the devices.

Check The Router Hardware –

As discussed above, a faulty router can create havoc if you are trying to stream videos through Roku devices.

  • If you ever come across the ‘Why Is My Roku Not Connecting To The Internet’ problem, carry out a thorough inspection of the router you are using with the respective Roku device.
  • If you succeed in spotting the problem try fixing it, otherwise reach out to the Internet Service Provider.
    A sturdy router is just as important as a strong network.

Check Internet Connection –

  • Go to ‘Setting’ then to ‘Network’ and finally to ‘Check connection’. This will help you perform two-part test.
  • The first test will check for a connection to your home network. It will also test the strength of the network.
    The second test checks if the Roku is even connected to the network. And it will tell you of ways that will help speed up the network speed.
  • If the internet speed is poor, will be instructed by the device to carry out some steps that will speed up the network.

Disconnecting Other Devices From The Internet –

  • If you have connected multiple devices to the internet, try disconnecting few of them. This will offer more bandwidth to the Roku.
  • Also try to bring the Roku closer to the router. Strong internet connection will help run the Roku smoothly.

Restarting Or Rebooting Roku –

  • Gadgets often work fine after rebooting. Try restarting the Roku too. This might improve its performance and will help the device connect better to the internet.
  • For the purpose, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘System’ and further on to ‘System restart’. This will reboot your Roku device. Along with this, also consider restarting the router as well.
The Password And Network Name To The Wireless Network Must Be Right –

Although this aspect sounds too unreal to miss, we do sometimes tend to fill in the wrong name or the password when connecting Roku to the internet. Make sure that both, the password, and the network name are correct.

The password and network name are both case sensitive, therefore, if you are searching the web for ‘Why Is My Roku Not Connecting To The Internet’, you are advised to re-check the password to the wireless network. Ensure that the Case sensitive letters have been taken care of.

Factory Reset –

If none of the above methods fixed the problem, and you are still in the same situation wondering ‘Why Is My Roku Not Connecting To The Internet’ the last resort is to is resetting Roku back to factory setting.

  • Restart the router.
  • When the router has re-started, proceed with restarting Roku. Go to ‘Settings’ then to ‘System’ and finally to ‘Restart system’.
  • Once the device comes back up, Go to ‘Setting’, then to ‘Network’ and finally to ‘Set up connection’. Thereof from among the list of options, choose the home network connection. And set it up on the system.

If you have more issues like his Tell us about it and our exquisite and professional Roku Customer Service team will take on the matter straight away with the best representative to help you with significant tips, reminders & follow-ups.

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