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Paramount Network is an American television company that indulges in entertainment via new series of films and shows. It is a highly accessible network channel that allows the users to access the entertainment channels depending upon their demand. It only focuses on the unique content strategy so that its users do not get bored. Due to this reason, all their shows are different for different channels. To get the Paramount Network, you have to buy its subscription and then activate your subscription plan. To activate, you have to visit

For activating the account, you must have the activation code. It is a seven-digit code that you will get from the official website of Paramount Network. You can perform paramountnetwork com activate either by opening the website on your phone or any device. Let us now discuss the entire procedure to activate your

Activate Paramount Network on Following Devices

There are many devices on which you can take the Paramount Network subscription. After paramountnetwork com activate, you can watch unlimited channels on these devices anytime.

  • iOS devices of all brands
  • Web browsers of all brands
  • PlayStations of all brands
  • Apple TV
  • Roku TV
  • Android TV
  • All brands Smart TV
  • Tablets of all brands
  • Xbox gaming console
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • PS3/PS4/PS5
  • DirecTV
  • Xfinity

You can connect with the code on any of the above devices with the help of It allows you to stream the media. Visit the activation page and enter the seven-digit code there on the webpage. To get endless entertainment, you can approach the Paramount Network shows, movies and events on a big screen device. Before you access the media on these screens, you will have to acquire the paramountnetwork com activate code corresponding to your account. In broad ways, it is a simple two-step process, including

  • Install the Paramount Network on your Device
  • Open the application and acquire the Activation code via

Let us take a look at how it works in details. We will focus on the procedure step by step.

Are You An Existing Member of Paramount Network?

You are already a member of the Paramount Network and you want to activate your account on your smart device. For this, you must first check that your device is compatible with the Paramount Network. If yes, then you can perform the in few simple steps:

  • Navigate and click on ‘Settings’.
  • Then go to the ‘Login’ option.
  • Open and visit and Log-In there with your name and password.
  • It will generate and sent you a code. Note this code somewhere or remember it for future use.
  • Now, open the web browser in the device and go to ‘’. A page will open up which will ask you to enter the activation code. Enter the code which you get earlier in the prior step.
  • Press the ‘Submit’ button to proceed further.
  • Now, the system will refresh your screen automatically. If not, then refresh the screen yourself.
  • You are now ready to stream the Paramount series of channels on your device using your existing account.

Paramount Account Activation Steps at paramountnetwork com/activate

Firstly, arrange the particular device that is compatible with the Paramount network so you can enjoy and watch the media. It can either be a smartphone, PlayStation, tablet, or computer. Follow the steps below for activation:

  • The first step, download the “Paramount Network App” from the App Store or the Play Store. This app is a channel streaming application of Paramount. Also, there are some devices on which the Paramount Network app is pre-installed. You do not have to download the application if it is already present on your device.
  • Open the application. As soon as you open it, a welcome screen will appear.
  • You have to enter the login name and password of your Paramount
  • After successful logging, you will get the activation code on your screen. Now, remember the code until the process ends, or write it down somewhere for future use.
  • Now, take your smart device and open the web browser in it.
  • In the address bar of the browser, type, and press the ‘Search button.
  • The system will prompt you to ask for the activation code of your paramountnetwork com activate account.
  • Enter the seven-digit code number, and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Once you complete this step successfully, the system will take you to the login page. Here you have to enter your login id and password. Finally, press the ‘Enter’ button.
  • You are now eligible for accessing the Paramount network and can entertain yourself with different shows and movies depending upon your choice.

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Activating Paramount Account in Android TV using paramountnetwork com activate

For acquiring the streaming services of Paramount Network, you must arrange a TV provider. You do not require any login if you are previously having an active account relating to a TV provider. You need to go through the steps below for activation of Paramount Network in your smart android TV.

  • Switch ‘ON’ your Android TV.
  • Now, take the remote control of the TV and access the play store. From there, enter the ‘Paramount Network Application’ in the search bar. You will get an app listing for the same network. Click on the ‘install’ button. The app will begin to download as soon as you press the install button.
  • As soon as the download finishes, open the app, and install it. Follow the instructions and click on the Next button. At last, click on the ‘Finish’ button. Now, open the application.
  • In the next step, you need to enter the sign-in name and password of your Paramount
  • After signing successfully, the system will provide you with an activation code. Copy the code and note it somewhere for future use.
  • On your device, open the web browser. Enter this link:
  • You will now encounter a screen asking for the same activation code that you get earlier. Type the seven-digit code there in the given box. Finally, press the ‘continue button.
  • Now, complete the sign-in process. Thus the activation process is now complete, and you can get entertain with Paramount’s series of channels.

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Troubleshooting the Problem in Accessing paramountnetwork com/activate

If you are facing any trouble in accessing the activation code, then you can follow the steps to fix your problem.

  • You can try to solve it by discarding the activation code you are using previously.
  • Now, follow the procedure to generate a new activation code.
  • You can also try to ‘Regenerate Code’. You can do this by applying the activation code page to get a ‘new activation code’.
  • Now, try to access your account using the new code. You will be successful in streaming the Paramount Network Media.
  • If still, you are facing any problem with the new activation code also. Then you can try it in the incognito mode of your browser. Try to access paramountnetwork com activate in this mode.
  • Another method you can opt for is to uninstall the Paramount Network App from your device. Now, reinstall the app, and go through the same process for “Paramount Account Activation Steps at”.

You can enjoy a large variety of HD videos using the Paramount Network account. You can also stop the caption that appears while the video is playing. The best part is that this network service is free of cost. The only thing you have to do is to apply for the network with your TV service provider. Moreover, the seven-digit code at is unique for every account. So, nobody can access your account except you.

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