Amazon Prime Video Customer Service: How to Get in Touch

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Amazon Prime Video streaming service is one of the finest perks you get along with in an Amazon Prime membership. With Prime Video service, you can stream unlimited TV episodes and movies from the Prime Video app that is compatible with your smart TV, Fire TV, game console, streaming media player, tablet as well as mobile phone. While you rejoice with some of the finest in entertainment, Amazon Prime Video Customer Service keeps a vigilant eye on customer inconveniences related to the service and removes any impediment with full steam 24×7.

It could relate to setting up Prime Video account, renting, buying & payment issues, cancelling the account, issues with restrictions & parental controls, etc. Help is prompt through various channels and aims to resolve your issues comprehensively. Contact Prime Video Customer Service via phone, chat, email and other means and see your Prime Video trouble resolved in no time.

Issues With Amazon Prime Video That Frequently Pop-up

The Amazon Prime Video has a number of remarkable features and functionalities which has made it a first choice for users worldwide. However, problems do happen, necessitating immediate response from the customer care team. With content, screen, or remote, issues have a range:

  • What all unknown charges are there on my Prime Video?
  • Issues with order errors or prime video payment.
  • Resolving Prime Video error 5004, 2063 or 7235.
  • Why can’t I fast forward, record, rewind, any event?
  • Force stop the prime video app on an iOS or android devices.
  • Issues with prime video gift cards and promotional codes.
  • How many streams can I watch with my account at once?
  • Issues with signing in or signing out on prime video.
  • Connectivity issues with devices.
  • I don’t see the live event on my tablet or mobile device.
  • How do I find and watch live events on prime video?
  • Issues with prime video titles while it plays.

Whatever the issue, there are numerous ways to fix these issues when your Amazon Prime Video creates problems for you. Prime Video Customer Service is the best place to contact when you find the issue difficult to resolve on your own.

How Does Customer Helpdesk Help With Various Issues?

As you talk or chat with the customer care executives, they serve you with the best instruction points to resolve your Prime Video queries. We present here some of the examples:

How Do I Cast Prime Video to My TV?

If you have an Android TV, a Google Chromecast, or a Fire TV device, you can always utilize your mobile device to “cast” Prime Video to your screen.

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Open the Prime Video app on your Fire tablet, Android mobile device, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Make it sure that you are logged into the Prime Video app and are connected on the same network as your other devices such as Android TV, Fire TV or Chromecast. Make sure these are switched on and connected to the network. You may contact Prime Video Customer Service for help.
  • Next, on your Prime Video app, select the Cast icon option. You will find a Ready to Cast screen on your TV.
  • Now, choose the appliance that you want to use.
  • Now, select the title you want to watch. This title shows up that the Chromecast is connected, with your mobile device able to control for audio tracks, playback and subtitles.

When you need to modify subtitle configurations on Chromecast, on iOS devices, you can block casting to that device. Then choose Settings > Captioning and Subtitles > Style for choosing a style for your subtitles. On Android machines, while a title is in the process of being casted, touch the 3-dot option on the screen. Choose subtitle styles and toggle on Show captions.

If you have a Chromecast with Google TV or Fire TV device, you may also use its remote and operate the Prime Video app on that device. You may Prime Video Customer Service for assistance.

If You Have Issues Playing Prime Video Titles

What should you do when Prime Video titles don’t play or if you see error codes such as 7031, 7005, 7207, 7206, 7303, 7301, 9074, 9003, etc.

  • Close the Prime Video app or your web browser on your computer.
  • Start your connected device or computer again.
  • You must ensure that your web browser or device hold the latest version.
  • Also, must take care that you are not using the same account on more than one device. Reason being that you can stream one title to two devices at a time. Prime Video Customer Service helpdesk is your best help.
  • Confirm that all your external devices is linked to your display or TV with HDMI cable that conforms to HDCP 2.2 (for UHD and/or HDR content) or HDCP 1.4 (for HD content).
  • Stop any Internet activity if other devices are utilizing the network simultaneously.
  • Now, check your Internet connectivity. You may now require to restart your router and/or connected device.
  • If you can connect to the Internet on other devices, update tits DNS settings. Check with device manufacturer for any details.
  • Disable any proxy servers or VPN.

For Chrome web browser updates, enter chrome://settings/help in the address bar. You can also click on the icon with the 3-dots in the top corner of the browser, for updates. Prime Video Customer Service helps with any related queries.

For Firefox web browser updates, click on the icon with 3 lines in the top corner of the browser, then click on Help for an update check.

Troubleshooting Internet Connection Issues with Connected Device

It happens that the Prime Video app on your Device doesn’t link itself to the Internet.

In case you are experiencing issues with your Internet connectivity, you may come across a message with error while using the Prime Video app. Try the following for problems:

  • Check that your smart TV and set top box are connected to the Internet. This can be done in your device’s Settings menu. For connections done via Wi-Fi, your password should be correct for your Wi-Fi network. Contact Prime Video Customer Service for best help.
  • If your device is linked to your router, but still faces error, you will need to restart your device as well as modems or routers.
  • Next, you can check to ensure that your operating system or device’s firmware are up to date.

Cancelling Your Subscription for Prime Video Channel – the steps

What are the options to end your Channel subscriptions for Prime Video online? Here we can see.

  • Choose channels from the top menu from the Account & Settings area.
  • Come to the subscription you need to cancel.
  • Choose cancel channel and confirm cancellation.

This will display the end date of your subscription on the confirmation screen itself. You can reverse your cancellation until the end date. No refund is generated for any previous subscription charges by cancelling a subscription.

When you cancel your membership for Amazon Prime, your Prime Video Channel subscriptions also gets cancelled. For any query or concern, Prime Video Customer Service is the best help.

Contact Amazon Customer Support Through Various Means

  • Phone Contact

Amazon provides full assistance for your queries and issues over the phone helpline. This is a direct and fastest way to get your Prime Video issues resolved in the least possible time. Amazon Support helpline for United States is 1-877-943-5444.

Prime Video Customer Service support with phone number is toll free for its customers and can be availed round the clock.

Of course, depending on your place of residence, there are numerous country-specific numbers to Prime Video customers for their need and issues.

  • Online Help

Amazon has various means on the home webpage itself to help customers online for Prime Video concerns. Here, you are acquainted with all the FAQs and other help links along with articles and reviews of the customers to get the specific answers to their issues with ease. Online content in the Amazon community forum also helps with Prime Video Customer Service.

  • Chat help

Online chat serves as another medium where you can resolve the Prime Video concern that you are facing. Connect to Amazon customer service agent on the link to resolve an issue with Prime Video issues.

  • Email help

There is also by way of email service that Amazon caters to the needs and necessities of its Prime Video customers. When you decide to get in touch with Amazon by email, you can do so on [email protected]. Response time usually ranges from as much as 48 hours.

  • Social media support

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., also help to resolve customer issues by informing about the service and its issues. You can tweet, or hashtag one of their numerous accounts as a way to reach them for Prime Video Customer Service.

Amazon Customer Service For Prime Video – Contact Guide

Phone number Support1-877-943-5444
Call-back availableNo
Call picked up by a real personYes
DepartmentCustomer Service
Call centre hours24 hours, 7 days
Best time to dial8:30 am
Rank among phone numbers1
Overall Rank1
Alternate methodsEmail, Chat, Web, Facebook, Twitter
Quality of communication53%
Quality of help52%
Email contact[email protected]
Overall Rank for Email2
Chat Contact
Twitter Help
Facebook contact

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