Streaming device fixed when Roku Error Code 009 is encountered

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Roku is series of digital media players. The line of products has been designed and manufactured by an American company, Roku, Inc. The product was first introduced in the year 2008. Some of the most used Roku devices are –

  • Roku Television
  • Roku Home Theater
  • Roku Smart Soundbar
  • Roku Game Console.

The devices are easy to connect to your home network. The installation and setup processes are also easy when compared to other devices or brands.

What Causes The Roku Error Code 009 –

 If your device is displaying the Roku Error Code 009, it is probably due to a faulty internet connection. Another reason for the error to pop up on your screen could be some sort of authentication issue.
The error often suggests that although the device is connected to the internet source, that is, the router, but it somehow cannot find the network. Which in turn shows that there is some problem in the network connectivity.

  • DNS or Domain Name System Cache –
    In several cases, the Domain name system settings that are cached by the router in order to connect to the internet could have been corrupted.
    This often leads some DNS servers to not identify the network, which ultimately results in the Roku Error Code 009.
  • Loose USB Cables –
    The USB cable connecting the router to your device of the cable connecting Roku to the TV or computer could be loose or impaired.
    Therefore, if the Roku Error Code 009 keeps cropping up, we advise you to check the cables on the router and other gadgets.
  • Internet Not Available –
    The most probable reason behind the Roku Error Code 009 is although the device is connected to the router, but it cannot connect to the internet.
    You can start off by checking for any issue in the router or the wi-fi network.
    You can contact the internet service provide and check for further issues if any.
  • Gadgets Configuration –
    Sometimes the devices are not configured properly enough for the Roku to work fine. Some features might be getting the way of internet connection. The software on the devices could also be at fault.
    Fixing The IssueWe will give brief points on how you can fix the Roku Error Code 009 in not time.
  • Restart The Router –
    Just like all the technical snags, the Roku Error Code 009 can also be sometimes fixed by merely turning off the router or the television set. One reason for this error popping up on your screen over and over could be the overworked router. Every gadget is supposed to be left without any work for few minutes. Check if the router has heated up, this often indicates that it needs to be switched off.
    An overworked router can result in not just one but many errors on all the devices connected to the wi-fi network.
    Turn off your router. The power LED on the router will go out once the device has been switched off. Leave the device be for some minutes. Turn the router back on. One the power LED lights up the device will automatically connect to the previously configured devices.
  • Check If The Internet Is Even Working –
    For the Roku devices to be able to work, it is important that you have configured it to an active internet connection. Make sure you have an active wi-fi network. Check the router to see if the wi-fi LED on it has turned red, it often indicates that the internet connection is distorted.
    contact your Internet service provider for further details on the status of your internet service.
    Ensure that the wi-fi signal has not been disturbed.
    A detailed information on how to check the status of the wi-fi network has been given below –
    Go to the ‘Settings’ menu on your Roku device.
    From Settings, go to ‘Network’, then to ‘Check Connection’. This will help you carry out a two- part test for the network strength.
    The first part o the test will check for the connection on your home network. and will test the network for its quality.
    The second part on the other hand will check the speed of the internet connection that you are connected to.
    If the network strength is poor, you will be shown instructions on the screen as to how speed up the internet connection.
  • Check The Hardware On Your Roku Device –
    The hardware of your Roku device could also be impaired. Perform a thorough check on the device to make sure that the Roku Error Code 009 has not arisen because of the hardware problem.
    If you still cannot figure out what the problem is, you can try moving the Roku device closer to the router.
    The Roku Error Code 009 could simply be cropping up due to weak signal strength or low bandwidth.
    Placing the Roku device closer to the router would mean less signal distortions and
  • Authenticating The Channel –
    You can also fix the Roku Error Code 009 by authenticating the channel.
    Turn off your Roku device. Take out the cables from the device.
    Wait few seconds before the power light on the Roku device goes off.
    Once the lights have gone off, turn off the router too.
    Remove the cables from the router as well.
    Wait for few minutes before plugging the cables back in. Once you have placed in the cables, turn on the router.
    Wait for the router to reboot. This usually takes up to a minute.
    Check to see if all the LED on the router are fine and if the device has in fact started working. Once the wi-fi LED on the router lights up, you can turn on the Roku device.
    Now that both the router and the Roku device have been turned on, you can try connecting the Roku device to the wi-fi network.
    You will be asked to carry out the activation process.
    Fill in all the necessary details, such as the username and the password to the router.
    One this process finishes up, check if the Roku Error Code 009 is still there.
    The process often helps users get rid of the Roku Error Code 009. If yours has gone away too, you can continue suing Roku per your wish.
  • Check The Router Hardware –
    Make sure that the router is not damaged. Also check the cables for loose ends or impaired parts. These loose cables often distort the w-fi network resulting in the Roku Error Code 009.
    Also see if all The LEDs on the router are working fine. Replace the old cables with new ones if need be.

All these methods will help you fix the error. The methods are easy to carry out too and all take only up to few minutes to finish. Hard reboot of the router and the Roku device is often that works the best. If the issue is still there to trouble you, contact Roku Customer Service Phone Number for expert assistance. you can contact them anytime for assistance.

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